A bag of tweets / September 2012


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers September 2012.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • fonnesbeck: SCP in TextMate with idleFingers Theme: http://t.co/RXynaIgj RT @hmason: Source Code Pro, a beautiful font for coding http://t.co/mhTq1E9X (25 Sep)
  • Viral_B_Shah: ESS 12.09 (Emacs Speaks Statistics) now supports #julialang https://t.co/F0fZj0mh (25 Sep)
  • getpy: "Python Whoosh with Redis Storage," by @zohaibhassan: http://t.co/k9Pp1kJn (25 Sep)
  • UnixToolTip: Find is a beautiful tool: http://t.co/wDrhiiRV (25 Sep)
  • FGRibreau: Source-Code-Pro - Free coding font http://t.co/t0gomgmk (25 Sep)
  • gregbybee: Pushing the limits of online courses and automated grading - @Coursera launches mathematical expressions checking http://t.co/1RZm1rDU (25 Sep)
  • mbanzi: Free Open-Source Statistics Cookbook http://t.co/a3nQumlC (25 Sep)
  • genetics_blog: Nice example from @moorejh & colleagues for integrating GWAS with other omics data in beast cancer http://t.co/lPStE08t (24 Sep)
  • MongoDB: Genghis, the single-file MongoDB admin app, developed by by @bobthecow. http://t.co/FihPPjxC (24 Sep)
  • jedisct1: A script for downloading http://t.co/EN926T7P videos: https://t.co/yOn75BP2 (24 Sep)
  • johnmyleswhite: The slides for the #strangeloop workshop @drewconway and I gave on "Machine Learning for Hackers" are now on GitHub: http://t.co/QUjrD1Em (24 Sep)
  • cassandra: The first beta for Cassandra 1.2.0 is out. Read the annoucement: http://t.co/UqQCpBHD and download at http://t.co/5ljU7TdI #nosql (24 Sep)
  • wuub: SublimeREPL SBT integration demo: http://t.co/rhfoywTG @laughedelic (24 Sep)
  • Daninz88: Excellent website for learning #statistics with e-books that I'm actually using in my introductory class of my MSc. http://t.co/YEHfWCmI (24 Sep)
  • jedisct1: RT @_danmcclain: Rails 4.0 will have support for PostgreSQL arrays! Blog post with more details soon. https://t.co/GFBQRpDc (24 Sep)
  • thomaslevine: "a cross between Mutt and Gmail" https://t.co/ZXJl2r8m (24 Sep)
  • mfiguiere: "Distributed Algorithms in NoSQL Databases". Large set of Algorithms. Nicely explained. http://t.co/pIk3J4eE (24 Sep)
  • nicolastorzec: The ~40 presentations from the @Wolfram_Alpha Data Summit 2012 are available online: http://t.co/9RbqQdBG (24 Sep)
  • ogrisel: @peter_c_william see this blog post by @t3kcit and the comments: http://t.co/NXUjpyje (24 Sep)
  • peter_c_william: @ogrisel I wrote a python ngram based tweet classifier http://t.co/4kl5v3SM & I would be interested in plugging in more algorithms. (24 Sep)
  • planetclojure: 10 min emacs for clojure http://t.co/ArGoX2SR (23 Sep)
  • zentree: "Using color in R" a 2007 presentation by Earl F. Glynn (PDF). http://t.co/h0pn8NH3 (23 Sep)
  • mbostock: The new #d3js map projection work by @jasondavies is truly impressive. http://t.co/CtrZ76Fi http://t.co/67E2U5vm http://t.co/XNzEJkRg (23 Sep)
  • msgbi: Functional Programming Principles in Scala: First Impressions http://t.co/OtniRYEY guardian (21 Sep)
  • crnixon: Just posted how to easily use Datomic from Ruby on the @thinkrelevance blog: http://t.co/1xbpr52K. Travel through time in Ruby style! (21 Sep)
  • MongoDB: Blog rolling with MongoDB, express and Node.js http://t.co/hse1DwOC (21 Sep)
  • VisualizingOrg: Check out Visualizing's most popular #dataviz of the week: http://t.co/Gx05Nrkp, http://t.co/Q5lh0A7t, and http://t.co/U4srIgPh (21 Sep)
  • onethingwell: shelr - shelr allows you to record/replay and publish your terminal on http://t.co/vVTezn50. http://t.co/zb4i1oyo (21 Sep)
  • NodeUp: The new NodeUp is up. It's great, go listen to it! http://t.co/gMg6wxw3 (21 Sep)
  • sgsfak: #bayesian #curseofdimensionality #regularization MT @StatModeling: Building a regression model with only 27 data points http://t.co/uTAnSBCQ (21 Sep)
  • planetclojure: Episode 8: Phil Hagelberg; empowering userspace in Heroku, Leiningen, and Emacs http://t.co/7GcY2PV7 (21 Sep)
  • Stata: Statistics with #Stata: Version 12, Eighth Edition, by Lawrence C. Hamilton now shipping! See the table of contents at http://t.co/d19nQPad (21 Sep)
  • tillnm: Great tutorials by @vlandham on visualizations http://t.co/Lm8IIEsv (21 Sep)
  • cgrand: New blog post on extensible macros http://t.co/ix0XcSnl #clojure (21 Sep)
  • WolframResearch: Videos and notebooks from last month's Mathematica Experts Live: One-Liner Competition are now available Watch today! http://t.co/YddlTSLP (20 Sep)
  • hylopsar: very useful - was struggling with this recently! How to use your favorite fonts in #Rstats charts: http://t.co/9rP9nGHh (20 Sep)
  • NatureBiotech: New paper in Nature presents atlas of gene expression in the human brain. http://t.co/HTTRkomz #nbtHighlight (20 Sep)
  • stefanjudis: 7 HTML5 features that you may not know #html5 #future http://t.co/xjNRcFAR (20 Sep)
  • TempoDB: Great write-ups on using Arduino + TempoDB + Cubism.js by @iwantmyrealname #1 http://t.co/qtOcpNnv and #2 http://t.co/m3XdpFwh (20 Sep)
  • mathieuen: Excellent PhD thesis on structured prediction by André Martins http://t.co/DCIvxYBM (20 Sep)
  • moorejh: A new online tool for locating peer reviewers - blog post from @biomedcentral http://t.co/B6KjmCa5 #publishing (20 Sep)
  • EmacsRocks: EmacsRocks episode 12 is out: Working with HTML. http://t.co/rZjpbpAH Only 1 min 54 seconds, so you've got the time. Enjoy :-) (20 Sep)
  • stefanjudis: Good article about scope and variables in #javascript. very good to understand the basics. http://t.co/186RhtjK (20 Sep)
  • stefanjudis: That's cool. Todo list inside of #sublime. Nicer way to manage todos inside of a project. #useful http://t.co/KAhIEa7v (20 Sep)
  • FGRibreau: [Pdf] An Investigation into the Applicability of Node.js as a Platform for Web Services http://t.co/ljWszJaE (19 Sep)
  • moorejh: This piece about #bigdata makes some good points about the value of expert knowledge in #datamining and #datascience http://t.co/JKPim2VL (19 Sep)
  • blattnerma: Learning mixtures of spherical Gaussians: moment methods and spectral decompositions #machinelearning #ML http://t.co/HOtNekdd (19 Sep)
  • Rbloggers: Automatic drug utilization reports with R and ggplot2: (This article was first published on John Marq... http://t.co/TliKjpoz #rstats (19 Sep)
  • jaybmart: #Javascript best practices http://t.co/Hkqp1ZCw (19 Sep)
  • jaybmart: Why can't programming #javascript on the command line be easier? It can. http://t.co/DJ3un6LH (19 Sep)
  • jsteeleeditor: A sea-change in attitude about data in healthcare is coming. @timoreilly and @rogerm discuss: http://t.co/VYtFE1uT #strataconf #StrataRx (18 Sep)
  • Biff_Bruise: "@jonathandrummey New post for Drawing With Numbers: Design Notes on the Health Coverage Viz: http://t.co/L7HzodYh" great insights (18 Sep)
  • Biff_Bruise: RT @datalicious Data Visualization - The New Art Of Understanding | GreenBook http://t.co/I8V4q9sg (18 Sep)
  • xieyihui: a lovely analysis of an adorable baby: http://t.co/eEhMvyju (sleep, diapers, feedings) #ggplot2 #rstats #knitr (18 Sep)
  • wesmckinn: This is #winning RT @github: Introducing the Command Bar - https://t.co/c7PxItml (18 Sep)
  • cyrillerossant: New post: 2D graphics rendering tutorial with #PyOpenGL http://t.co/EHyxyrG5 #opengl #python #qt #pyqt (18 Sep)
  • JanWillemTulp: FINAL MENTION! Personal project 'Close Votes' is live! http://t.co/ahRtJGyy http://t.co/FaR2AvHm #dataviz #d3js #tk2012 (17 Sep)
  • moebio: I published a new project! it's an interactive 7 sets Venn diagram http://t.co/Riq4SHOD (17 Sep)
  • jon_lazaro: Great free books (under free licenses! ;-) ) about computer science (statistics, programming...) at http://t.co/sJi33VQh (17 Sep)
  • dmkharlamov: @awiltsch Quite good book available under Creative Commons license: https://t.co/FCjBNMka (16 Sep)
  • SublimeTxtTips: Write your next screenplay with Fountain and Sublime Text: http://t.co/gqy9JFrW #sublimetext (16 Sep)
  • climagic: du -h . | grep "^[0-9.]+G" # # Find out which of your directories(below the current directory) occupy at least 1GB of space. Thx @xMorgawr (16 Sep)
  • msgbi: Little-Known Awesome Algorithms: Fenwick Range Trees – Rapidly Find Cumulative Frequency Sums | Swageroo Algorithms http://t.co/BIhrhIk3 (16 Sep)
  • emilopezcano: The Statistical Sleuth In R. http://t.co/OwSZtrYH Great #rstats resource (16 Sep)
  • stefanjudis: Pro's and Con's about #css preprocessors. nice little article... http://t.co/eGmxwUXD (13 Sep)
  • jrecursive: Prior Knowledge - Veritable - a cloud-based predictive database for your structured tabular data - https://t.co/FcKHJFLC +1 (13 Sep)
  • zoltanvarju: Association and concordance measures | (R news & tutorials) http://t.co/bSF1gDj4 (13 Sep)
  • Stata: The program for the 2012 Italian #Stata Users Group meeting in Bologna, Sept 20-21, has been posted! http://t.co/4qpTLHGw (13 Sep)
  • Biff_Bruise: "@miller7: "Biohacking" #Healthcare http://t.co/EYJOjdGM" a thought-provoking read (13 Sep)
  • Biff_Bruise: "@visualisingdata Coming soon... ‘Data Visualization: a successful design process’ (my first book) http://t.co/XalHSzVQ" my list grows (12 Sep)
  • zoltanvarju: How to check your package with R-devel | (R news & tutorials) http://t.co/ClEe6uPc (12 Sep)
  • macdab: nice dataset from mypersonality with 5 factor model including some social data http://t.co/xt7uv3Hw #recsys2012 @johnbreslin @BadmotorF (12 Sep)
  • hadleywickham: a read only mirror of #rstats source on github: https://t.co/0182EBkG. great way to see what's going on (11 Sep)
  • th3james: Postgres 9.2 is out, includes support for returning results as JSON http://t.co/4tVjNULA (11 Sep)
  • timgluz: Add JS libraries via cmd-line manager Bower- http://t.co/UHhdqJYL , kind-a ruby gem for js-libraries. #good (10 Sep)
  • Altons: Python: A Tool for the Practical Data Scientist http://t.co/S9Q5Y4dL via @zite (10 Sep)
  • bbatsov: And another short article - this time on guru-mode for #emacs http://t.co/vuKAbD6L (10 Sep)
  • mbostock: Need a Winkel triple projection? There's a plugin for that. http://t.co/9ej19FO5 (9 Sep)
  • ProgrammerWorld: PostgreSQL vs MySQL: An apples to oranges comparison http://t.co/CHszGRyj (9 Sep)
  • moximer: Self portraits on every drug known to man (less a few) http://t.co/Kpo9PngO (8 Sep)
  • jrnld: Tried the new #ggplot2 theme system. Wrote #economist, #Solarized, and Stata themes. http://t.co/Zv0fTO8e #rstats (8 Sep)
  • TWiecki: Kabuki 0.3 released: https://t.co/PLpFQm4U Flexible model creation engine for Hierarchical Bayesian models in PyMC #scipy #bayesian (7 Sep)
  • stefanjudis: That looks nice. Use #unix commands in #nodejs scripts. Note to myself. Try it. :) http://t.co/Q2Aumf2B (7 Sep)
  • alignedleft: I don’t have a need for a D3-based parallel coordinates toolkit, but I wish I did: http://t.co/1Ee5kbSz by @syntagmatic (7 Sep)
  • jcukier: 2nd mention for my blog post "getting to hello world with d3" http://t.co/nNAjnA6c. a tutorial that stops before most tutorials start. (5 Sep)
  • t3kcit: Some thoughts and comments on the scikit-learn 0.12 release http://t.co/OthyjmYv (5 Sep)
  • suzicatherine: @tomstafford Games like this one http://t.co/3TAoUfGj - there's also visual coding like Scratch http://t.co/Yr4BnCGK (5 Sep)
  • jedisct1: Oh, the W3C released the HTML specs on Github: https://t.co/bHXm3qmP (5 Sep)
  • zoltanvarju: Solr vs. ElasticSearch: Part 2 – Data Handling « Sematext Blog http://t.co/S1O54EHL (5 Sep)
  • zoltanvarju: Model checking and model understanding in machine learning http://t.co/jBhos5IT (5 Sep)
  • REAS: Done! The code examples on the #Processing site are in #JavaScript with @processing.js: http://t.co/43kIkrMc http://t.co/2pzui8gC (5 Sep)
  • SublimeTxtTips: RT @simon_w RT @duncn: Another great SublimeText article: http://t.co/Wrbdr4F6 (5 Sep)
  • DrP_stuff: An OWL powered GWAS browser http://t.co/qkJrIglU (use chrome or safari) (5 Sep)
  • RickWicklin: Today is the 2nd anniversary of my #statistics blog. Some of my most popular posts: http://t.co/h7NBpRnM #sastip (5 Sep)
  • ben_fry: Processing 2.0 beta 1 has arrived! http://t.co/jtgijsJ3 and the damage here: http://t.co/jGRH5ZSN> (4 Sep)
  • DouglasAngulo: Logit Models for Binary Data: http://t.co/U0xSdzeI (4 Sep)
  • SciPyTip: Latest edition of A Month of Mathematical Software http://t.co/EshQzvQE (3 Sep)
  • gilleti: PDF: Introduction to Machine Learning by Ethem Alpaydin http://t.co/GnthB9bE (3 Sep)
  • jaybmart: Probabilistic many-to-many relationships using bloom filters http://t.co/tYWxvNSd (3 Sep)
  • lizardbill: Top 10 Algorithms of the 20th Century [PDF] http://t.co/XeMp5fS6 (3 Sep)
  • hgascon: Evolution of a Python programmer.py https://t.co/WcTany3K (3 Sep)
  • mathieuen: Some interesting lessons when designing machine learning software by Pr. Lin, of libsvm fame http://t.co/PonfFI2e (second half) (2 Sep)
  • communicating: Graph-Tool: A very efficient Python module for manipulation and statistical analysis of graphs. http://t.co/ODh0NJbM (2 Sep)
  • tjholowaychuk: manipulate CSS in any way you can imagine using "rework"! https://t.co/BQ6VK3Sz - #nodejs #js #css (2 Sep)
  • meskyanichi: This is pretty cool. Same To-Do app written in a bunch of different JS frameworks for comparison. http://t.co/hvHkMonO (2 Sep)
  • DrBunsen: Sweet, command line gists. Installs via brew: https://t.co/RulDOReA (2 Sep)
  • planet_lisp: Steve Goss: Beautiful Quicksort in Common Lisp http://t.co/GrQKQTEq (2 Sep)
  • planetclojure: Noir tutorial - part 5 http://t.co/M4QKf8CX (1 Sep)
  • fperez_org: @ctitusbrown new IPython project, just haven't had the time to advertise it; code here: https://t.co/RT65Sbxn. (1 Sep)
  • zentree: "Run a remote #Rstats session in emacs". I deeply dislike emacs but this may work to access the supercomputer. http://t.co/MWFepEOz (1 Sep)
  • fonnesbeck: Laptops before and after the MacBook Air http://t.co/j0Yc3jlu \ if I were an engineer at any of these companies, I'd be embarrassed. (1 Sep)
  • fonnesbeck: New Bios301 home page: Introduction to Statistical Computing http://t.co/ZkVXQKnE (1 Sep)
  • brendan642: Stan 1.0 (an MCMC framework from the Columbia folks) is released! Looks pretty impressive from the 188 page manual. http://t.co/HApG1H0U (1 Sep)
  • irr: Condition Handling for Non-Lispers http://t.co/ZAvBnfcY (1 Sep)

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