A bag of tweets / Dec 2011


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers December 2011.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • AmstatNews: “Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary a qualification for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.” -H.G. Wells (26 Dec)
  • radar: An excellent web mining module for the Python programming language http://t.co/cabzGkRe (26 Dec)
  • Bill_Gardner: "Whatever you do [in statistics], somebody in psychometrics already did it long before." Andrew Gelman http://t.co/PpXbmzSe (26 Dec)
  • MathUpdate: Proofs and demonstrations of numerical eigenvalues (that any undergraduate could understadn) http://t.co/ptYGsZrB (25 Dec)
  • gd047: Doing Bayesian Data Analysis: A Tutorial Introduction with R and BUGS http://t.co/gzRp0ZXS #rstats (23 Dec)
  • fonnesbeck: As an AE, if handed a plot like this I would not only reject the paper, but print it out and beat the author with it http://t.co/fMcBLHXG (23 Dec)
  • cortesi: New blog post - Visualizing binaries with space-filling curves: http://t.co/6UiViYNv (23 Dec)
  • scikit_learn: [scikit-learn] http://t.co/Z0J9H0hK Vlad Niculae - Allow unlabeled samples in multilabel ex, collab between @vene and @mblondel on the pl... (22 Dec)
  • kshameer: A Pathway-Based View of Human Diseases and Disease Relationships http://t.co/0vgCHXej (21 Dec)
  • larry_parnell: Free pdf "Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery" at http://t.co/Hh6E0hJY So much data, but can we infer meaning? (21 Dec)
  • berndweiss: a very promising blog: PolStat http://t.co/nBcS8jnf #statistics #rstats #socialsciences (21 Dec)
  • neilkod: @revodavid great writeup of analyzing and visualizing oracle IO performance with R by @GregRahn http://t.co/SAco1wKf (21 Dec)
  • freakonometrics: Maps with #rstats, and polygon boundaries http://t.co/Lrk4O5ua (cc @coulmont) (21 Dec)
  • genetics_blog: PLoS ONE: Genome-Wide Mapping of CNVs in Humans: Comparative Analysis of High Resolution Array Platforms http://t.co/Dgl1RmwR (21 Dec)
  • flowingdata: The Best Data Visualization Projects of 2011 http://t.co/i8IEHk52 (21 Dec)
  • typesafe: #Scala IDE for #Eclipse 2.0 Final is released! Featuring new website, screencasts, and docs. More on @typesafe blog: http://t.co/HwUifBoI (21 Dec)
  • irr: What are the lesser known but cool data structures? http://t.co/RzU7UgEq (19 Dec)
  • QuestAnswers: Prevalence of DSM-IV conditions in US adolescents high and persistent (full-text) http://t.co/WobG1ckY (19 Dec)
  • gd047: M.I.T. courses online free of charge. You can earn official certificates! http://t.co/V2eXzQBE http://t.co/LCGchzm0 http://t.co/ShnmzOuq (19 Dec)
  • rickasaurus: All #NIPS2011 papers are available here http://t.co/WMs8Pepb (it's one of the best #machinelearning confs) (19 Dec)
  • gd047: Explorations in Parallel Distributed Processing: A Handbook of Models, Programs, and Exercises. James L. McClelland. http://t.co/WBw8DLBp (18 Dec)
  • d_swan: Notes from the Next-Generation Sequencing Congress http://t.co/mlfNNqb1 (18 Dec)
  • bradfordcross: fold type. not the most readable type in the world. but exceptional detail work on the graphics. http://t.co/kSk4atnh (18 Dec)
  • reddit_haskell: The Haskell Platform 2011.4.0.0 is now available! http://t.co/x14im8ZU (18 Dec)
  • DataJunkie: Sample files from a directory with probability p and move to dir: ls | awk '{ if(rand() < p) { print "mv "$0" directory/" | "sh" } }' (17 Dec)
  • randomjohn: New post It’s not every day a new statistical method is published in Science http://t.co/C0ejGGbf #in (16 Dec)
  • gd047: Lightspeed Matlab toolbox: http://t.co/uFYKYUxP Double Matlab toolbox: http://t.co/OzFM2EJP Matlab speed up tricks: http://t.co/3ClogFuz (16 Dec)
  • gd047: The Matrix Reference Manual. Ρeference information about linear algebra and the properties of real and complex matrices http://t.co/vD22Qg0N (16 Dec)
  • nutrigenomics: Looks good http://t.co/b9mKQ5J7 RT @eurogene: a more comprehensive GWAS database: GWASdb - better than HuGE? updated? http://t.co/OuaiHDRA (16 Dec)
  • Rbloggers: Machine learning techniques in the biomedical literature: (This article was first published on Gosset... http://t.co/c2Wv9Hln #rstats (16 Dec)
  • walkingrandomly: A comprehensive performance comparison between opencl and CUDA. http://t.co/URUS8cfZ #gpu (16 Dec)
  • WolframResearch: Learn how to convert to conventional mathematical typesetting in the latest #Mathematica Q&A series blog post: http://t.co/vbNg4LMx (16 Dec)
  • onethingwell: TextMate 2 Alpha - Yes, you’ve probably seen this already, but I feel duty bound to post it—the long-awaited... http://t.co/cgekHWKP (15 Dec)
  • JohnDCook: "Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it." -- Alan Perlis (15 Dec)
  • MathUpdate: Lecture Notes on Asymptotic Expansion (fun little topic IMHO) http://t.co/55z5bLQn (15 Dec)
  • floss4science: rubyvis 0.5.1: http://t.co/ZJe1hMaj #floss #rubyvis (15 Dec)
  • shiffman: new neural network #Processing examples (in progress) up on github. http://t.co/ClDogvEh (15 Dec)
  • deleeuwjan: http://t.co/ZHZ6Gx3E We are all getting older and look back to days full of energy and... http://t.co/UTFB8Bw3 (15 Dec)
  • pkrautz: .@mathblogging #picks @IgorCarron // Nuit Blanche: all posts of 2011, one pdf, 872 pages -- free. http://t.co/cnQ25mW5 (14 Dec)
  • unconsenting: "Learning Sparse Representations..." paper at #NIPS2011 looks cool. Comes with code too - other NIPers take note. http://t.co/RIU0H72j (14 Dec)
  • Kasabi: Google Refine has released version 2.5: http://t.co/DgwmIvJ8. In Kasabi, you can use Refine to publish data to the web: http://t.co/EENwwEkq (13 Dec)
  • smolix: Slides for the NIPS 2011 tutorial - The slides for the 2011 NIPS tutorial on Graphical Models for the... http://t.co/LnPXpflk (12 Dec)
  • irr: Node.js modules you should know about: ntwitter http://t.co/XMG4nmSC (12 Dec)
  • triadsou: [R] / “R - eval + parse + text vs. eval + substitute + do.call” http://t.co/mwiAPOtf (12 Dec)
  • Elenina_M: Data Analysis and Statistics in Python using pandas and statsmodels #free - http://t.co/gkXQ2Z3A (12 Dec)
  • Rbloggers: UseR! 2011 slides and videos – on one page: (This article was first published on R-statistics blog » ... http://t.co/GtzhHQmj #rstats (11 Dec)
  • neilfws: Data Intensive Science, and Workflows http://t.co/LaHYHj6p (11 Dec)
  • evolutionarypsy: New Post - Evolution and Anorexia Nervosa http://t.co/LyTDUwqb (11 Dec)
  • sauerlo: http://t.co/YBjXdtZs Mapping Drug Physico-Chemical Features to Pathway Activity Reveals Molecular Networks Linked to Toxicity Outcome #QSAR (11 Dec)
  • derekcollison: If you are starting a project and need a database, postgres should be your starting point.. http://t.co/P1ynS5GY (11 Dec)
  • yokofakun: @neilfws nice shot #eclipse http://t.co/rlzf3Oqn (11 Dec)
  • planet_lisp: Hans Hübner: Learning Ruby, and Ruby vs. Lisp http://t.co/KowsKF1x (11 Dec)
  • StackTeX: Format spacing for correlation table (any statistical table) http://t.co/SX3A2uxX #tables (10 Dec)
  • gappy3000: Practical Common Lisp in pdf: http://t.co/yv0AE4Gz (10 Dec)
  • jedisct1: RT @merbist: LiveTV 1.1 released: http://t.co/RVrxdBia fullscreen support in SnowLeopard & Lion, stability improved. #macruby (10 Dec)
  • bigdata: FREE #ebook: Web Data Management & Distribution (xpath/xquery/RDF/web crawlers/MapReduce/Hadoop/Lucene & more) http://t.co/hU6mv2aI (10 Dec)
  • revodavid: An elegant and beautiful logo for @simplify rendered with elegant and beautiful R code: http://t.co/u0EwwGtm #rstats @i2pi (9 Dec)
  • _hannahwill: Wonderful @rijksmuseum makes collection images free (incl for publications) as long as proper attribution given http://t.co/o5c10m62 (9 Dec)
  • genetics_blog: Nice paper on using #exome #sequencing to diagnose and direct treatment of a patient http://t.co/CgYbVmje #NGS (9 Dec)
  • splittingfield: “Knuth has shown us here how to program intelligibly, but not wisely” http://t.co/kFr1dbDS (ht: @d6 ) (9 Dec)
  • QuestAnswers: New blog post: #autism (high-functioning) and MRI http://t.co/ypDVYPoR nearly 90% of children showed... nothing (9 Dec)
  • romanroe: In case you can't use #Scala at work, use at least Guava (http://t.co/md7PnIZw)! It's an awesome library! (9 Dec)
  • climagic: elinks http://t.co/i6h9Aj4C |awk -F| '/Link/{if($2~/[0-9]/){print $2","$4;l=$2;d=$4;};d+=$4;}'|tr -d ' ' >occupy-arrests.csv (8 Dec)
  • hmCuesta: Understanding epidemics through maps by Tom Koch http://t.co/0fP5Xvaw (8 Dec)
  • GoogleMobile: Introducing Google Currents, a new reader app for Android and iOS that gives you new ways to explore online content: http://t.co/sebgfiZI (8 Dec)
  • papermantis: Warning signs in experimental design and interpretation http://t.co/4rL2uFOF (8 Dec)
  • SciPyTip: Simulated knitting in Python http://t.co/JxLbL4Wj (8 Dec)
  • SmartTypes: Review: ipython notebooks -- http://t.co/7fCgv6UA (7 Dec)
  • tlipcon: everything a systems programmer should know about memory: http://t.co/B7DClcvw - great reading for your next rainy day (7 Dec)
  • Rbloggers: A Spatial Data Analysis GUI for R: (This article was first published on Fells Stats » R, and kindly c... http://t.co/3sIyJX8b #rstats (7 Dec)
  • JohnDCook: Imagine spending 40% of your career looking for jobs. That's sorta what science has become. http://t.co/q5OPPNIZ (7 Dec)
  • onertipaday: Any opinion/comment about this #rstats book? http://t.co/d23KH4bZ (7 Dec)
  • genetics_blog: Pybedtools: a flexible Python library for manipulating genomic datasets and annotations http://t.co/QK8ks9ss @myen (7 Dec)
  • genetics_blog: The rise and fall of supervised machine learning techniques http://t.co/iKv6l34I #bioinformatics (7 Dec)
  • floss4science: Call for Proposals for The R Series from Chapman & Hall/CRC | (R news & tutorials) - http://t.co/2YVHDJgz (7 Dec)
  • gd047: MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2005, Instructor: Prof. Gilbert Strang. http://t.co/0SVtmCZW (6 Dec)
  • kshameer: Genomewide association studies: history, rationale, and prospects for psychiatric disorders. http://t.co/8NlNk4kf (6 Dec)
  • lisaczhang: Blog Post: Visualizing 4+ Dimensions http://t.co/rJH4MNGt (6 Dec)
  • MathUpdate: An interesting discussion about the merits of the underlying structure of TeX http://t.co/uPZ1itlk (6 Dec)
  • kevinweil: Pretty awesome: Wolfram's one-liner competition, where you have 140 characters to amaze with a Mathematica expression: http://t.co/kFj5AlSg (6 Dec)
  • spatialanalysis: The best of 2011 in #maps: http://t.co/BXXykC5B #cartography #dataviz (6 Dec)
  • d_swan: Finding Disease Variants in Mendelian Disorders By Using Sequence Data: Methods and Applications. http://t.co/cwEouAFS (6 Dec)
  • mja: Great idea by @xieyihui: in literate programming the source file should be valid in the target format w/o weaving http://t.co/iU8KqcNE (5 Dec)
  • moclanmomo: More on #rstats in the NYT: http://t.co/XUPUs6Jr (via @datanalytics) (5 Dec)
  • flowingdata: 40 years of boxplots http://t.co/2rqg4Vd0 (5 Dec)
  • jedisct1: Artisan, a minimal CMS powered by Markdown and Mustache: http://t.co/ZH9kLS7n (5 Dec)
  • onethingwell: Exquisite Tweets - › Paste in the URL from a single tweet in a conversation to get a one-page thread you can... http://t.co/rkrExCal (5 Dec)
  • ETSresearch: Do adjusted subscores lack validity? Recent ETS-authored journal article. Abstract: http://t.co/T9F7OmGj #psychometrics #edmeasurement (5 Dec)
  • Rbloggers: From datasets to algorithms in R: (This article was first published on Realizations in Biostatistics,... http://t.co/QOnMCqH2 #rstats (5 Dec)
  • jcs: i've made a minimal cocoa-based webkit browser that can magically be controlled by a tiling x11 window manager on osx: http://t.co/ZF5U7TdI (4 Dec)
  • GaelVaroquaux: #scipydotin material for scikit-learn tutorial: http://t.co/ECfgPf6a (4 Dec)
  • MathUpdate: An introduction to measure theory http://t.co/60y3tshI (4 Dec)
  • jebyrnes: Fantastic! LaTeX in gmail! http://t.co/OBvdjS0f (4 Dec)
  • berndweiss: very interesting #ggplot2 Webinar with @hadleywickham http://t.co/Kwh2EWHr #rstats (+ slides: http://t.co/mtMAcpDx) (4 Dec)
  • jebyrnes: Hive Plots! A new way to visualize networks. Wonder how this will work for food webs? http://t.co/gdDf6fAG #infographics In R with HiveR (4 Dec)
  • FGRibreau: Mdoc - Node.js markdown powered #documentation generator http://t.co/76f5833E (4 Dec)
  • statalgo: Topological data analysis. http://t.co/oPCYJYhJ (4 Dec)
  • StackTeX: Bounty offered: Placing footnotes or endnotes at the end of the current paragraph http://t.co/Hh7ktwci #positioning (3 Dec)
  • nicolastorzec: The @InternetArchive has 903,307 digitized books from the Google Book Search program. They were uploaded there by users http://t.co/0TW8qkW5 (3 Dec)
  • StackTeX: Great answer: Adding an open-quote mark to the start of each line in a multiline quotation? http://t.co/t6eI1TsL #typography (3 Dec)
  • johnmyleswhite: Seeing the logic of NHST in a single comma: http://t.co/J2cJHDOB (via @stat110) (3 Dec)
  • pypi: skimage 0.4: Image processing routines for SciPy http://t.co/uUB1r1vR (3 Dec) -- This package has become skimage (Thanks to Patrick Durusau for pointing out that change.)
  • SciPyTip: A month of mathematical software http://t.co/5TMStcFO (3 Dec)
  • bigdata: Collaborative Filtering & Recommendations: Ordinal (instead of Numeric) Model for Predicting Item Rating Distributions http://t.co/KTOsreqi (3 Dec)
  • tdhopper: A Wordpress client for Mathematica. http://t.co/b88HAAyX (3 Dec)
  • kshameer: Automated discovery of drug treatment patterns for endocrine therapy of breast cancer within an electronic medical... http://t.co/apzCDHeW (2 Dec)
  • mxlearn: Controlling for Variables in Machine Learning http://t.co/JL5rfjYW (2 Dec)
  • inside_R: How to predict the duration of a clinical trial with #rstats: http://t.co/QrB8E7oj (2 Dec)
  • signmagazine: Review: Statistical Learning for Biomedical Data (Practical Guides to Biostatistics and Epidemiology) by James D. Ma... http://t.co/Be3636NR (2 Dec)

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