Customizing iPython


Although I used it as my default Python shell, I never read the complete documentation (as usual…).

Now, I discovered that we can start iPython with different profile, with one being a complete numeric-oriented.

$ ipython -p numeric

Numeric and Gnuplot Python package are required. They can be installed from source, but in both case I had to manage the config files. For gnuplot, if like me you happen to install the dev version of late 2009 (Version 4.2 patchlevel 6, Sep 2009) to benefit from the interactive x11 device (which was broken in the official release of Gnuplot 2.1), you will need to change the default terminal which is set to 'aqua' in Then you can byte compile the file then install the package as usual

$ python 
>>> import py_compile 
>>> py_compile.compile(‘’) 
>>> ^D
$ sudo python install

Numeric is an old package for scientific computing. It has been superseded by Numpy since. However, it still includes useful features. To compile on a Mac, you will need to comment the redefinition of gettimeofday in ranf.c:

$ cd Packages/RNG/Src
$ grep gettimeofday *.c

Also, set your CFLAGS as '-arch x86_64' before launching

$ python build

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