A bag of tweets / December 2012


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers December 2012.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • FGRibreau: Cubesviewer - OLAP Visual Viewer and Explore Tool #python #webapp http://t.co/I8G6e3Tq (25 Dec)
  • CompSciFact: Static and Dynamic Semantics of NoSQL Languages http://t.co/BCRXA8Ok via @headinthebox (25 Dec)
  • jjgibaja: Data Science is not for everyone http://t.co/PAKFxiHH (via @freakonometrics ) (25 Dec)
  • MiquelNoguer: Four assumptions of multiple regression that researchers should always test http://t.co/Bv9aWnOa (25 Dec)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: "No Free Lunch" Theorems in Machine-Learning: http://t.co/7V8QLmrm (25 Dec)
  • freakonometrics: "six influential econometric textbooks in terms of causal concepts" http://t.co/nIX29sar via http://t.co/UKPJGg2K (25 Dec)
  • boris_gorelik: Multiple additive regression trees (MART) http://t.co/HYPjWlf6 another ensemble approach to regression and classification #datascience (25 Dec)
  • QuestAnswers: Mapping psychiatric disorders can be used to quantify the distances among disorders http://t.co/KKbfvGnN A good idea.. http://t.co/kNukZe2w (24 Dec)
  • JustGlowing: http://t.co/YFd0853k statistics vs machine learning (24 Dec)
  • iCodeiExist: #GPGPU Accelerated Database - #PostgreSQL wiki http://t.co/W7LoDUIh (24 Dec)
  • gilleti: write a calculator in 50 python lines http://t.co/vEbTtAaI (23 Dec)
  • zentree: Quick explanation of DNA sequencing. http://t.co/igTc7UBC http://t.co/g74cssbO (23 Dec)
  • hmason: cute graphing hack: http://t.co/mLhx1zXN (23 Dec)
  • boris_gorelik: Measuring associations between non-numeric variables http://t.co/IlK6wTYz #datascience #statistics #R (23 Dec)
  • slendrmeans: Post on ML for Hackers chapter 2: logistic regression with @statsmodels and formulas in #python. http://t.co/pF8QlRJY (20 Dec)
  • hmCuesta: Currently reading: Web-Based Visualization Part 1: The D3.js Key Concept by Stephen A Thomas http://t.co/desLfmJC (20 Dec)
  • timelyportfolio: Method: Data visualization with D3.js and python - part 1 - Next Genetics http://t.co/inHJIV54 (20 Dec)
  • A5HOK: Compare machine learning algorithms at http://t.co/8sGxPY4B via @StatFact (20 Dec)
  • johnmyleswhite: Here's a nice roundup of resources for learning about ML from @mgershoff: http://t.co/ANNeItwP (20 Dec)
  • mja: How programmers read code, an experiment being conducted with an eye tracker. http://t.co/CXJ80liH (19 Dec)
  • genetics_blog: Cool: In-browser online collaborative #LaTeX editor with realtime preview https://t.co/Vhchn17G @myen (18 Dec)
  • SeanTAllen: "A Practical Tour of #Clojure Web Development" => http://t.co/VcwO1zN1 (18 Dec)
  • siah: In 2013, Learn Data Science via Coursera http://t.co/r5fIgyfY (16 Dec)
  • smdiehl: Reimagining matrices: http://t.co/fqYOlH7y #math (16 Dec)
  • lispmeister: Mailbox for iPhone: a next-generation email app inspired by Sparrow and Clear http://t.co/8hxAQ03h via @prismatic (14 Dec)
  • emacs_knight: Quick and dirty code folding in Emacs http://t.co/1ADGPRuz (14 Dec)
  • patrickDurusau: D3 Tips and Tricks #topicmaps #graphics #d3 - http://t.co/mNNQn4p1 (14 Dec)
  • zentree: "Multisite, multivariate genetic analysis: simulation and analysis" using #Rstats in Quantum Forest. http://t.co/rcMm1W4V (14 Dec)
  • nodejs: Flickr is using Node and Redis to deliver real-time notifications http://t.co/e1V78Dte (14 Dec)
  • i_314: SEURAT Great #rstats @Bioconductor app for Bioinformatics. It uses Rserve which is also great for web dev app with R. http://t.co/6LcS0fA6 (14 Dec)
  • geospacedman: @walkingrandomly That's two mad ideas for me before 9am. Number one was an idea to be able to run R in the browser via https://t.co/wY7bw0Ja (11 Dec)
  • emilopezcano: Promising #rstats book http://t.co/CGaqYamI (O.O before on google books than in safari books) (11 Dec)
  • BioMedCentral: RT @matt_landau: For data mining and semantically-enriched searching, @BioMedCentral's Cases Database launches today - http://t.co/vXARGXlo (11 Dec)
  • bus_kanaka: ClojureScript fork https://t.co/KUMWGjtV now supports macros! (no predefined Clojure macros yet). Try onlline REPL: http://t.co/4N3TgN0Q (8 Dec)
  • emacs_knight: Exploring Emacs https://t.co/WmEdMQmf (8 Dec)
  • gappy3000: Matlab, R, Julia (and Python) for data analysis. Advice: You better know all 4. http://t.co/QcxgSchs (8 Dec)
  • martinmev: pmtk3 - probabilistic modeling toolkit for Matlab/Octave, version 3 http://t.co/8CuDlFUO (8 Dec)
  • getpy: Ramp - a python module for rapid prototyping of machine learning solutions: http://t.co/egtlz0fA (8 Dec)
  • freakonometrics: "Hierarchical linear models and lmer, with R" http://t.co/5gtHrgyY (8 Dec)
  • freakonometrics: "visualizing ranked Likert-scale data, with R" http://t.co/RFNR8LQQ http://t.co/YukMQ6Ob (8 Dec)
  • GaelVaroquaux: RT @astrobiased Cool discussion to visualising uncertainty with Matplotlib (and scikit-learn) http://t.co/PakrhYor #pythonrocks #sklearn (8 Dec)
  • n0mad_0: wow, Guido moves from Google to Dropbox http://t.co/BQuuOC6N (8 Dec)
  • timgluz: "An astonishing machine learning book: intuitive, full of examples, fun to read but still comprehensive, strong&deep!" http://t.co/fJgshbU3 (8 Dec)
  • ThomasCabrol: graph-tool an efficient python module for graph processing http://t.co/a9Mhata8 via @prismatic @dataiku (8 Dec)
  • leonpalafox: Just an amazing visualization of some of the people related to Data Science and Machine Learning on Twitter http://t.co/kJR0P7iH (7 Dec)
  • timelyportfolio: Reconstruct Gene Networks Using #Shiny http://t.co/pVPCZLOm Finally #rstats and #d3 Will try to apply to finance (7 Dec)
  • revodavid: Learn R by trying R: http://t.co/BBOSl6L7 #rstats (6 Dec)
  • zoltanvarju: Visual Data http://t.co/9Pp7DArl via @prismatic (5 Dec)
  • eagereyes: Hichert's good and bad examples are great too. He's the German Stephen Few. English: http://t.co/deFwGPOj - German: http://t.co/K3Me7wZ6 (5 Dec)
  • onethingwell: MenuMate - MenuMate displays a copy of an app’s menu bar items whenever you want, right next to the cursor.... http://t.co/hqWbdFYJ (5 Dec)
  • aria42: My answer to How does Prismatic work? http://t.co/Faa8vV24 (5 Dec)
  • bradfordcross: . @aria42 answers - how does @Prismatic work, anyway? http://t.co/WEYE2uBQ (5 Dec)
  • vagabondjack: Inventory of data visualization techniques, with, critically, links to tools capable of creating each. http://t.co/bnJIe9KP (5 Dec)
  • silParacchini: genomics and diseases through data analysis: http://t.co/L7cxVWIs (5 Dec)
  • drewconway: More the virtues of statistical programming, which is lang independent: Programming in R, your new best friend? http://t.co/A394VTy3 #rstats (5 Dec)
  • robjhyndman: Collaborating with LaTeX and git http://t.co/2RywIiJe (5 Dec)
  • zentree: "Will it Python?" Machine Learning for Hackers in #Python. http://t.co/eaNOANdN (5 Dec)
  • zentree: Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Workshops. Materials for 2011 http://t.co/BXzAF968 and 2012 http://t.co/fomjrHJe (5 Dec)
  • shiffman: #natureofcode being ported to #openframeworks https://t.co/yknK6M0u (5 Dec)
  • hmason: Must Have Git Aliases: Advanced Examples http://t.co/vVNl3sw6 (via @adamlaiacano) (4 Dec)
  • jebyrnes: A general and simple method for obtaining R^2 from generalized linear mixed-effects models http://t.co/MHZfR9ur (4 Dec)
  • olinhyde: Interesting blog by @PaulMineiro. Machined Learnings: Model Complexity, Data Resources, and Computational Constraints http://t.co/15iDEW0V (4 Dec)
  • ziyuang: New static blog generator for the hacker in all of us → http://t.co/QCewVph0 #ruhoh (4 Dec)
  • heroku: Dart, Erlang, R & more. Check out our latest list of Heroku buildpacks: http://t.co/BLVC8tbJ (4 Dec)
  • neilfws: Italian Bio R Day 2012 - Slides on Reproducible Research using R and Bioconductor http://t.co/j45ifNqd (4 Dec)
  • mbostock: It's important to have ASCII art for your topology tests… https://t.co/64zS5ltU (4 Dec)
  • jeffreyhorner: It's time for a change: a shiny #rstats one http://t.co/vxYgFeWd (3 Dec)
  • cemerick: "Nippy is an attempt to provide a drop-in, high-performance alternative to the [Clojure] reader." http://t.co/WTChuW4S (3 Dec)
  • JanWillemTulp: Can't wait! "@acotgreave: @albertocairo we announced a 2013 release date for Tableau on a Mac. It will make MANY MANY people happy!" (3 Dec)
  • DataJunkie: Improving your Python Productivity http://t.co/N5BKI28R (3 Dec)
  • shiffman: Candidate release for print now available as PDF: <http://t.co/vrogJ2i0. Download and take 48 hrs to review for errors! https://t.co/BcyKxBSq (3 Dec)
  • StatFact: The world of machine learning, statistics, data mining etc according to @mattstat http://t.co/XxSixQSA (3 Dec)
  • StatFact: The State of Statistics in Julia http://t.co/rzXOZWWf by @johnmyleswhite (3 Dec)
  • msgbi: iSICP 1.1 - The Elements of Programming http://t.co/u7AjKV4H (3 Dec)
  • ResearchBlogs: The continuous nature of autism symptoms http://t.co/6F7QJgmz (2 Dec)
  • gappy3000: The Chandrasekaran et al. paper on gaussian graphical models, with discussions, in one convenient pdf http://t.co/9RemUF8i (2 Dec)

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