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Brief Bio

Biostatistics/Psychometrics consulting, bohemian scientist.

I usually deal with patients-reported outcomes, esp. health-related quality of life, in clinical trials or community-based studies; I am also involved in biostatistical stuff on outpatients recruited in epidemiological studies, e.g. ASD, personality disorders, substance use or learning disabilities. I am also versed in imaging genetics studies. I am an happy R user, and like Hadley Wickham and Franck Harrell efforts toward a better/clever understanding of statistical analysis.

Also on linkedin and twitter, but check my website for more information.

About this site

This is a placeholder for notes I take when reading books, articles, or some interesting stuff found on the web. I also put experimental code snippets, but it is mainly for storing them somewhere else than on my hard disk. Although I use a blogging system, this website should not be viewed as a blog. I am editing posts on the fly; often they are not finished until I find time or interest to get back to them, and most of the time they don’t follow a strict chronological order.

Comments are closed because I have no time to manage them, and I don’t think these notes are of much interest except to myself. However, if you think I am strongly in error in what I am saying, please feel free to send me an email, ch [dot] lalanne [at] gmail [dot] com.

I mainly rely on:

  • Dropbox, where I put nearly all my images and link back to them;
  • MathJax, for LaTeX typesetting;
  • Gist from Github, where I store some code chunks.

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