How do I… (but not why)

How do I build this site
I like speed so I use Hugo and a modified version of the even theme. A lot of cool guys are using the Academic theme, but I don’t like to do like everyone (the same applies when using default Beamer templates), and it doesn’t look that pretty, IMHO. Previously, I was editing the site using custom handcrafted HTML files. That was painful but I kept everything under control. Now this is all about HTML5, CSS3, SASS, FontAwesome, etc. I am getting older and I have less time to play with new technologies. This is it. The old site is dead. Long live this new site!
What editor do I use
I use mostly vanilla Emacs or a frameworked version (e.g., Spacemacs, Doom). I’ve tried other text editors in the past but I was always missing some of Emacs or Vi functionalities. I choose Emacs over Vi long ago, and I am happy with that. Don’t reagrd this as my minor contribution to the continuing war between evil and God proponents. I don’t have a religion (even if you bring me some data).
Why open source and closed software
I spent almost 15 years using the R statistical package, although I may also happen to use Stata or Mathematica. Is it worth a debate? I like open source software and I use a lot of them on a daily basis, but I may also buy good software if they do the job and I feel comfortable using them. If you swear by R, please take a(nother) look at Stata documentation. If you say there is nothing better than running SymPy in a Jupyter notebook, try Mathematica.
What is my preferred programming language
I like C, Common Lisp and Python. These days, I am mostly diving into Clojure and Racket, with a bit of Javascript and Rust. Usually, being able to fire an REPL for quick scripting, to use efficient data structures and/or FFI and to rely on good visualization backends are a plus. After all, this is usually what we wish to have for statistical computing and data science.
Where do I find all those informations on the www
I consult my Twitter account two or three times a day; I read some articles on arXiv; I follow some cool and bright people on the internet, especially their blog or GitHub accounts. Want some names? Here we go (in no particular order): Evan Miller, Tom MacWright, John D Cook, Atabey Kaygun, John Myles White, Darren Wilkinson, Dirk Eddelbuetel, Peter Ellis, Thomas Lumley, Frank Harrell, Seth Brown, Ben Klemens, Mike Bostock, Radford Neal, Jeffrey M Heer.
Is there a photo of me somewhere
Sure. Here you are!