A bag of tweets / Oct 2011


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers October 2011.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • benoitc: a good article about John McCarthy http://t.co/ODC1NaTD (25 Oct)
  • vitroc: The interesting connections between Machine Learning and Information Theory in this new course offered at CMU http://t.co/9q7tadR4 (25 Oct)
  • genetics_blog: PLoS: Persistence and Availability of Web Services in Computational Biology http://t.co/uCaj8FjA (25 Oct)
  • josh_wills: Beautiful MapReduce Pipelines in Scala http://t.co/NFRNJQAS #crunch #hadoop #scala (25 Oct)
  • MathematicaTip: Browse and choose colors: Type Plot[x^2, {x, 0, 1}, PlotStyle -> c], select the c, and click Insert menu -> Color ... http://t.co/ZkMGEjX1 (25 Oct)
  • ziyuang: Handbook of Computational Statistics http://t.co/7NXfS198 (25 Oct)
  • climagic: convert -fill "#FFFFFF" -opaque "#141414" -fuzz 20% <(curl -s -L http://t.co/lMn0wZuK) illusion-fix.jpg # Replace dark grays with white (25 Oct)
  • mja: @johnmyleswhite I point people to http://t.co/Yinz2Jxa . Find a matching example and copy the syntax. (25 Oct)
  • talyarkoni: software system for realistically adding objects to photos -- mind-blowing! http://t.co/Yc7snFqD (24 Oct)
  • Rbloggers: Using Sweave with XeLaTeX: (This article was first published on mages' blog, and kindly contributed t... http://t.co/tzB33G1f #rstats (24 Oct)
  • moorejh: Distn of allele freqs and effect sizes for common genetic susceptibility variants PNAS http://t.co/ZPRlb7yM #GWAS #NGS (23 Oct)
  • laurentduval: Dimensionality Reduction: A Comparative Review 2009 http://t.co/TJ9mU6T7 w/ Matlab Toolbox http://t.co/PE40qOUI> @StatFact (23 Oct)
  • jedisct1: A complete list of all major algorithms (300), in any domain: http://t.co/IvZh3dOC (22 Oct)
  • ChrisDiehl: Online Learning for Matrix Factorization and Sparse Coding - Mairal et al - 2010 [PDF] http://t.co/43qFTtzA (22 Oct)
  • statalgo: FTW “@timgluz: Data Mining Interview with Rob Hyndman about Cross Validated QA platform: http://t.co/t3PYCyX1” (22 Oct)
  • newsycombinator: SICP in Python http://t.co/6cc0aNV2 (22 Oct)
  • metabolome: Chemometrics used to detect fake medicines at Roche http://t.co/TkRalBL5 (22 Oct)
  • moorejh: Link fixed: Most Random Gene Expression Signatures Are Significantly Associated with Breast #Cancer Outcome http://t.co/KRjaVTAV #genomics (22 Oct)
  • moorejh: Must read! RT @ivanoransky A feature http://t.co/7KsAK0S0 on scientific errors in Biomedical Computation Review #bioinformatics (22 Oct)
  • mdreid: Reading Platt's 1964 "Strong Inference" article again: http://t.co/gfQY6poC (22 Oct)
  • nicolastorzec: OpenClassroom from #Stanford: full courses, short videos, free for everyone one :) http://t.co/n5quCv5v (22 Oct)
  • johnmyleswhite: Stephen Boyd is an incredible speaker. I say that in case you weren't already won over by his book: http://t.co/1rliq8vv (22 Oct)
  • moorejh: It is important remember that #epistasis represents rare combinations of common variants. #GWAS #NGS (22 Oct)
  • neilkod: Analyzing over 10,000 Steve Jobs tribute messages using Python and NLTK http://t.co/4fDEu6iL (21 Oct)
  • genetics_blog: An empirical comparison of several recent epistatic interaction detection methods http://t.co/wxlesJXG #bioinformatics (21 Oct)
  • flowingdata: Word clouds cause death... or something http://t.co/xwGvhkkS (18 Oct)
  • BioStarQuestion: Measure significance of genes associated with multiple phenotypes http://t.co/XAPl4RLo #statisticaltest #statistics (18 Oct)
  • RegexTip: "ack is a tool like grep, designed for programmers with large trees of heterogeneous source code." http://t.co/ITwLcXtR (17 Oct)
  • alexablag: Linear mixed models in R | Quantum Forest http://t.co/537QvLCt #rstats (17 Oct)
  • pyr: very interesting project bridging jruby and clojure http://t.co/yicOVSwh (17 Oct)
  • cpt_ahag: RT @otisg: New Data Science book in the making: http://t.co/J7ABigvQ PDF available (16 Oct)
  • Rbloggers: pscl 1.04 live on CRAN: (This article was first published on simon jackman's blog » R, and kindly con... http://t.co/onakBApz #rstats (16 Oct)
  • irr: Why Learn Haskell? http://t.co/ahiGVDC8 (16 Oct)
  • BioStarQuestion: Good #GWAS papers / resources http://t.co/rLuf53A1 #literature #machinelearning #snp (14 Oct)
  • JohnDCook: "It’s telling that a popular guide to R is called 'The R Inferno' and advocacy pieces are titled 'Why R Doesn’t Suck.'" http://t.co/UF9AjbgV (14 Oct)
  • sickbock: Beautiful made article that visualizes and ties different levels of abstraction http://t.co/sB5D9Jyo. (14 Oct)
  • fpedregosa: Full subchapter about scikit-learn in this OReilly book: http://t.co/rNRGidod (14 Oct)
  • MeSH_r: Linear mixed-effects regression p-values in R: A likelihood ratio test function http://t.co/UtAsvYDJ via @chrishanretty #rstats (14 Oct)
  • kshameer: Calibrating predictive model estimates to support personalized medicine http://t.co/xkfq2HTc (12 Oct)
  • DataMiningTips: Data Science: a literature review http://t.co/wvHH4OEL #kdnuggets (11 Oct)
  • mpastell: Just releases Pweave 0.2 (Sweave for #Python) featuring major updates: http://t.co/a3O9hHM1 (11 Oct)
  • moorejh: MT @SAGRudd reduced access to #GWAS data http://t.co/YcTE94S2 #FAIL (11 Oct)
  • moorejh: An extension of our multifactor dimensionality reduction method for structured populations http://t.co/80QVVrbm #MDR #epistasis #GxG (11 Oct)
  • sickbock: Automatically remove old downloads with "find /~/Downloads/ -atime +3 -exec rm {} \;" in #crontab. (11 Oct)
  • paulblaser: Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines de-Mystified - http://t.co/5EH27kPK #datamining (11 Oct)
  • sickbock: Use a 16pt font on your website (yes really): http://t.co/38eNbjUi via @smashingmag (11 Oct)
  • JohnDCook: Next in the review queue: http://t.co/4fluO72X Haven't found an R book I'm excited about. Maybe this one will be better. (11 Oct)
  • genetics_blog: MT @eurogene: How Much Are We Missing in SNP-by-SNP Analyses? http://t.co/ACkKgEsV #epistasis (10 Oct)
  • Nick_Craver: a nice collection of reactions to Steve's passing: http://t.co/TpNk75Vs (9 Oct)
  • al3xandr3: Intelligent Ruby: Getting Started with Machine Learning by Ilya Grigorik - http://t.co/UnSerfqC (9 Oct)
  • kshameer: Failure to replicate a genetic association may provide important clues about genetic architecture. http://t.co/EDqET5iC (8 Oct)
  • kshameer: Genomic contributions to Mendelian disease http://t.co/hoq1eowR (8 Oct)
  • Biff_Bruise: MT @EpidemiologyLWW: Joint Modeling, Covariate Adjustment, and Interaction: Contrasting Notions in Risk Prediction... http://t.co/LIcqiuLy (8 Oct)
  • statalgo: "Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory" http://t.co/OFen0L3A #machinelearning (8 Oct)
  • benm: "A roundup of the nicest figures recently published in scientific journals": http://t.co/h4B1JIqB (via @spacefuture) (7 Oct)
  • climagic: RT @erynofwales: Slightly different syntax on BSD/OS X: echo I am $(( $(date +%s) - $(date -j "0114173988" +%s) )) seconds old. (7 Oct)
  • DataInColour: D3 Show Reel - pretty neat video visualization of visualizations that can be created with D3. http://t.co/tZVoTorm (6 Oct)
  • planet_lisp: Common Lisp Tips: <http://t.co/daOFELCC http://t.co/czEA6idW> (6 Oct)
  • statalgo: "Topics in Machine Learning: Bayesian Methods for Machine Learning" -Radford Neal http://t.co/Xzk1lQDY #rstats #machinelearning (6 Oct)
  • CompSciFact: What every C programmer should know about undefined behavior http://ow.ly/6Kw3M via @RKHilbertSpace (6 Oct)
  • clipperhouse: Beautiful presentation on graphs and algorithms: http://t.co/aavOpB4T (5 Oct)
  • nicolastorzec: #DataCleaner 2.3, an open source application for analyzing, profiling, transforming & cleansing data, has been released http://t.co/7HdIsZ40 (4 Oct)
  • SciPyTip: What to demand from a scientific computing language http://ow.ly/6koFC Presentation by Peter Norvig (4 Oct)
  • wesmckinn: The pandas escaped the zoo: Python's pandas vs. R's zoo benchmarks http://t.co/R7g0tj6v #python #rstats (4 Oct)
  • wesmckinn: Python, R, and the allure of magic http://t.co/ebYU01DB #python #rstats (4 Oct)
  • StackTeX: Consistent typography http://t.co/Fsr6Stum #formatting (3 Oct)
  • jedisct1: RT @merbist: Very nice @MacRuby article in ars technica: http://t.co/efd1p0xU (1 Oct)
  • nicolastorzec: My #Bash reference: "Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide: An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting" by M. Cooper http://t.co/Gsmq2xqZ (1 Oct)
  • SciPyTip: Pure math versus applied math http://t.co/BqTxv8l0 (1 Oct)
  • CompSciFact: RT @SciPyTip: Freely available software for linear algebra http://ow.ly/6ENoW by Jack Dongarra, recently updated (1 Oct)

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