A bag of tweets / July 2012


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers July 2012.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • arnicas: Super - python text analysis & simple html tutorials for non-programmers http://t.co/OyfGedjU via @nypl_labs (26 Jul)
  • onethingwell: Another way to SSH into another Mac using iCloud's IPv6 network: in Terminal, choose 'New Remote Connection... http://t.co/FEFYAMUR (26 Jul)
  • moorejh: "we ask..whether the evidence provided by..Darwin..would meet empirical standards of the top journals" http://t.co/RIp111cG #theory (26 Jul)
  • portfolioprobe: R Inferno-ism: order is not rank http://t.co/7h8ouHEE #rstats (26 Jul)
  • jedisct1: Another useful, little known OSX command: sc_usage(1) - show system call usage statistics. (26 Jul)
  • jedisct1: Nice OSX command: caffeinate(8) - prevent the system from sleeping on behalf of a utility. (26 Jul)
  • planetclojure: C persistent hash map with Python bindings http://t.co/l9cK24kl (26 Jul)
  • EllieAsksWhy: Machine Learning for JavaScript Hackers by @harthvader http://t.co/V9TxUIpy via @rmetzler (26 Jul)
  • xieyihui: 20 lines of R code to (almost) reproduce @hadleywickham 's #ggplot2 website in #knitr http://t.co/iDCTgNhS (26 Jul)
  • mongodb: New MongoDB book: MongoDB with Python and Ming http://t.co/bOyFb1JC (24 Jul)
  • tisimpson: Top notch. “@Rbloggers: Faster R in Hadoop: rmr 1.3 now available: http://t.co/dL5RAdlT #rstats” (24 Jul)
  • zentree: Ecology, R, Python, Bayes. http://t.co/8cAurJsG (24 Jul)
  • gabrielflorit: Livecoding now features JSON mode. Code, style, edit data in browser window. Example from @mikedewar 's D3 book: http://t.co/ztIpaJlJ (23 Jul)
  • mongodb: Preference Pane for MongoDB: Control your Server from MacOSX http://t.co/3DbNsBrp (23 Jul)
  • boris_gorelik: numpy.take is a super-fast way of indexing #numpy arrays: http://t.co/GL8w7kaX It works with #python lists too (via @wesmckinn) (23 Jul)
  • arnicas: How LDA works w/ #rstats code RT @ariddell: A Simple Topic Model http://t.co/VYWNQNfK (new post, topic modeling tutorial) (23 Jul)
  • fonnesbeck: @johnmyleswhite Omnigraphsketcher does that for plot sketching: http://t.co/sw3FXEtK (23 Jul)
  • JeromyAnglim: New Post: Creating beamer slides with markdown and pandoc (less typing; more readable) http://t.co/KTkFc42R (23 Jul)
  • ogrisel: Expensive lessons in Python performance tuning (for data crunching) http://t.co/RVeqstFb HN comments: http://t.co/PvZrGeqa #pandas #sklearn (23 Jul)
  • hgomez: New OSX package for #OpenJDK 8 with Lambda : http://openjdk-osx-build.googlecode.com/files/OpenJDK-OSX-8-x64-lambda-jdk-b48-20120722.dmg (23 Jul)
  • mikaelhuss: #pandas #python "If you're implementing anything Wes McKinney has already put in his library pandas, just stop." http://t.co/uoTKYV0j (23 Jul)
  • doryokujin: おぉ!? / “Continuum Analytics - Python Visualization and Data Exploration” http://t.co/BgSx8r1R (23 Jul)
  • DataJunkie: Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase vs Membase vs Neo4j comparison http://t.co/7qlMraMA (22 Jul)
  • mathematicsprof: Check out some of these classic math books from the Gutenberg Project. http://t.co/lpfWE5YI (22 Jul)
  • StatModeling: New post: Optimizing software in C++: Matt3 pointed us to this helpful document by Agner Fog, “Optimizing softwa... http://t.co/rifepDXE (21 Jul)
  • Altons: Heroku Releases Free PostgreSQL App for OSX http://t.co/iW5f0seX via @zite (21 Jul)
  • reid_jf: excellent use of XML clinical data element definitions in the new #TCGA colorectal cancer study (caDSR http://t.co/bYkt4xzK) (20 Jul)
  • planetpython: Mike Driscoll: Parsing XML and Creating a PDF Invoice with Python http://t.co/afz6qV7F (19 Jul)
  • igrigorik: nicely executed.. learn shortcuts (vim, textmate, sublime, and others) with shortcutFoo: http://t.co/wC99TFtc (18 Jul)
  • Rbloggers: Create an R package in under 6 minutes: (This article was first published on Milk Trader, and kindly ... http://t.co/5ZRBCd80 #rstats (18 Jul)
  • fperez_org: A neat summary of all the ways #ipython provides access to various kinds of help, relevant #scipy2012 tutorial: http://t.co/rhPQ4lN8 (18 Jul)
  • hmCuesta: Data-driven models and statistical approaches http://t.co/L9nswddB (18 Jul)
  • neilfws: Bookmarked: Learning from our GWAS mistakes: from experimental design to scientific method http://t.co/j8IppNfZ (18 Jul)
  • Kevtech: Learn Python the Hard Way http://t.co/exdhN46D via @udemy I'm about half way done (18 Jul)
  • hnfirehose: Ggplot2 port for python: http://t.co/xTfpD5Zj (18 Jul)
  • annasob: Clock Design http://t.co/iD8orEuE @processingjs #canvas (18 Jul)
  • argv0: Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures http://t.co/VCzwzO8r via @prismatic (18 Jul)
  • SciPyTip: “Must read” papers in numerical analysis http://t.co/UBOxU4Ic (18 Jul)
  • PeterFlomStat: Some thoughts on observational studies - http://t.co/cnGi3pte (18 Jul)
  • rdpeng: I'll be teaching Computing For Data analysis this fall, a new @coursera course #compdata https://t.co/bVnbhOwy (18 Jul)
  • gaspoda: Cool: Lectures for my favourite book by David MacKay - Information Theory, Pattern Recognition: http://t.co/R52wnLDD (17 Jul)
  • jandot: L Fu - Dao: a novel programming language for bioinformatics http://t.co/vTQmhD9Q (17 Jul)
  • vgoklani: Excellent collection of iPython notebooks on machine learning (scikits-learn), with exercises in astronomy http://t.co/pAZzBKin #scipy2012 (17 Jul)
  • eagereyes: New on eagereyes: Data Display vs. Data Visualization http://t.co/Na4WOwv3 (17 Jul)
  • timelyportfolio: very nice #d3.js example with crossfilter on Nasdaq http://t.co/o2wwUYji $$ (17 Jul)
  • Viral_B_Shah: Martin Rupp on Julia sets in #julialang and parallel #julialang: http://t.co/vgOeR6pF (16 Jul)
  • Capbri: Anyone used closures in #rstats to create object-like things with methods? I'm scared of"<<-" side effects cc@HarlanH http://t.co/9dHfrTek (16 Jul)
  • vsbuffalo: Use json.tool from #Python to validate and pretty-print JSON: cat sample.json | python -mjson.tool http://t.co/j70VgDfR (16 Jul)
  • CompSciFact: Teaching data structures with real-world examples http://t.co/ZbOUthox (16 Jul)
  • genetics_blog: #ISMB #PP11 CM: references Lander paper - might need 500,000 people to detect realistic GxG http://t.co/gpfzxSVm (16 Jul)
  • dgmacarthur: Why biostatisticians are awesome: http://t.co/n2rpGzXA via @ivanoransky (16 Jul)
  • vijaykiran: Why Lisp macros are cool - http://t.co/MPmGdRNM (15 Jul)
  • timgluz: Probabilistic Data Structures for Web Analytics and Data Mining http://t.co/Tkss4299 via @ikatsov (15 Jul)
  • FGRibreau: Using nginx to avoid node.js load http://t.co/WGhHpPVY (15 Jul)
  • walkingrandomly: New interactive mathematics website based on Sage http://t.co/k8fQDmUj (15 Jul)
  • SmartTypes: modest maps -- "It's designed to be a simple platform to build upon" -- http://t.co/OYwVaSdR (15 Jul)
  • davidandrzej: Set up a simple static blog for technical stuffs using @ruhohBlog and wrote a few notes about doing so http://t.co/7Tzq7sUo (14 Jul)
  • emacs_knight: #Emacs #Lisp Cheatsheet http://t.co/2uMX7kif (14 Jul)
  • FGRibreau: Redis-stream - Streaming #redis client for node http://t.co/8u3sQcuK (14 Jul)
  • yannabraham: Ranking of multidimensional drug profiling data by fractional-adjusted bi-partitional scores http://t.co/adlFCIwA (13 Jul)
  • ogrisel: The tree modules in sklearn (random forests and GBRT) are getting some serious cython speedup by @glouppe & @mrjbq7 http://t.co/6fTkXEtE (13 Jul)
  • technomancy: Really excited to see where @kingtim is taking nrepl.el: https://t.co/4epcVpdO (13 Jul)
  • larry_parnell: A very nice paper indeed! A highly conserved #epigenetic network that underlies cognition in health and disease" http://t.co/l4kEJ5Mi (13 Jul)
  • revodavid: Reading "Prediction Quality Over Statistical Purity?" http://t.co/vMbYBptz #rstats (13 Jul)
  • vlandham: For Fun: Make Delaunay style maps like @feltron ! : http://t.co/6C6cH638 #d3js (13 Jul)
  • tdhopper: @neilkod Ah. iPython is, in part, inspired by Mathematica http://t.co/sYlttNWO (13 Jul)
  • boris_gorelik: Articles that describe practical methods to select a #machinelearning http://t.co/F3gx6d1y (interesting quora discussion) (13 Jul)
  • neilkod: giving the scipy superpack a try, want to start using iPython since seeing this https://t.co/Z7qp1q23 h/t @hmason (13 Jul)
  • freakonometrics: [free ebook] "Teach Data Science" http://t.co/ckYJVPlQ via @michellehudson @statlab (12 Jul)
  • JeffClark: Great post by @visualisingdata listing the 10 most significant visualization developments: January to June 2012 http://t.co/Jwfvp7mr (12 Jul)
  • eddelbuettel: Getting Python #numpy data into R: a much faster and more direct solution using RcppCNPy illustrated at http://t.co/5FVI7kjx #rstats #rcpp (11 Jul)
  • vsbuffalo: Playing around with d3.js to create karyogram representations of SNPs: http://t.co/Vkttv6cI Will release open source lib when more mature. (9 Jul)
  • planetclojure: Using Dojo Mobile in Clojure Noir web apps http://t.co/jAheXn5Q (9 Jul)
  • dartdog: Another Python IDE?> Python Ninja, Open source, Python, http://t.co/xieyJQJK Looks interesting (9 Jul)
  • UnixToolTip: Bash prompts http://t.co/IXJLFMbT (9 Jul)
  • ogrisel: Struck by Kaggle "why predictive accuracy isn’t more important in social science?" http://t.co/uh4dIwOw nice older post by @gregorypark (9 Jul)
  • planetclojure: Datomic with examples in Clojure http://t.co/s41m26yu (9 Jul)
  • TeXgallery: TeX Live 2012 and MacTeX 2012 have been released today, on July 8th: http://t.co/VlVGWAxc (8 Jul)
  • jedisct1: RT @igrigorik The Evolution of Lua: http://t.co/G5wZ8FQg - lots of interesting lessons"successful languages are raised rather than designed" (8 Jul)
  • swannodette: The Caves of Clojure “@stevelosh: holy shit a blog post http://t.co/X5pl5MKV” #neato (8 Jul)
  • karmiq: A fantastic book chapter on #Puppet: http://t.co/rX2hLf4R (8 Jul)
  • GreatestQuotes: "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do." - Bob Dylan (8 Jul)
  • MetaThis: Code in your browser with http://t.co/LtDIx2ML - supported languages include Lua, Scheme, Forth, Python, Ruby and more. (7 Jul)
  • alignedleft: Excellent tutorial on D3 transitions with lots of interactive examples by @jcukier published on @Visually: http://t.co/w3CJ1sEe (7 Jul)
  • Polychart: A Brief History of Data Visualization http://t.co/4SuQ55jn (7 Jul)
  • mbostock: Now with more rainbows! http://t.co/9KpoZqXQ (6 Jul)
  • sol_prog: Another year of Clojure http://t.co/9tEKr74U (6 Jul)
  • rOpenSci: Awesomeasy presentations using @github gists and a bookmarklet http://t.co/Tmv2tiPb (6 Jul)
  • ConcejeroPedro: How to write Fast R code. 12 different tricks in the tutorial to increasing the efficiency of youR code http://t.co/vFNMw6IB (5 Jul)
  • MSagebiel: "@newsycombinator: A Gentle Introduction to Algorithm Complexity Analysis http://t.co/nMNeS1dZ" via @jvonNeumann (5 Jul)
  • nodejs: also, upgrade! “@DocPad: Is anyone still using @nodejs version 0.4? Let us know: https://t.co/oK8siSJT" (5 Jul)
  • siah: "Got 15 minutes and want to learn Git?" http://t.co/EXCOfyVt (5 Jul)
  • patrickDurusau: Apache Mahout – Data Mining Class #topicmaps #Mahout #datamining - http://t.co/jkbPRe7P (5 Jul)
  • aleksj: Get rid of machine learning algorithms, start thinking modeling languages (via @zaxtax) http://t.co/l5DxmM2q (5 Jul)
  • genetics_blog: BMC #Bioinformatics: A statistical approach to selecting and confirming validation targets in -omics experiments http://t.co/ymZzDjWa (5 Jul)
  • klmr: The best Eclipse plugin ever: Eclipse Color Theme. Look, it’s almost a modern IDE now. http://t.co/EXBiWo39 (5 Jul)
  • patrickDurusau: Awesome website for #rstats Mining Twitter using R #topicmaps #r #twitter #wordcloud #visualization - http://t.co/xBKWABMU (4 Jul)
  • tmkeesey: Simple 3D globe using JS and SVG: http://t.co/soVOT0o1 (2 Jul)
  • druvus: The code behind <http://t.co/2FZYKeL5 http://t.co/SZJUp0yi> #rdf #semweb (2 Jul)
  • GeneticsUpdate: Learning population and evolutionary genetics http://t.co/Q3EqlYSn (2 Jul)
  • fperez_org: Hot on the heels of #IPython 0.13, a pure-Emacs notebook client is now in beta: http://t.co/k0eL3c7Z. Go documented protocols and formats (2 Jul)
  • StatFact: Topological data analysis http://t.co/YKLhJm1j (2 Jul)
  • nicolastorzec: Great deck about Graph Database @Neo4j and its integration with Spring Data Framework: annotations, etc. http://t.co/cJUu3Qdg - By @ajitkoti (2 Jul)
  • patrickDurusau: Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase comparison #topicmaps #NoSQL - http://t.co/JnxShUp6 (2 Jul)
  • planetclojure: Importing data to HBase http://t.co/mzZGox8Q (2 Jul)
  • triadsou: [R]JSS Vol.49 Special Volume: Graphical User Interfaces for R / “Journal of Statistical Software — Show_volume” http://t.co/fMwucOLG (1 Jul)
  • zentree: Reading Efron's 'R. A. Fisher in the 21st Century' Statistical Science 13( 2): 95—122 (1998). Nice overview. http://t.co/S6ER5HQs (1 Jul)
  • fonnesbeck: A good way to illustrate how bad linear regression is RT @aleksj: interactive linear regression http://t.co/j5ww0HIL (1 Jul)
  • jrecursive: ccv - A Modern Computer Vision Library - http://t.co/BdmzYOWd (1 Jul)
  • fperez_org: #IPython 0.13 is out! Better notebook & parallel lib, cell magics (R/Cython/Octave), 1115 issues closed... http://t.co/q3vsjd6i (1 Jul)

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