A bag of tweets / June 2012


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers June 2012.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • mongodb: The Joy of Cooking: Deploy MongoDB with Chef - presentation from @nathenharvey http://t.co/VkxAnkpY #mongodc (27 Jun)
  • nbrgraphs: New Post: Arrow Charts and Other Alternatives to Multiple Pie Charts http://t.co/wx65YSRo (27 Jun)
  • jeffreyhorner: How many base64 encoded #rstats plots can you paste into the @tumblr html editor? About 96: http://t.co/OpehYzNM. Editor has a 1Mb cap. (26 Jun)
  • ctitusbrown: Using pandas data frames: http://t.co/v362lDxL (26 Jun)
  • SciPyTip: PyPedal (Python Pedigree Analysis) is a tool for analyzing pedigree files. http://t.co/8zaZMr7T (26 Jun)
  • jedisct1: Sublime Text 2.0 final is available: http://t.co/qifYoojM (26 Jun)
  • benhamner: Metrics: handy Python, R, Haskell, and MATLAB/Octave implementations of common machine learning evaluation metrics https://t.co/NbPvCico (26 Jun)
  • DrStefanCano: Hot off the press, for those interested in health measurement: http://t.co/fnoFOr0u #in (26 Jun)
  • JanWillemTulp: useful!! RT @thewhyaxis: I started a collection of good viz projects on Github - http://t.co/4nLxUVGX any to add? (25 Jun)
  • zyxo: RT @hamadakoichi: “R Reference Card for Data Mining” http://t.co/PzR9BGQs (25 Jun)
  • Evangenieur: a lot Faster & stable, nice RT @nodejs: Version 0.8.0 Released http://t.co/jkwFtVnJ (25 Jun)
  • SciPyTip: Which classifiers are fast enough for exploring medium-sized data? http://t.co/i0a5KhKX via @hmason (25 Jun)
  • nodejs: Version 0.8.0 Released http://t.co/Sq0a0nbU (25 Jun)
  • EmacsRocks: Another excellent Emacs screencast from @avdi http://t.co/iIwhbRFB This time about vc-annotate and revision history vs comments. (25 Jun)
  • zentree: "Split-plot 1: How does a linear mixed model look like?" in Quantum Forest. http://t.co/d0eqzHOA #TeachingStats #rstats (24 Jun)
  • derpapst: #tmux crash course http://t.co/tPms4hoP (24 Jun)
  • benoitc: darktable "darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer." http://t.co/hwqEtPvH nice (24 Jun)
  • Biff_Bruise: MT @kelleher_ ... RT @eqpaho: Textbook on Preventing Chronic Disease: Public Health Research, Practice, & Policy http://t.co/dn11bXAG (24 Jun)
  • ogrisel: Nice blog post by Alex Rubinsteyn comparing the runtimes of various scikit-learn classifiers: http://t.co/nAv7bv3k #machinelearning #python (24 Jun)
  • gappy3000: "The Causal Foundations of Structural Equation Modeling" by J.Pearl http://t.co/t3GRkYN7 (22 Jun)
  • triadsou: [R] / “Revolutions: FDA: R OK for drug trials” http://t.co/c14p83IJ (22 Jun)
  • UnixToolTip: Vi in a browser http://t.co/KbTjAvvd (22 Jun)
  • fperez_org: Great course 'Python for matlab users' by Kitware/Google. Examples with #ipython qtconsole/notebook http://t.co/oI8araGs, sources and VM (22 Jun)
  • SciPyTip: pydot: Python interface to Graphviz's Dot language. http://t.co/vU44PtvC (21 Jun)
  • devillesylvain: #PLoS High-Resolution Maps of Science. this is awesome thanks to @mfenner for pointing to it http://t.co/jHN1x88P (21 Jun)
  • ivanku: Excellent free ebook on network science by Albert-László Barabási http://t.co/9quIvsV8 #sna #datascience (via @mslima) (21 Jun)
  • TeXgallery: Making good looking plots using pgfplots and automazing it - article by Joseph Wright: http://t.co/DAQ4HBnC (21 Jun)
  • FCLAbook: Version 3.00 underway. Sneak peek at http://t.co/QPscxLMG (21 Jun)
  • siah: “Mathics: A free, light-weight alternative to Mathematica with support for Sage” http://t.co/r27z76pQ (20 Jun)
  • christianp: I've written a jQuery plugin that gives you an instant @mathjax preview of any LaTeX you write in input boxes: http://t.co/Xuhkr4Hs (19 Jun)
  • mja: The nadiv package computes dominance and additive × additive genetic relationship matrices. http://t.co/qqzuesWz #rstats (18 Jun)
  • GreatestQuotes: "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin (18 Jun)
  • gregorypark: Some of my highlights from #useR2012 http://t.co/59KMBcLq (16 Jun)
  • timelyportfolio: An #Rstats function to map your Twitter Followers http://t.co/eITrP1jM very nicely done (16 Jun)
  • timelyportfolio: Timely Portfolio: #Cubism.js Horizon Charts in #Rstats http://t.co/jJWb6piT thanks @mbostock for your fine examples (16 Jun)
  • moorejh: http://t.co/hkBOuanI Open information extraction from the web #artificialintelligence (15 Jun)
  • johnwilander: Machine learning with JavaScript: http://t.co/kpmQQJC1 Anything that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript. (15 Jun)
  • yannabraham: Identifying disease-specific genes based on their topological significance in protein networks http://t.co/54pWHMwQ (13 Jun)
  • zoltanvarju: Designing data http://t.co/5M66E4gr (13 Jun)
  • davidandrzej: Large-Scale Machine Learning at Twitter - very interesting discussion of "productized" ML architecture. http://t.co/Tik8G5pJ (12 Jun)
  • patrickDurusau: Machine Learning in Java has never been easier! [Java App <-> BigML Rest API] #topicmaps #ml #java - http://t.co/lR8xTeGD (12 Jun)
  • patrickDurusau: PDF Slides and R code examples on data mining and exploration #topicmaps #r #datamining - http://t.co/otDPLP4X (8 Jun)
  • PeterFlomStat: Nominal ordinal interval ratio: Stevens' Taxonomy and some problems with it - http://t.co/Byus9Dy2 (7 Jun)
  • bowleslingjw: Some sweet node.js tutorials http://t.co/DqHeVuBl (6 Jun)
  • Rbloggers: Pasting Excel data into R on a Mac: (This article was first published on Serious Stats » R code, and ... http://t.co/BxkWYdoW #rstats (6 Jun)
  • ijuma: "Better CLI option parsing in Scala" http://t.co/X8AuRD8a (5 Jun)
  • n0mad_0: ... RBM practical guide http://t.co/t6PGiGNm (5 Jun)
  • nealrichter: 20 lines of code that will beat A/B testing every time - Steve Hanov's Programming Blog http://t.co/EpGGdzkY (4 Jun)
  • OpenGamma: Enjoyed the JNA/JNI/Java performance post last week? Here's part 2, on testing #Java code in #maths libraries: http://t.co/Sihemo8q (3 Jun)
  • onethingwell: Command Line Tools for Xcode - › This package enables UNIX-style development via Terminal by installing... http://t.co/aeTtxjFP (3 Jun)
  • mikiobraun: Machine learning: A practical course. Our course notes by P. Bünau and me... . http://t.co/DMnKZ8ER (2 Jun)
  • patrickDurusau: Statistics for Genomics (Spring 2012) #topicmaps #statistics #genomics - http://t.co/ajVYaLGf (2 Jun)
  • mariuswatz: "Type + Code: Processing For Designers", complete book by Yeohyun Ahn and Viviana Cordova readable on Issuu http://t.co/tsXhNIyI (2 Jun)
  • darrenjw: Lecture notes on Multivariate data analysis using R: http://t.co/AjzIlbuF #rstats (2 Jun)
  • GreatestQuotes: "Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." - John W. Gardner (1 Jun)
  • neilkod: This is my histogram in awk. There are many like it but this one is mine. https://t.co/dBfzBcMM. (1 Jun)
  • spolsky: stack exchange is not your live journal. http://t.co/gF5JkpBV (1 Jun)
  • brainpicker: If you missed it ☞ Trees of Life – a visual history of evolution in 450 years of tree-like diagrams of the living world http://t.co/ItlrJBNL (1 Jun)
  • mickeynp: Are you compiling or running your code effectively in #emacs ? http://t.co/WWSSlFpW (1 Jun)
  • planetclojure: Presentation: Why Prismatic Goes Faster With Clojure http://t.co/Ky3esRF1 (1 Jun)
  • tdhopper: Turning Vim into a modern Python IDE http://t.co/HIbMRllm (1 Jun)
  • zoltanvarju: Interactive HTML presentation with R, googleVis, knitr, pandoc and slidy http://t.co/xQOD7rrA (1 Jun)

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