A bag of tweets / Sep 2011


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers September 2011.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • nicolastorzec: #DataCleaner 2.3, an open source application for analyzing, profiling, transforming & cleansing data, has been released http://t.co/7HdIsZ40 (30 Sep)
  • SciPyTip: What to demand from a scientific computing language http://ow.ly/6koFC Presentation by Peter Norvig (30 Sep)
  • wesmckinn: The pandas escaped the zoo: Python's pandas vs. R's zoo benchmarks http://t.co/R7g0tj6v #python #rstats (30 Sep)
  • wesmckinn: Python, R, and the allure of magic http://t.co/ebYU01DB #python #rstats (30 Sep)
  • StackTeX: Consistent typography http://t.co/Fsr6Stum #formatting (29 Sep)
  • jedisct1: RT @merbist: Very nice @MacRuby article in ars technica: http://t.co/efd1p0xU (27 Sep)
  • nicolastorzec: My #Bash reference: "Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide: An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting" by M. Cooper http://t.co/Gsmq2xqZ (27 Sep)
  • SciPyTip: Pure math versus applied math http://t.co/BqTxv8l0 (27 Sep)
  • ogrisel: How ensemble methods, bagging, random forests, boosting, consensus clustering, etc all fit together? http://j.mp/qqFRfq #machinelearning (25 Sep)
  • flowingdata: Who does all the text messaging? Young adults by far. http://t.co/u27F663k (25 Sep)
  • newsyc20: Stack Overflow Scala Tutorial http://t.co/zhb4WIk7 (http://t.co/kMPwGF94) via @peakscale #trending #guru (25 Sep)
  • ziyuang: How do I make my document look like it was written by an Cthulhu worshipping madman? http://t.co/A9hvlLW5 (25 Sep)
  • mxlearn: A neurobiologically plausible model for how the brain might do inference by minimizing a free energy functional. http://t.co/raPHXpdX (23 Sep)
  • jedisct1: Another alternative to grep: http://t.co/VcUJYiWs (21 Sep)
  • kshameer: A decision support system based on support vector machines for diagnosis of the heart valve diseases http://t.co/3xpvs8H0 (21 Sep)
  • newsyc20: Scala school http://t.co/fH6dWAkP (http://t.co/1X0suvCb) #trending #guru (19 Sep)
  • dHolowack: I use Sequel Pro http://t.co/4lxubrlV every day. This is one beautiful OSX tool I can't live without. (20 Sep)
  • jandot: Protein folding game provides new insights for design of antiretroviral drugs http://t.co/Smowr270 (20 Sep)
  • michaelschade: [Notes] Vim: From Essentials to Mastery by @wnodom http://t.co/0KDeyl0a #strangeloop [fixed link] (20 Sep)
  • michaelv2: Mining Data for Better Medicine http://t.co/ZPKXrZd5 (20 Sep)
  • mxlearn: Python implementation of Breiman's Random Forests http://t.co/ynJNzrib (20 Sep)
  • onethingwell: Site2Pic - Enter a URL, get a hosted screenshot of the page in question. http://t.co/f87UiJic (19 Sep)
  • drewconway: Text feature extraction in Python, Part 1 http://t.co/IhM5mKIi (19 Sep)
  • JanWillemTulp: #Cube is an #open-source system for visualizing time series data, built on #MongoDB, #Node and #D3 http://t.co/tcl89KK9 #dataviz (19 Sep)
  • kshameer: A standard variation file format for human genome sequences. http://t.co/njdEAX6u (18 Sep)
  • Rbloggers: Implementation of the CDC Growth Charts in R: (This article was first published on Statistic on aiR, ... http://t.co/FTbqozFP #rstats (18 Sep)
  • jedisct1: Don't use const char [] if you meant const char *: http://t.co/7C0hQ9gM (18 Sep)
  • giures: Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists - http://t.co/klKClfkt (18 Sep)
  • kshameer: The Architecture of Gene Regulatory Variation across Multiple Human Tissues: The MuTHER Study http://t.co/NVYcgdzc (18 Sep)
  • nyhackr: Just posted @wesmckinn's talk on statistical computing in #python with pandas http://t.co/ogFSSTv1 (17 Sep)
  • nicolastorzec: #nlproc: Python's Natural Language Toolkit (aka NLTK) in 20 minutes/slides, by @japerk => http://t.co/6ORngEZN (17 Sep)
  • cassandra: Good news everyone. The first beta for Cassandra 1.0.0 is out. Read the announce: http://t.co/KER0dYAX and download at: http://t.co/5ljYFteC (16 Sep)
  • climagic: Tip: If you "less" a file, you can press Shift+F to have it follow the file (i.e. it will display new lines, like tail -f). Thx .@bheeshmar (15 Sep)
  • ogrisel: Looks like Brian and Peter are on their way to implement a very fast yet mem-efficient Decision Tree learner in cython http://j.mp/pbfrR4 (15 Sep)
  • revodavid: In #rstats, use as.function on a "polynomial" object to evaluate with Horner scheme: http://t.co/zwZ95gp @RickWicklin (15 Sep)
  • d_swan: Computational and statistical approaches to analyzing variants identified by exome sequencing http://t.co/Hxld6F1 (15 Sep)
  • d_swan: Next-generation human genetics http://t.co/U6aaoJ6 (15 Sep)
  • mat_kelcey: i learn best by example so this collection of ggplot2 graphs is awesome http://t.co/kVXnQfm (15 Sep)
  • GaelVaroquaux: Verbose tracing of Python code without print statements: "python -m trace --trace script.py" (14 Sep)
  • mdreid: Great set of slides from a summer school course on online prediction by Peter Bartlett: http://t.co/Ua59A9p /via @tverven (14 Sep)
  • jedisct1: Related is a Redis-backed high performance graph database: http://t.co/eSLP8T9 (14 Sep)
  • bradfordcross: emacs clojurescript REPL attached to browser /via @prismatic http://t.co/dJHxyNK (14 Sep)
  • jasonbaldridge: #GNU Trove 3.0.0 (high speed and primitive collections for #Java) is released! Many improvements over 2.x! http://t.co/nRrfiqL (14 Sep)
  • irr: A few git tips you didn't know about http://t.co/dm3jCsT (14 Sep)
  • jedisct1: A peek at Emacs 24: http://t.co/jzdxuh3 (13 Sep)
  • philogb: Nice presentation on Visualization Principles by Tamara Munzner: http://t.co/VQoxMna #infovis #dataviz #visualization (13 Sep)
  • jedisct1: Functional enhancements for ruby: http://t.co/D4PFLOD (12 Sep)
  • argv0: Steve Jobs meets Don Knuth: http://t.co/GRGcXux (12 Sep)
  • jedisct1: RT @tanoku: Today's release: Clay is a new testing framework that you should totally check out if you write a lot of C. http://t.co/P16GEGZ (12 Sep)
  • MathematicaTip: 1000s of user-submitted interactive Mathematica Demonstrations with full source code that you can learn from: http://t.co/kgdD23G (11 Sep)
  • onethingwell: Cinderella - › Cinderella is a fully managed development environment for open source hacking on Mac OSX.... http://t.co/Y9MxvdI (11 Sep)
  • d_swan: A General Framework for Detecting Disease Associations with Rare Variants in Sequencing Studies http://t.co/yTMnTie (11 Sep)
  • moritz_stefaner: In case you want to work with maps in processing, here is your open source library: unfolding http://t.co/kVlUixi by @tillnm (11 Sep)
  • genetics_blog: An empirical comparison of several recent epistatic interaction detection methods http://t.co/bVvP7zQ #bioinformatics #epistasis (11 Sep)
  • jedisct1: Check out Xiki, it looks totally mind blowing: http://Xiki.org #emacs #ruby (11 Sep)
  • i_314: http://t.co/XNdzite Online compendium of mathematical proofs. #math (10 Sep)
  • DataJunkie: Programming Texts and Tutorials (several languages) http://t.co/PaJv8Mm (10 Sep)
  • gappy3000: Lectures on Statistics (pdf) by. R.Ash (UIUC). Covers (non)-par tests, some asympotics http://ow.ly/6orZ5 #statistics (10 Sep)
  • wesmckinn: Quick and dirty #python script to get a daily time series of code churn on a #git repo. http://t.co/g9KZBev (10 Sep)
  • revodavid: #ggplot2 in the NYT! Kudos, @mikedewar @hmason @hadleywickham http://t.co/u9b2BVa #rstats (10 Sep)
  • akastrin: Textmate to VIM. http://t.co/IiQtM0n #vim #textmate (10 Sep)
  • edchedch: Information Transmission in a Social Network: Dissecting the Spread of a @Quora Post http://t.co/Ov2s0x3 #gephi #processing (9 Sep)
  • oxbow_lakes: What's in the pipeline for #scala in 2.10 (other than reflection)? http://t.co/n6RFN5X (9 Sep)
  • jandot: Developing #clojure with #vim http://t.co/YeUNgWS (9 Sep)
  • SmartTypes: On @Quora: What are the most important algorithms developed in 2000–2010? Answer: http://qr.ae/7AGDi (9 Sep)
  • cemerick: Early Clojure advocates must read @dpp's 'Scala is hard' posts and think for a while. http://t.co/JJQrVWq http://t.co/cOXFWlO (9 Sep)
  • SmartTypes: Christopher Bishop's 2010 Turing Lecture on Bayesian inference + Graphical modeling -- http://t.co/TRuFQbb (9 Sep)
  • jedisct1: Tips for writing efficient shell scripts (not bash-specific, the title is misleading): http://t.co/Pj0YRI9 (8 Sep)
  • BioStarQuestion: latent variable models for gene expression: any good? http://t.co/Ub1Z6eX #geneexpression #metaanalysis (8 Sep)
  • druvus: Using #Python for Cluster Computing with Parallel Python http://t.co/6RF3fhw (8 Sep)
  • sickbock: A simple, consistent and sensible software versioning standard: http://t.co/eqygKDc (8 Sep)
  • seanjtaylor: Compute the mode for a discrete variable in #rstats: library(mlv); discrete(c(1,2,3,3,3)) -> [1] 3. Really tough to find this function. (8 Sep)
  • jedisct1: RT @fabienpenso: Ruby optimization example and explaination http://t.co/Tt7n7cS (via http://t.co/PZIyUPb) (8 Sep)
  • irr: Become a Better Developer with Functional Programming http://t.co/d9rulxW (7 Sep)
  • sickbock: Just watched Joachim's structured SVM tutorial: http://t.co/9mTQJ8g . Structured learning is so elegant! (7 Sep)
  • mattrepl: @statalgo @drewconway idxs = [idx for (idx, x) in enumerate(xs) if cond(x)] where cond(x) could be a boolean expression. (7 Sep)
  • onethingwell: Markdown Service Tools - A collection of Services for OS X to help you write in Markdown. Via Minimal Mac. http://t.co/rRIKr6M (7 Sep)
  • FILWD: (in case you missed it on friday) Miriah Meyer's talks about Processing @FILWD. Great advice for everyone guaranteed >> http://t.co/Yo0IRHz (7 Sep)
  • conikeec: A Must Read for FP junkies - Concrete Abstractions: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Scheme http://t.co/7PQl5PA #scala #clojure (7 Sep)
  • bradfordcross: I still need to play with this clojure match lib... http://t.co/QrIBbGn (7 Sep)
  • SciPyTip: matplotlib and numpy for Python 2.7 on Mac OS X Lion http://ow.ly/6lhdG by @voidspace (7 Sep)
  • seanjtaylor: There's a bug here. Left as an exercise. RT @ipeirotis: UNIX Russian Roulette: sudo [ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm -rf / || echo “You live” (7 Sep)
  • stylothecancer: BioTechniques - Clinical Decisions Via Genomics: http://t.co/Y9sjenr via @AddThis (7 Sep)
  • alexablag: Supplementary Material « Software for Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistical Modelling - Statistical Modelling with R http://t.co/6LDnEps (6 Sep)
  • FGRibreau: Try D3 Now - A tutorial for D3 #data #visualization http://t.co/1XzJURI (6 Sep)
  • ijuma: SBT 0.11.0 RC0 based on Scala 2.9.1 is out http://t.co/V813S9z (6 Sep)
  • specs2org: specs2-1.6 for Scala 2.9.1 is out: http://t.co/KNpbVqX. New features: statistics trends, html improvements, "contravariant" DataTables (6 Sep)
  • jedisct1: convert git log --graph to image by using HTML5 canvas: http://t.co/aWCnth5 (6 Sep)
  • joakinen: Online book "How to Design Programs, Second Edition" - http://j.mp/nnBhoX (6 Sep)
  • fonnesbeck: @wesmckinn @JohnDCook There's a decent machine learning book for Python by Marsland, but nothing for general statistical modeling. (5 Sep)
  • SciPyTip: Review of "A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python" http://ow.ly/6kH32 (5 Sep)
  • planetclojure: Too many cool languages (Python, Clojure, ...): There is plenty of languages I like. I'm naming just a bunch of ... http://t.co/1O2etGz (5 Sep)
  • FGRibreau: Sublime Package Control – a Sublime Text 2 Package Manager http://t.co/hnPnE2x (5 Sep)
  • ben_fry: Processing 2.0 alpha 1 is rough around the edges but available for download: http://j.mp/pwBr53 read about it here: http://j.mp/qmOdIt (4 Sep)
  • jrecursive: Bixo - A web mining toolkit - http://t.co/yTS67FF (4 Sep)
  • tek_news: HNews: Machine learning algorithm benchmarked in Matlab, R and Scala http://t.co/4nGHCyp (4 Sep)
  • ogrisel: Interesting: PyOpenCL / PyCUDA and Theano developers teaming on compyte - a common definition of ndim arrays for the GPU http://j.mp/q2MbIY (4 Sep)
  • neo4j: And here the Blog URL for Neo4j 1.5 "Boden Bord" M01 release. http://j.mp/pHPA5N #graphdb #nosql (4 Sep)
  • CamPsych: Still a few places on the Summer School on analysis of Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) measures, 12-16 Sept 2011. http://t.co/2LJyq2h. (4 Sep)
  • onertipaday: 10 tips for making your R graphics look their best http://t.co/rbDYpBS #rstats (via @marcoscan) (4 Sep)
  • JanWillemTulp: Demo reel of the #Javascript Infovis Toolkit #JIT by @philogb nicely shows the capabilities of this framework: http://j.mp/rlOXQU Well done! (4 Sep)
  • sogrady: new post | "Introducing Project Blue Bird: An Open Source Web Front End for R Sentiment Analysis": http://t.co/lB4hSBe (4 Sep)
  • nicolastorzec: New #Geo API from @Infochimps: multiple sources and geolocation options, unified schema, grouping based on zoom factor http://t.co/nl3UbAB (3 Sep)
  • revodavid: To help convince others to switch to R, @RevolutionR is running a contest to show what #rstats can do: http://t.co/DCwMHcj (3 Sep)
  • eddelbuettel: Nice! ♻ @gyollin: quantstrat/blotter lecture slides posted: http://t.co/71tE74E - hope its useful; send corrections/suggestions #rstats (3 Sep)
  • JanWillemTulp: Nicely done, congrats! RT @Vizzuality: Here is what we have been working the last weeks! The evolution of the Web http://t.co/qUQGowD (3 Sep)
  • arnabdotorg: Paper and talk slides for my Guided Interaction paper are up at: http://t.co/9SmxbB7 (3 Sep)
  • webbedfeet: Just updated my post on enhanced KM plots http://t.co/YIgq5A3 (3 Sep)
  • jedisct1: RT @wagenet: Packager 0.1.0 is out now. Build standalone Mac and Windows installers for your RubyGems! http://t.co/5SzIAFV (3 Sep)
  • geomblog: Has anyone used http://t.co/rbERhdQ ? I wonder if it can be adapted for theoryCS paper recommendations. (3 Sep)
  • jedisct1: Mygcc allows programmers to add their own checks to gcc, that take into account syntax, control flow, and data flow: http://t.co/mPKhuQG (3 Sep)
  • emble64: #Lancet article: mathematical models help evaluate #health interventions. But take care with #model assumptions! http://t.co/wJyBUS9 (3 Sep)
  • mongodb: rmongodb released -- R Driver for MongoDB http://t.co/xexIjfN (3 Sep)
  • onertipaday: The Data Visualization Beginner’s Toolkit: #Visualization Tools http://t.co/3jhKMhR #rstats #processing (3 Sep)
  • mdreid: Spreadsheet of many machine learning toolkits and their features: http://t.co/AXzl3qE . Part of the Shogun project: http://t.co/TsTE1sw (3 Sep)
  • siah: Big Learning: Algorithms, Systems, and Tools for Learning at Scale http://t.co/goP94DV (3 Sep)
  • eddelbuettel: Shogun (Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox) version 1.0.0 released -- more at http://t.co/btFW2CO and http://t.co/1v9hMaU (3 Sep)
  • genetics_blog: RT @joe_pickrell: False dichotomy between rare variant / common variant hypotheses for common diseases http://j.mp/oBblzA (3 Sep)
  • genetics_blog: RT @codushlaine: Interesting stuff highlighting a strong polygenic basis for human intelligence http://j.mp/nYW2Bl (3 Sep)
  • genetics_blog: Nat Rev Genet: Understanding the contribution of synonymous mutations to human disease http://j.mp/oJ3FAs (2 Sep)
  • EGouillart: Konrad Hinsen's report on #euroscipy + #pyphy 2011: http://t.co/qslGg6Y thx Konrad for the interesting comments & for spreading the news! (2 Sep)
  • druvus: Why Do We Need Ontologies in Healthcare Applications http://t.co/hxDQXJL #rdf #semweb (2 Sep)
  • d_swan: New tools and methods for direct programmatic access to the dbSNP relational database http://t.co/bsnGZzQ (2 Sep)
  • KenBavier: Another Vim find http://t.co/5XhttLO (2 Sep)
  • Biff_Bruise: #Statistics Notes in the British Medical Journal http://j.mp/hCaGZY | if you haven't seen or don't revisit this at least once/qtr, get going (2 Sep)
  • fonnesbeck: @drewconway @wesmckinn @statalgo I also like what @mikedewar has been doing, using D3 as a backend: http://t.co/ESunrst (2 Sep)
  • smolix: Big Learning: Algorithms, Systems, and Tools for Learning at Scale - We’re organizing a workshop at NIPS... http://t.co/UaXOcfK (2 Sep)
  • revodavid: Interesting -- code commit history comparisons for the #rstats core group: http://t.co/8SUtMie (2 Sep)
  • genetics_blog: Why it's worth learning just a little Awk http://j.mp/op3U3x (1 Sep)
  • aiclass: Check out the FAQ: www.ai-class.com/registration/faq We will update it with answers regularly. (1 Sep)
  • jasonmorton: 2012 Algebraic Statistics conference at Penn State: http://t.co/oRUVsqv (1 Sep)
  • davidandrzej: Slides from my KDD 2011 talk on using latent topic feedback for info retrieval (PDF) http://t.co/MV5XXuD (1 Sep)

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