A bag of tweets / Jan 2011


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers January 2011.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • RT @StatFact: Speeding up machine learning with a set-oriented approach http://oreil.ly/i51Pyu (h/t CompSciFact, 29 Jan)
  • MCMC in Python: PyMC Step Methods and their pitfalls: http://t.co/VlVQqSu (h/t fonnesbeck, 29 Jan)
  • A great awk reference with terrific examples http://bit.ly/eqKq3D (h/t neilkod, 28 Jan)
  • Very promising (work in progress) online lectures on Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning by Andrew Ng http://bit.ly/e6k7WK (h/t ogrisel, 28 Jan)
  • Building a better word cloud http://bit.ly/i9RtJf (h/t drewconway, 27 Jan)
  • A periodic table of visualization methods: http://bit.ly/aixjxD (h/t gappy3000, 27 Jan)
  • The classic/oldest/worst mistake/trick in data visualization http://blog.mrmeyer.com/?p=9258 (h/t impure140, 26 Jan)
  • Five tips for floating point programming http://bit.ly/gYyaXU (h/t CompSciFact, 26 Jan)
  • Personality doesn't predict health, as long as you only measure traits that don't predict health http://t.co/WyIDsUi (h/t hardsci, 26 Jan)
  • UNIX as Literature http://bit.ly/avrAyn (h/t JohnDCook, 26 Jan)
  • Article: Introduction to Linked Open Data for Visualization Creators http://goo.gl/fb/SlNq7 (h/t datavis, 25 Jan)
  • My new book "Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes" - OUT NOW http://t.co/pcW4KnJ (h/t jbrownlee, 25 Jan)
  • A smarter word cloud: likes and not likes http://bit.ly/dHRGWZ (h/t junkcharts, 25 Jan)
  • Here is a nice series of blogs by Yaniv Aknin on the innards of Python http://bit.ly/hmEJvy , as eBooks for Kindle: http://bit.ly/gITnpi (h/t benm, 24 Jan)
  • New article 'Conceptualizing population #health :from mechanistic thinking to complexity science' http://ow.ly/3HKHg #epidemiolgy #pubhealth (h/t BioMedCentral, 23 Jan)
  • Pig, Bringing Simplicity To Hadoop http://bit.ly/fXsJ3q (h/t TheDataChef, 22 Jan)
  • Get the Data: Open Data Q&A Forum http://bit.ly/ieIf7x (h/t JeromyAnglim, 21 Jan)
  • Data Mining applied to Fraud Detection. Interesting paper to be published in IEEE. They present new techniques. http://bit.ly/gUejqq (PDF) (h/t i_314, 21 Jan)
  • Wolfram|Alpha API v 2.0 is now available: New features, free for personal use & simplified commercial licenses: http://bit.ly/iciFIa (h/t Wolfram_Alpha, 21 Jan)
  • Looking at "Apache Pivot: Large data Sets" http://pivot.apache.org/demos/large-data.html (h/t yokofakun, 19 Jan)
  • Hadoopy: Cython based MapReduce library for Python (w/ Oozie Support) http://t.co/cT2j9Oh via @brandynwhite (h/t timgluz, 19 Jan)
  • ado-mode- ready: http://homepage.mac.com/brising/Stata . Removed debug code (oops) + handles mult. instances, block copy and send (h/t adomode, 18 Jan)
  • An intro to using web API (JSON) data with #Stata and #Mata. Shamelessly self-promoting my blog: http://bit.ly/hX04Eu (h/t andrewjdyck, 18 Jan)
  • Notes and handouts on Topic in Computational Data Analysis and Graphics by Ross Ihaka. Self-recommending http://bit.ly/grqUvb (h/t gappy3000, 18 Jan)
  • Interest idea: 'no server' instead of 'no sql'. http://goo.gl/85zbN (h/t eddelbuettel, 18 Jan)
  • A guide for scraping data http://datafl.ws/16h (h/t flowingdata, 17 Jan)
  • New post: simple overbought/oversold plots (a la @bespokeinvest) using #rstats: http://goo.gl/PckuP (h/t eddelbuettel, 17 Jan)
  • "The crawler was written in python, using the curl library" http://goo.gl/DBtnm (h/t gvanrossum, 16 Jan)
  • A nice compendium of foundational infovis papers: http://j.mp/enrgnA (h/t cortesi, 15 Jan)
  • Sorting obsession http://goo.gl/fb/5ptQ5 #clojure (h/t planetclojure, 15 Jan)
  • Data visualization with #Processing, Pt.2: Intermediate data viz using interfaces, objects, images, and applications - http://t.co/5KDwWhq (h/t fbahr, 14 Jan)
  • Digging into skip graphs. Interesting data structure. http://bit.ly/hIf3A6 http://bit.ly/dYsej0 http://bit.ly/gMtCgP (h/t jedisct1, 14 Jan)
  • just released tweeql2solr http://pypi.python.org/pypi/tweeql2solr can be usefull for #datageeks #worlddomination (h/t gawel_, 14 Jan)
  • Multi-Mechanize: open source, python, web performance and load testing framework http://goo.gl/xl6cE via @ydn (h/t bigdata, 13 Jan)
  • arbor.js - a graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery http://post.ly/1TlP2 (h/t irr, 13 Jan)
  • Free E-Book: "Basics of Compiler Design" - http://t.co/HpTXaNL (h/t fbahr, 12 Jan)
  • The real deal. Improving public health with open data. http://ldata.in/e1l5sg I love it. #opendata (h/t dHolowack, 12 Jan)
  • The human body as a network: http://bit.ly/fAO9oA #sna #visualization #madewithgephi via @Jattipaa (h/t jorgefabrega, 12 Jan)
  • "list of freely available programming books" http://bit.ly/eLUrsh (h/t jakehofman, 11 Jan)
  • New blog post: Mining Wikipedia with Hadoop and Pig for Natural Language Processing http://bit.ly/fhY2uL #pignlproc #linkeddata #opennlp (h/t ogrisel, 11 Jan)
  • (ql:update-dist "quicklisp") and you'll have 30+ new #Lisp libraries at your fingertips, and a lot of updates to existing projects too. (h/t quicklisp, 11 Jan)
  • Great article about inference, significance, and the ESP article: http://nyti.ms/f6DjL2 Must read for all scientists. (via @johnmyleswhite) (h/t vsbuffalo, 10 Jan)
  • PLoS Computational Biology: Pattern Recognition Software and Techniques for Biological Image Analysis: http://bit.ly/gMOYqO (h/t xavierbichat, 10 Jan)
  • Tips on Long Term Emacs Productivity http://post.ly/1SjVE (h/t irr, 10 Jan)
  • Source code from O'Reilly's Mining the Social Web is now on github http://t.co/Dhq3DSw (h/t neilkod, 10 Jan)
  • Wow. Google Refine scriptable with Python and Ruby client libs from David Huynh (@dfhuynh) http://bit.ly/eh6M30 http://bit.ly/iithtu (h/t PaulZH, 10 Jan)
  • Another beautiful, interesting calendar from Ron Doerfler http://bit.ly/glXbEE (h/t JohnDCook, 9 Jan)
  • nice blog post on getting started with CDH on a Mac: http://arunxjacob.blogspot.com/2011/01/setting-up-cdh3-hadoop-on-my-new.html (h/t hackingdata, 7 Jan)
  • Ancestral recombination graph for languages http://bit.ly/fXyKiN via @BoraZ (h/t ianholmes, 7 Jan)
  • Python code for multi-task supervised learning @metaoptimizeqa http://bit.ly/fJ9X73 (h/t gramfort, 5 Jan)
  • SIDEKICK: Genomic data driven analysis and decision-making framework http://ping.fm/1RGJd (h/t BioInfo, 4 Jan)
  • Great Links on Mathematical Psychology on reddit http://bit.ly/eU1HuI (h/t JeromyAnglim, 2 Jan)
  • CLPython - an implementation of Python in Common Lisp http://post.ly/1QB9v (h/t irr, 2 Jan)
  • Tukey's philosophy http://ow.ly/3wNZO (h/t CompSciFact, 1 Jan)
  • Learn eLisp For Emacs http://post.ly/1PwDW (h/t irr, 1 Jan)

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