A bag of tweets / May 2013


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers May 2013.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • _inundata: Excited to see @xieyihui’s knitr book finally out on Amazon. http://t.co/7p5Emwtao8 #rstats (29 May)
  • webbedfeet: Interactive Network Exploration with Orange http://t.co/OQxUUMHUzI #pydata #datadc (29 May)
  • _inundata: Check out this fantastic map of NYC bike share. http://t.co/IAtMRUEn4R built using R + D3 + Leaflet by @ramnath_vaidya (29 May)
  • shayhowe: Mr. @chriscoyier has beautifully written up a Sass Style Guide. Thanks Chris! http://t.co/xarwfj1ObI (29 May)
  • jakevdp: A fun little #Python animation example. Can you figure out the trick? http://t.co/biByC72pxa (29 May)
  • msgbi: Stanford offers free “Statistics in Medicine” course, starting June 11 | Scope Blog http://t.co/bcgY7FcB39 (29 May)
  • JustGlowing: Great blog about working with Political Science Data (very interesting Python examples!) by @johnb30 http://t.co/bBtgGPb9yh (29 May)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: MGL Common Lisp machine learning library http://t.co/JW5vA1tcxl (29 May)
  • googleresearch: Register today for Mapping w/ Google, our latest online course built on Course Builder http://t.co/QSIAQOffyN (29 May)
  • dysinger: new haskell-platform now finally on ghc 7.6.3! http://t.co/NFfYoJY3jT (29 May)
  • ramnath_vaidya: mages' blog: Interactive presentation with slidify and googleVis http://t.co/oCilGhZntX (29 May)
  • irr: Building LISP http://t.co/vKvYWxTqYZ (28 May)
  • lucaborger: What does the NYT use to visualize data? R, of course :-) http://t.co/w4SpOrHeoT HT @revodavid @KevinQ @nytgraphics @EdwardTufte #rstats (27 May)
  • planetclojure: Testing against different Clojure versions: Order matters! http://t.co/CWE48xZsUY (27 May)
  • siah: One Page R: A Survival Guide to Data Science with R http://t.co/hWEABw6Sw6 #rstats (27 May)
  • moorejh: Orange 2.7: major update to visual #programming environment http://t.co/sKluKr2Y3b #datamining #machinelearning #bioinformatics (27 May)
  • jebyrnes: Spatial correlograms in #rstats: a mini overview http://t.co/D6wqjmcxsr (24 May)
  • Bill_Gardner: The new consensus among psychologists about IQ and genetics. http://t.co/oGqi3xwdAT @InequalitiesBlg (24 May)
  • kwbroman: I got my “many box plots” #d3js visualization working with @rhealthvis https://t.co/yw7BYMb3wZ (24 May)
  • burnsstat: An R debugging example http://t.co/Q1cCrAqJeT #rstats (21 May)
  • mja: British Psychological Society hackathon to create an open textbook on psychology research methods http://t.co/HMg9WGRI7M (20 May)
  • jedisct1: Statistical Formulas For Programmers http://t.co/7L5aZMMLdg (20 May)
  • yoavram: @jrossibarra try http://t.co/H6RQNujJiE a markdown editor aimed at scientists (20 May)
  • xach: Cool #lisp live coding session in ClozureCL at http://t.co/7fDbmuMOUX (via openmcl-devel mailing list) (18 May)
  • statslabdublin: Use PRESS, not R squared to judge predictive power of regression (by Theophano Mitsa) http://t.co/TkiepT8Xye (18 May)
  • bitcraftlab: How to turn ANY Drawing into a Mathematical Function? @Wolfram_Alpha reveals the code: http://t.co/i0xRiGCYiy #mathematica (18 May)
  • dreckbaerfrau: Buffer is a Killer App for Social Media Management http://t.co/2ErjE1I5rE (15 May)
  • eddelbuettel: Exciting new ESS release 13.05 is out: http://t.co/ZPsmWJTXqY -- and I just pushed out the Debian package. #rstats #emacs (15 May)
  • LaTeXTemplates: New #LaTeX template for a conference poster, check it out here: http://t.co/C4OwgdQx5P (15 May)
  • Parietal_INRIA: Brain functional parcellations with multi-subject dictionary learning: resting-state regions atlas download http://t.co/ajb4gGDHo1 (15 May)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: Few online books on Standard ML http://t.co/KNK8nlD9Vk (14 May)
  • fperez_org: Thrilled to see more books w/ computational content as IPython notebooks: 2nd Ed. @SocialWebMining by @ptwobrussell http://t.co/56giCSjcqw (14 May)
  • revodavid: Missed any of last month's #rstats stories at the Revolutions blog? Catch up in the April roundup: http://t.co/xFrxqfjzjo (14 May)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: Scala School! From ∅ to Distributed Service: http://t.co/OOp3tT56fz by @twitter (14 May)
  • neilfws: What Patients Say Works for Anxiety http://t.co/yqToVzLJIh (14 May)
  • stefanjudis: I released version 0.2.5 of cushion-cli. A command line tool for your #couchdb. User commands are documented now, too. #cli (14 May)
  • github: Jekyll turns 1.0 https://t.co/XKKM1Q1VI6 (13 May)
  • coursera: 5 tips from the Coursera Pedagogy team on how to learn more effectively through the principles of "Mastery Learning". http://t.co/l7CuC30rWs (13 May)
  • Rbloggers: Living it up with computational errors: (This article was first published on Burns Statistics » R... http://t.co/5a8dJicQeb #rstats (13 May)
  • ptaoussanis: #Postgresql 9.3b1 is out with indexed regex search and lots more. http://t.co/wCl78ZMSx1 Stunning software - hugely underutilized. (13 May)
  • AndyFarke: Desktop @figshare uploader now available for Mac--and more importantly, Linux! #OpenScience http://t.co/7EJNe5ioUs (13 May)
  • jakevdp: A quick hack to embed #matplotlib animations in #IPython notebooks: http://t.co/k1LTwAHSHz (13 May)
  • rtse999: 75% of #Hadoop use is for ETL & archiving - not analytics via @rww @mjasay http://t.co/wCKdNxoZlQ (13 May)
  • tomroud: Very interesting PNAS essay by Mark Ptnashe on misconcepts in the definition of "epigenetics" http://t.co/zTo4mB6RW9 (13 May)
  • jonclayden: @johnros2013 Fish (http://t.co/Lwskbtaxpr) is well worth a look too. The 2.0 release is imminent, but I've been using it for months (12 May)
  • siah: Andrew Ng's secret page for Deep Learning and Machine Learning http://t.co/BWWgwdmPpL (12 May)
  • siah: Caltech's Machine Learning Course "Neural Networks" http://t.co/8pqEEemZEh (12 May)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: Understanding matrices intuitively: eigenvalues and eigenvectors http://t.co/YG3dmRRp8V (12 May)
  • zentree: "Frequentist, Bayesian, and why I don't care" by Ben Klemens. http://t.co/0k6PKWYt7g (12 May)
  • Piboonrungroj: FREE #Econometrics textbook by Hansen from #Wisconsin http://t.co/fHqr19yBq2 @Rstats4Econ @CMSEcon #econ #Econometrics #Economics (11 May)
  • vsbuffalo: Nice introduction to why you should use zsh over bash (especially on OS X): http://t.co/JBnjwdu80W (11 May)
  • slendrmeans: @johnmyleswhite @vgoklani @seanjtaylor This inspired a quick blog post: longer than a tweet but similarly half-assed. http://t.co/C84OVsS65X (11 May)
  • cemerick: nREPL 0.2.3 released; great bug-fixes all contributed by @trptcolin! He's on FIRE https://t.co/l4F6uASPXz #clojure (11 May)
  • webbedfeet: Noam Ross | FasteR! HigheR! StrongeR! - A Guide to Speeding Up R Code for Busy People http://t.co/4iPNSz0qlL #datadc (11 May)
  • michaelaye: Showing some Python power to investigate gender equality in articles of last week's New York Times. http://t.co/Ju4yzGaG80 (11 May)
  • DrBunsen: This is beautiful functional programming. Computer the ith quantile using deterministic selection. http://t.co/Nqll16C7bv (10 May)
  • HerokuPostgres: Get more insight into your database with pg-extras – http://t.co/8IPGfHErll (10 May)
  • kwbroman: I don't want to become annoying but: Blog: Tutorials on git/github and GNU make http://t.co/REBC0f8eKF (10 May)
  • datomic_team: Excision in Datomic: http://t.co/B7kjAM5EMz (10 May)
  • DataWL: Healthcare Innovations Through Big Data: What can healthcare learn from the big data of financi... http://t.co/bW6HLAWmyf #bigdata #data (10 May)
  • michaelaye: For the Python hackers that also blog. http://t.co/k0UMgkBMMe (10 May)
  • Philip_A_Martin: New blog post on using #metafor and #ggplot2 together for meta-analysis #rstats http://t.co/GjTyinjhWR (10 May)
  • kwbroman: A minimal tutorial on git and @github, to help my collaborators get started. http://t.co/bXKlrHYXT4 (10 May)
  • ErgoEmacs: Emacs: tips for max/fullscreen users http://t.co/hTOTRip05E . (10 May)
  • kbradnam: “@unixandperl: An occasional reminder that our 175-page ‘Unix & Perl Primer for Biologists’ is completely free http://t.co/UN3J5aJ3GN” (10 May)
  • vsbuffalo: Another good article on p-values, with this gem: "God loves the .06 nearly as much as the .05." http://t.co/Jw2lS04Gnb Journals sure don't. (9 May)
  • jatorre: Did you know you can do dynamic graphs with CartoDB and D3? The Policy Climate http://t.co/tP4gE6Bm8u http://t.co/bkgH0pwBTu (9 May)
  • ThembeK: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data http://t.co/2xN0KVuP85 (9 May)
  • JanWillemTulp: good overview of #dataviz papers at #CHI 2013 by @filwd http://t.co/Qr7UD0tKK0 (9 May)
  • inningPalmer: RT @ds_ldn: The latest 4th edition of "Algorithms" is now free online http://t.co/e1iq4DFMHL (9 May)
  • richmanmax: Just learned about Vega for quick json d3 #dataviz: http://t.co/VrAHjZTH5V also for #python: https://t.co/IBv2gDaH8v via @datastories (9 May)
  • jimweirich: Whoa! Missed this yesterday. RubyMotion is now at 2.0! And supports Mac OSX. http://t.co/pw5iVa36CG (9 May)
  • AaronNeinstein: Due tomorrow: Apply to collaborate with @patientslikeme on new patient-reported outcome measures. http://t.co/qhuLx7Pbfk (9 May)
  • revodavid: Lasso and elastic-net regularization in R: Prof Trevor Hastie presents the glmnet package (video) http://t.co/H1vMJnmJZb #rstats (9 May)
  • genetics_blog: Very nice post on the beauty of #Bioconductor by @vsbuffalo http://t.co/d1dfPuS9VL #Rstats (9 May)
  • jedisct1: RT @spara: d3.js examples all on one page http://t.co/mfuXyBvPWx (9 May)
  • simplystats: A Shiny web app to find out how much medical procedures cost in your state. http://t.co/SVdyXWrZuL (9 May)
  • climagic: Tip by @rythie: pick up where you left off, put "echo $PWD > ~/.pwd" in .bash_logout and "OLDPWD=$(cat ~/.pwd)" in .bashrc, then "cd -" (9 May)
  • pbrane: Talk about "ensemble learning": many custom recommenders -> a more general purpose solution? http://t.co/thl0KDVMm8 via @prismatic (9 May)
  • jakeporway: Open Data Stack Exchange is now open in Beta! (invites still needed) http://t.co/qUaN5gUfim #data (8 May)
  • msgbi: RT @newsycombinator: Learn SQL, dammit http://t.co/cDgMx9AjZv (8 May)
  • kdnuggets: Kaggle Competition and Tutorial: Facial Keypoints Detection http://t.co/S1uh12tZzQ (8 May)
  • rOpenSci: Check out our new documentation page for the rebi package: http://t.co/zXu8NnT9vt (8 May)
  • stochastician: Well hello sexy! http://t.co/lPYKeZJ0eV (8 May)
  • mistertim: If you're a programmer and wish you knew more mathematics, look at Jeremy Kun (@mathprogramming)'s amazing primers: http://t.co/LGYv8OZTNw (8 May)
  • Biff_Bruise: MT @sarahkliff: Our amazing graphics team has put together a host of awesome ways to explore the new health data. http://t.co/3wew5kdrug (8 May)
  • mathematicsprof: E. Harrell & J Herod from Georgia Tech have put their excellent book, Linear Methods in Applied Math, online > http://t.co/5XonDSnnVI (8 May)
  • patrickDurusau: RP Visualising associations between paired `omics' data sets #topicmaps #bioinformatics #omics - http://t.co/j2UNDbYUdT (8 May)
  • Symcat: Growing ‘App’etite for Mobile Health. Have you tried Symcat yet? http://t.co/tlbZIc0o27 (7 May)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: New post: Levenshtein Distance http://t.co/ize65Fn8mE (7 May)
  • kdnuggets: The Shape of Data, presents an intuitive introduction to data analysis algorithms from the geometric perspective http://t.co/VX5TvvClY2 (7 May)
  • HarlanH: Natural Language Processing and #BigData: Using #NLTK and #Hadoop - #DataScience DC Talk Overview http://t.co/9T8eIIsBye (part 1) #NLProc (7 May)
  • ramnath_vaidya: @kwbroman I have a number of examples here http://t.co/sKhtX5rnoQ which should help. (7 May)
  • iCodeiExist: Hg-Git plugin for #Mercurial, adding the ability to push to and pull from a #Git server repository from Mercurial. http://t.co/0YXkxZWGCz (7 May)
  • msgbi: What is Personal Data and How Much Personal Data Exists? http://t.co/J2lm5lLQ6V anonymity may become a mathematical impossibility (7 May)
  • Jeylen: RT @moorejh: risk for increased false positive rates in #GWAS for phenotypic variability http://t.co/1mHJNwBbSX by @OrjanGenetiker @xiashen (7 May)
  • WiringTheBrain: Autism and the broad autism phenotype: familial patterns and intergenerational transmission http://t.co/LXyPEkTIO3 (7 May)
  • fperez_org: Ten IPython essentials: mini-primer by @cyrillerossant. http://t.co/TdfQlXrBRm. Part of the new IPython book: http://t.co/jaelwwIgnz (7 May)
  • kwbroman: Took < 30 min to understand Clickme; >5 hrs to clean up my code. cc/@nachocaballero http://t.co/dFNDkJV3Rp (7 May)
  • kwbroman: Spent the day implementing a #d3js vis to be called from #rstats with Clickme. Thanks @nachocaballero! http://t.co/ShkKXqcDwo (7 May)
  • fperez_org: The first IPython book is out! "Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization." http://t.co/1Cq2VZ3ReU. @cyrillerossant (7 May)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: Dynamic Programming versus Memoization http://t.co/z3bFuyDSgZ via @prismatic (7 May)
  • j2bryson: @conjugateprior ? RT @parliamentpress: One of the best editors - MultiMarkdown Composer 2.2 public beta (build 4) http://t.co/8XS0UI1smA (6 May)
  • wesmckinn: Nice collection of #IPython notebooks for learning pandas, just updated for v0.11: https://t.co/pEYsOdmHIX #pydata (6 May)
  • cyrillerossant: Playing with #Velib #OpenData in #Python http://t.co/aAW9PsopW5 #paris #ipython #notebook @Velib http://t.co/gXilod47ZS (5 May)
  • JohnDCook: 10 cool mathematics results http://t.co/gJxh2wBsUD (5 May)
  • statisticsblog: Simulation shows gain of clmm over ANOVA is small - After last post'ssetting up for a simulation,it is now time to... http://t.co/C3DyUw8VdB (5 May)
  • inningPalmer: IDL Magics for the IPython Notebook : Exploring the Data Universe http://t.co/iouYjU97U0 (5 May)
  • mdallastella: An introduction to Emacs Lisp http://t.co/YqpV8qPJKa (5 May)
  • hmCuesta: Python Textmining Package http://t.co/ERvHgHg79T (5 May)
  • LorenaABarba: .@classcentral indexes all #MOOCs from Coursera, Udacity, edX & others (yes, there are others) http://t.co/RCQGmMy7WC (5 May)
  • mark_l_watson: The https://t.co/g86JHZgSSh publishing system is awesome. I am using it to write 2 books right now. #recommended (5 May)
  • TWiecki: PyMC3 alpha released: https://t.co/unqjIjrxO6 Complete rewrite, based on Theano now and with advanced samplers like Hamiltonian MC. (5 May)
  • marcolz: Great intro to Redis scripting w/ Lua. http://t.co/nxEuHjOsc6 (4 May)
  • jatescher: Pretty cool geometry demo in JS http://t.co/KYW2HF3J9R (4 May)
  • deevybee: Lovely stuff on interactive graphics by Tim Brock http://t.co/hhJcgjutaa (4 May)
  • jandot: An Introduction to Social Media for Scientists http://t.co/OyVn3czdcl (4 May)
  • openscience: Why Git's SHA hashes are awesome for reproducible research http://t.co/lWWUL8XhQK by @cboettig #openscience (4 May)
  • dailyjs: LevelDB and Node: Getting Up and Running http://t.co/uub2MVQyXi (3 May)
  • msgbi: Interpreting Statistical Evidence http://t.co/oApBD7yR5y (3 May)
  • SciPyTip: Cheat sheet for data mining and visualization using Python http://t.co/g5gXyO0GB4 by @JustGlowing (3 May)
  • FGRibreau: wow Couchbase is very (very) impressive on paper http://t.co/8ofH2WyoYY anyone's using it? Any feedbacks? (3 May)
  • dataJujitsu: Slides for my talk at the Manchester R Users group on Functional Programming in #Rstats: http://t.co/RtibBGFNAR ... (3 May)
  • fneven: How linear algebra can make databases go really fast http://t.co/WazgQyCwXF @vardi (3 May)
  • IronistM: "Introduction To Monte Carlo Algorithms” http://t.co/4ZXdJ7Qt9U (3 May)
  • patrickDurusau: LevelDB Review (in 18 parts, seriously) #topicmaps #leveldb #database #programming - http://t.co/WhY3Zq1QMH (2 May)
  • tdhopper: Hidden features of Python http://t.co/XpATcAw1oz (1 May)

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