A bag of tweets / Mar 2012


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers March 2012.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • GaelVaroquaux: Comparison of various clustering algorithms http://t.co/gXqyHZZd with @t3kcit and @scikit_learn http://t.co/OIF4jpuu (28 Mar)
  • emacs_knight: "How Emacs Changed my Life" - a presentation by @yukihiro_matz (Ruby's creator) http://t.co/TENupDvM (28 Mar)
  • RDataMining: Tutorial on Network Analysis with package igraph: http://t.co/E081tlAJ (27 Mar)
  • bradfordcross: More slides are up from clojurewest 2012. We'll post ours soon along with some other new goodies. http://t.co/2N3mYzMW (27 Mar)
  • t3kcit: @scikit_learn Now features an introduction into Machine Learning tutorial! http://t.co/uCE16Bhn #sklearn (27 Mar)
  • dmiller2718: Blogged: Code gen redo preview: rewriting the code gen code for the #clojureclr compiler. http://t.co/NXcHqFzt (27 Mar)
  • moritz_stefaner: The first infovis I ever did: Organic Link Network http://t.co/3Yhei4rs #party #like #its #2003 (27 Mar)
  • nicolastorzec: #IPython provides a really better/richer interactive shell for Python. Slides from the PyCon 2012 talk: http://t.co/iS35LQBp (25 Mar)
  • underdarkGIS: great post: a one-liner to load all Natural Earth datasets into PostGIS http://t.co/efthwyYw via @timlinux (25 Mar)
  • Werner: Oral History: Donald Knuth interviewed by Edward Feigenbaum http://t.co/hOlMkKQ7 & Knuth interviews Feigenbaum http://t.co/U9eUtAEk #pdf (25 Mar)
  • cdsamii: Today in my research design class we'll cover designs for interference, social interaction, & spill-over http://t.co/H8Xmcxz5 (lecture 8) (23 Mar)
  • infosthetics: After @visualisingdata and @moritz_stefaner, now Sheila Pontis presenting at #malofiej20 http://t.co/z0RcZGOi (23 Mar)
  • lizardbill: A more updated version of Mathematics for Computer Science is available. http://t.co/u13GIVA3 (via @vu3rdd) (23 Mar)
  • zentree: Most of the time I learn new #rstats tricks looking at other people's code and workflows. For example http://t.co/eWvgFQAI HT: @recology_ (22 Mar)
  • ChrisDiehl: Computing rank correlations in Python and R - http://t.co/inekEFuw (22 Mar)
  • fredwilson: A great visualization of the Stack Network http://t.co/o8zPoYaA (22 Mar)
  • breuderink: A must read for #scientists: "You and your research" by Richard W. Hamming (http://t.co/TUUmiEPl). (22 Mar)
  • FGRibreau: SourceMaps in Chrome - Debug coffeescript/java/whatever directly from Chrome Console http://t.co/VCkWGOS6 (22 Mar)
  • josephreisinger: .@Square Tesseract: visually slice and dice multivariate / tabular data in javascript. fast. http://t.co/Wg7Nk3lt cc @metamx (21 Mar)
  • QuestAnswers: The social motivation theory of #autism http://t.co/kUkSywaz (21 Mar)
  • QuestAnswers: Emotional face processing in neurotypicals with autistic traits: Implications for the broad autism phenotype http://t.co/ZsvDEJTe (21 Mar)
  • alandipert: trolling all lispers: https://t.co/5qdeDdxs (21 Mar)
  • jrecursive: A Bayesian Approach to Discovering Truth from Conflicting Sources for Data Integration - http://t.co/5PMgGfHV (PDF) (21 Mar)
  • neilfws: Live coding using d3.js http://t.co/9aPU9ImE (21 Mar)
  • processingjs: The Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index, visualized with Processing.js: http://t.co/iDHkebou (21 Mar)
  • silParacchini: Conditional + joint multiple-SNP analysis of GWAS summary stats identifies new variants influencing complex traits http://t.co/HftmBrjP (21 Mar)
  • genetics_blog: Nice hop infographic for the homebrewer http://t.co/59v7eB4O (21 Mar)
  • JanWillemTulp: very good resource if you want to learn more about mapping, projections, coordinate system, etc. http://t.co/iMeFSuUX #geo #gis (21 Mar)
  • aria42: Clojure Overtone Visualizations http://t.co/emqIQbND via @prismatic (20 Mar)
  • JanWillemTulp: Cool, hive plot in d3js by @mbostock /cc @moritz_stefaner @JeffClark @moebio http://t.co/zO2qAqBD (20 Mar)
  • jjgibaja: Cerebral Mastication » Blog Archive » Solving easy problems the hard way | @scoopit http://t.co/2XPSCm07 (20 Mar)
  • lisaczhang: Evolution of a Python Programmer http://t.co/XbVioPd0 (via @jeeyoungk) (20 Mar)
  • breuderink: Found a simple and intuitive #mathematical derivation of smooth (1D) #interpolation: http://t.co/HgQkXDYa . (20 Mar)
  • Altons: Mlpy module for machine learning Details http://t.co/gtU6v2c8 via @zite cool! #in #machinelearning #python (19 Mar)
  • FILWD: … and here is the link to the episode: http://t.co/BBUnI8G6 (19 Mar)
  • Rbloggers: Call for chapters: Data Mining Applications with R: (This article was first published on RDataMining,... http://t.co/rkOPy2Q6 #rstats (16 Mar)
  • Stata: Nice to see some March Madness analysis being done in Stata: http://t.co/gPcQRXCZ and http://t.co/QH3R5odk> (16 Mar)
  • DrVes: High-quality health reporting of studies should include absolute risk and number needed to treat (NNT) http://t.co/7CGJQEbj (16 Mar)
  • jedisct1: GCC 4.7 RC2 released; the state of C99 support - http://t.co/iQ5AjhkZ (16 Mar)
  • nicolastorzec: Introduction to @datapublica, a French data marketplace for public, open and private data: http://t.co/ffOVpVJG (in French) - #datamarket (16 Mar)
  • fjossinet: Cube: Time Series Visualization - Cube is an open-source system for visualizing time series data, built on... http://t.co/oDOT8Nje (16 Mar)
  • onethingwell: spot - spot is an easy-to-use ack-style file search utility written in bash. http://t.co/HtJfUz6g (16 Mar)
  • gappy3000: An overview of Total Least Squares. Didn't realize that TLS is a deregularization method (opposite of ridge) http://t.co/VGpxFUmq (16 Mar)
  • freakonometrics: Bayes’ Theorem, Medical Diagnostics and Nomograms, via @ProbFact http://t.co/t9S2bnXM (15 Mar)
  • ogrisel: Spent the evening hunting down a Grand Central Dispatch bug on BLAS calls in forked processes with @cournape https://t.co/jkGY6EaE #pycon (14 Mar)
  • dHolowack: Breaking: Posterous acquired by Twitter http://t.co/kDF6ZdHX (14 Mar)
  • swannodette: thanks to @takeoutweight's minor mods of the ClojureScript compiler we can now compile Clojure to Scheme and then to C. http://t.co/JRFNK5wd (14 Mar)
  • fredberinger: Why is reading lines from stdin much slower in C++ than Python? - Stack Overflow http://t.co/WlrVp7U6 (13 Mar)
  • jandot: On the tenth day of Xmas, get dirty with data using d3.js | 12 Devs of Xmas http://t.co/jTHawuVb #dataviz #d3 (12 Mar)
  • ross_dunne: Brave New World RT @monica1987is Reconstructing Visual Experiences from Brain Activity http://t.co/06ioUW42 #neuroscience #machinelearning (12 Mar)
  • FGRibreau: Sentimental - A sentiment analysis module for #NodeJS // Wordlist based http://t.co/OZSVRAsn (12 Mar)
  • pcalcado: awsm: Common Lisp on Heroku: http://t.co/BA71UcFD (12 Mar)
  • teoliphant: If you are interested in PyPy and use NumPy, come help me develop Numba: https://t.co/nYYRboo2> (12 Mar)
  • boris_gorelik: If you are into #python, and #numpy and #scipy are your tools then follow http://t.co/wOswfFC2 by @JustGlowing. Very interesting reading (12 Mar)
  • xach: . @vseloved sent me some #Lisp questions and posted my answers: http://t.co/SX2XdhGE (12 Mar)
  • vsbuffalo: My thoughts on Julia and R: http://t.co/RkQJ5JND (10 Mar)
  • gappy3000: Examples of LISP typography through history http://t.co/kU7m6Ps7 (10 Mar)
  • antirez: just replied on stackoverflow about what data structure to use for what task. If you are new to Redis is worth reading: http://t.co/E4I5tkdM (10 Mar)
  • TwitterOSS: we just open sourced @cassovary, our big graph-processing library for the JVM written in #scala #opensource http://t.co/4jhwc5Qr (10 Mar)
  • mongodb: Ruby Driver 1.6.1 released https://t.co/MFGGfDQT (10 Mar)
  • DelyanRaychev: Stephen Wolfram using #Mathematica to graph personal analytics - a peak into the life of a genius http://t.co/wlkqBskZ (10 Mar)
  • FGRibreau: Profiling Node Programs on Mac OS X http://t.co/FzJZHs8C (10 Mar)
  • floss4science: A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python, an interview with author Hans Petter Langtangen: http://t.co/SLvjd0lQ... (10 Mar)
  • mdreid: "I occasionally meet geneticists who ask me whether it is true that the great geneticist … Fisher was also an important statistician"—Savage (9 Mar)
  • ogrisel: New archive to download for the scikit-learn tutorial tomorrow afternoon #pycon http://t.co/kSmYzSNl (9 Mar)
  • DataJunkie: Search a PDF file using pdfgrep: http://t.co/P61hRLUf (9 Mar)
  • jebyrnes: Plot maps like a boss in #rstats - http://t.co/66zsmI7m (9 Mar)
  • FGRibreau: Induction - A Polyglot Database Client For Mac OS X #nosql #visualization /via HN http://t.co/Eykq6sXA (9 Mar)
  • mathematicsprof: Math quote: In mathematics the art of proposing a question is as important as solving it. G. Cantor (9 Mar)
  • klmr: I’ve created slides for a “Modern C++ Style” talk. – Spoiler: Don’t use f*cking pointers. http://t.co/5U0ETtoH – Feel free to use. #CC #BY (8 Mar)
  • double0stefan: Interesting podcast on classification in psychiatry from @rcpsych http://t.co/b7216eRE (8 Mar)
  • vsbuffalo: Emacs users, do you have a favorite git mode? How's Egg? http://t.co/svEWM0Ai (8 Mar)
  • Visually: Is Apple Lying With Statistics? http://t.co/TR4bKvLS (8 Mar)
  • ChrisDiehl: Heroku is amazing. http://t.co/IzNjRubL Come a long way since I last looked. (8 Mar)
  • jebyrnes: Github + Paper Editing and Collaboration = very interesting.  http://t.co/oCElcZjb (8 Mar)
  • JMP_software: The new #JMP #Graph Builder app for the #iPad is out today! And it's free! http://t.co/FJolmpeK #datavisualization (8 Mar)
  • jedisct1: Stanford online algorithms classes to start on March 12: http://t.co/eDt09PDE - Can't wait! (8 Mar)
  • yaaang: Nice write-up on experiences with RPython, where writing an interp gets you a tracing JIT for free: http://t.co/bUl7sSNV by @laurencetratt (8 Mar)
  • driven_by_data: One day too late for Mercators birthday, but anyway: Say hello to @kartographjs, the new vector mapping framework! http://t.co/pIJ2UcHY (8 Mar)
  • mja: People actually value Unix for what is /not/ there. http://t.co/d4qlxdxP /via @UnixToolTip (8 Mar)
  • boris_gorelik: Even easier frequency tables in #pandas 0.7.0 http://t.co/z9VLBIat (8 Mar)
  • russpoldrack: discussion of @deevybee's critique of the Temple et al. PNAS paper http://t.co/sfoivbmu (8 Mar)
  • sandakano: Installing #python imaging library on mac: http://t.co/KiPgaoZ1 (7 Mar)
  • vsbuffalo: "Some Ramblings on Machine Learning in Science" http://t.co/IJviIJV5 (7 Mar)
  • ChrisDiehl: Language bindings for Wolfram Alpha API. http://t.co/56023YVi (7 Mar)
  • jakehofman: latest lecture: linear and logistic regression for classification and python + nytimes API fun http://t.co/adWnAdHA (7 Mar)
  • pushthings4ward: Nice collection of visualization tutorials: #D3js #Protovis #GoogleRefine #R #FusionTables http://t.co/YiDXXegf (7 Mar)
  • moritz_stefaner: Good overview of interaction techniques in infovis; http://t.co/HkdivBxN (6 Mar)
  • mathematicsprof: William Trench offers his Introduction to Real Analysis book free online at ==> http://t.co/E0O3cl18 (6 Mar)
  • openfmri: 12 complete fMRI datasets currently available at http://t.co/scjniSki - more coming soon! (6 Mar)
  • peter_c_william: “@benhamner: "Why an MRI costs $1080 in America and 280 in France" - http://t.co/8tvfnMhs” Well known but worth repeating (5 Mar)
  • planetpython: Invent with Python: Nobody Wants to Learn How to Program http://t.co/FIoBtloe (5 Mar)
  • hellemo: Amazing stuff: http://t.co/iVkycPbg Watch Jeff's talk here: http://t.co/fFGadYBd #julialang (4 Mar)
  • StatFact: Updated Ukrainian translation of R programming notes: http://t.co/zgzr5IUY (original English version: http://t.co/u3x4p2Si) (4 Mar)
  • irr: How to learn JavaScript in 10 not so easy steps http://t.co/tXRFuwbC (4 Mar)
  • simplystats: An essay on why programmers need to learn statistics - This is awesome. There are a few places with some... http://t.co/lmuVCk0D (4 Mar)
  • ijuma: This week in #Scala http://t.co/8Pjm7qS5 via @prismatic (4 Mar)
  • tinscience: Interesting letter on absolute vs relative risk in relation to sex-specific associations of smoking with heart disease http://t.co/N6JZt8UX (4 Mar)
  • hadleywickham: 40 page transition guide for ggplot2 0.9.0: https://t.co/qcDMWFdG #rstats (4 Mar)
  • hadleywickham: ggplot2 0.9.0 is out! http://t.co/WnPyVa5s #rstats. So many new features! (4 Mar)
  • algoriffic: Frege - Haskell for the JVM (great name) http://t.co/WuDOIZwD via @prismatic (3 Mar)
  • genetics_blog: GWAS Central - a genotype-phenotype association database http://t.co/hph4uvWv #bioinformatics (2 Mar)
  • patrickDurusau: Visualizing Bayes' Theorem #topicmaps #bayes #bayesian #probabilistic - http://t.co/sB8K9R3V (2 Mar)
  • jedisct1: The great #ruby shootout: http://t.co/JYVGfLhY (2 Mar)
  • moclanmomo: Are there too many #rstats packages? http://t.co/dAKRnHlP Paper in Austrian Journal of #Statistics (2 Mar)
  • JanWillemTulp: Data Visualization Field on Twitter; great alternative to @moritz_stefaner's VIZoSPHERE by @JeffClark http://t.co/N7AULtZh (1 Mar)

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