A bag of tweets / May 2012


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers May 2012.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • Stiivi: “@newsycombinator: Python for Data Analysis (new O'Reilly book from creator of Pandas) http://t.co/k3uNl9Ey” by @wesmckinn #python #data (25 May)
  • jandot: Clojure, visualization, and scripts http://t.co/XzwZYAfh (23 May)
  • divbyzero: Awesome! LaTeX flash cards (math and physics) http://t.co/gQ7t1pVN (via @AMSGradBlog) (23 May)
  • robjhyndman: My new forecasting textbook http://t.co/d1lfxeYD (23 May)
  • triadsou: [Review][Competing risks] / “Practical methods for competing risks data: A review” http://t.co/fxz9T0NL (21 May)
  • vgoklani: nice! -> 2012 (Python) PyData Workshop Videos for scikit-learn, pandas, disco, numpy, and matplotlib http://t.co/J9qrQIFT (21 May)
  • siah: "A few things to remember while coding in Python." http://t.co/Y5OKNCYh (20 May)
  • notmisha: Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning - David Barber http://t.co/s2041OXi (17 May)
  • dwf: Wow, this is good stuff: "Optimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds", full text available in PDF for free: http://t.co/zzJSmg7p (16 May)
  • gappy3000: A course in Econometrics by S.Pollock. Covers some less well-known areas of linear models http://t.co/RgtYPlJ6 (9 May)
  • Caged: Awesome collection of data visualization tools - http://t.co/YRCEbXBE (9 May)
  • albertocairo: I just found out that all the graphics in @NYTgraphics 'Metrics' section can be found here: http://t.co/irJR2hA3 Nice resource (9 May)
  • trvrb: Comparing performance of #processing.js and #d3.js. http://t.co/9fh2XAtV (9 May)
  • m4xl1n: What is the PDF of the ratio of two random variables? Use mathStatica to figure that out in 30s http://t.co/dM4bfjSV (9 May)
  • zentree: Bivariate linear mixed models using ASReml-R with multiple cores. http://t.co/nwR1P4VL #rstats (9 May)
  • StackTeX: A good METAPOST alternative for plotting 3d surfaces http://t.co/vRliiRK8 #metapost (8 May)
  • kshameer: A Paradox of Robust Bayesian Inference and Belief Functions [PDF] http://t.co/QJ0utx6G #bioinformatics (5 May)
  • mja: Corrected link to maintenance of genetic variation in personality paper http://t.co/9iykEIaZ /ht @StuartJRitchie (5 May)
  • kshameer: Unraveling the Genetics of Cancer: Genome Sequencing and Beyond http://t.co/dXXcV2me (4 May)
  • planetclojure: Implementing a Lisp http://t.co/dS0ENqBZ (4 May)
  • planet_lisp: SLIME Tips: Smarter M-. http://t.co/bcY2icgH (4 May)
  • alignedleft: New D3 tutorial: Axes! http://t.co/WEufs1e9 (4 May)
  • johnmyleswhite: @hadleywickham Still thinking through the ideas, but here's a simple demo of my first extended splitting strategy: https://t.co/azYZD0gM (4 May)
  • radar: Dataset is a JavaScript library that's built to handle tables of data http://t.co/FMkSI5Hk (4 May)
  • brandon_rhodes: Want to host a static site — for free, if your traffic is low — on #Heroku? Kenneth Reitz shows that it's a one-liner! http://t.co/d6cFcPsy (3 May)
  • FGRibreau: Just published node-unidecode - ASCII transliterations of Unicode text http://t.co/xbkFwdaL (3 May)
  • JanWillemTulp: the new #d3js randomly loads images from the gallery... nice http://t.co/qw0cWbP2 (3 May)
  • StatFact: Four types of errors http://t.co/hG9SMeZk (3 May)
  • freakonometrics: [free ebook] "Analysing spatial point patterns in R" by Adrian Baddeley (in 208) http://t.co/4HRkd3cq cc @3wen (3 May)
  • freakonometrics: [free ebook] "Multivariate Density Estimation (Theory, Practice, and Visualization)" by David Scott (1992 ed) http://t.co/RG5EMDDl cc @3wen (3 May)
  • mz2: A lickable genome browser: http://t.co/XfrCntvb (3 May)
  • StackTeX: Bounty offered: How to place a small table of contents in the footer in ConTeXt? http://t.co/p1RSm2JY #tableofcontents (3 May)
  • revodavid: Great feature article on R in @InformationAge: graduates driving business adoption of #rstats for #BigData analytics: http://t.co/ovXBxf0z (3 May)
  • bbatsov: Random Sample: CEDET news http://t.co/XlMosgi2 (2 May)
  • floss4science: GNU Octave for the Life Scientist: An Interview with biochemist and author Heino Prinz: http://t.co/tg0Mm9tO... (2 May)
  • zentree: 'Teaching code, production code, benchmarks and new languages' in Quantum Forest. http://t.co/qF7jx60E #rstats #julialang (2 May)
  • psychepi: little reason to believe #twinstudies provide evidence in favor of genetic influences psychdisorders & behavioral diffs http://t.co/wcjtAFGi (1 May)
  • sauerlo: > @kshameer: “@aemonten: The 1000 Genomes Project: data management and community access http://t.co/YW3PgELg” #genomics #bioinformatics (1 May)
  • peter_c_william: Interesting visualization of clustering of US senate voting by senator. http://t.co/AfvuTS5q Especially recent right drift of some Dems (1 May)

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