Dynamic visualization using R and GGobi


I remember that two years ago, when I was reading Selvin’s book, Modern Applied Biostatistical Methods Using S-Plus, 1998, I tried to reproduce his Fig. 2.26 (p. 108) which illustrates spinning visualization.

I used a very dirty R script to generate 360/k figures (PNG) in a folder, then converted them to an animated frame (using ImageMagick, 20/100 sec. per frame, with infinite looping) using something like:

$ convert -delay 20 -loop 0 fig*.png spin_plot.gif
$ display spin_plot.gif

The result is shown below, with data generated as data <- replicate(3, rnorm(100)) in R.

Now, we can do much better with GGobi, as illustrated in the following Projection Pursuit.


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