A bag of tweets / June 2013


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers June 2013.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • TrestleJeff: Slides from my crash course to creating R packages using RStudio, devtools, and roxygen2. http://t.co/YNcs99Ro1n #rstats (25 Jun)
  • HarlanH: .@johnmyleswhite says: "like Tolstoy said, every well-formed CSV file obeys a clear pattern, but every broken CSV file has its own idiom." (24 Jun)
  • PythonWeekly: Numba vs. Cython: Take 2 via @jakevdp http://t.co/Lisce2GdbT #numba #cython #python (24 Jun)
  • ogrisel: Out-of-core classification of text documents — new example from the scikit-learn documentation the Reuters dataset http://t.co/12cFDYlTil (24 Jun)
  • zentree: "Tree models in #Rstats" http://t.co/ZOWB6bMGHS (24 Jun)
  • Biff_Bruise: +1 "@miller7: What would be cool is to combine "BIG" data with clinical data like the patient activation measure http://t.co/FntkQxb5vS" (24 Jun)
  • dbworld_: http://t.co/QPNWJTsY2B Clinical Relationships Extraction Techniques from Patient Narratives. (arXiv:1306.5170v1 [cs.IR]) #informationr... (24 Jun)
  • nicolastorzec: Guessing gender/age/ethnicity from names: intro to Name Analysis w/ links to data, tools and papers. http://t.co/EGlK6kIauG - By @petewarden (24 Jun)
  • zentree: .@iamdavecampbell's course materials for STAT853 Applications of Statistical Computing. #Rstats http://t.co/qyutCJ1Kx5 (24 Jun)
  • zentree: "Announcing pqR: A faster version of #Rstats" https://t.co/dhekKktwgu (pretty quick R by Radford Neal) (23 Jun)
  • drdirkdownunder: Surprisingly interesting story. The history of maximum likelihood. http://t.co/IGJ8mctgzO (23 Jun)
  • japindado: Looks awesome. “@bigdata: Visually explore relationships within/among related datasets: Glue is cool! #pydata http://t.co/zl2pQNIXER” (23 Jun)
  • eddelbuettel: Wow -- Radford Neal releases 'pretty quick R', a faster version of R: http://t.co/mJr3vKjt3n #rstats #glovehasbeendropped (22 Jun)
  • reid_jf: Interactive Documents with R http://t.co/g1Yh5t9na1 #rstats (22 Jun)
  • gutelius: Graphillion - Fast, lightweight library for a huge number of graphs http://t.co/Zuawkw3XqN via @prismatic (21 Jun)
  • tlipcon: super cool demo of @cloudera search: http://t.co/PYRI1BkT25 (kudos to the @gethue team) (21 Jun)
  • ramnath_vaidya: Interactive Quizzes with Slidify http://t.co/VXO2CPZIKe #rstats (21 Jun)
  • planet_lisp: Vsevolod Dyomkin: Free "Lisp Hackers" Ebook http://t.co/kani2WjAtD (21 Jun)
  • ronert_obst: New post: "Compiling R from Source with OpenMP, Accelerate and MKL in OS X" http://t.co/1fkzxmjVjq (21 Jun)
  • ronert_obst: New post: "Setting up Octopress with Org-Mode" http://t.co/01xtM4s31l (21 Jun)
  • i_314: Interesting! Interactive Documents with R // Slidify + Shiny. http://t.co/8KjkkTgq8d #rstats (21 Jun)
  • deevybee: A more technical criticism of that genes/#dyslexia paper, by @silParacchini http://t.co/kyZuMD0Qq5 #genetics (21 Jun)
  • KevinQ: "You can code. They cannot. That is pretty damn cool." http://t.co/2VzjWDloCz via @derekwillis (21 Jun)
  • devillesylvain: pro terminal tip in #osx: batch resize images: sips -Z 640 *.jpg http://t.co/IMVgsVU7P5 (21 Jun)
  • sharon000: How to turn CSV data into interactive visualizations with R and rCharts http://t.co/Pqy1uy4zza #rstats #dataviz #ddj (21 Jun)
  • StackTeX: Alternatives to LaTeX http://t.co/JQcQAbdAdS #typography (21 Jun)
  • pbaleixo: Standards in molecular diagnostics for the discovery and validation of clinically useful cancer biomarkers http://t.co/lRUmixn4Tg (21 Jun)
  • i_314: Why Would a Mathematica User Care about R? http://t.co/c7j9lLiAS9 #rstats (20 Jun)
  • onethingwell: Babelmark - Babelmark is a testbed for side-by-side comparisons of the output of various Markdown... http://t.co/utUwU5XnPe (20 Jun)
  • SciPyTip: Reposting yesterday's link now that the blog is back up: Running Python and R inside Emacs http://t.co/9PpM0fJuHk (20 Jun)
  • dgmacarthur: An honest, sobering post on the limits of genetic prediction by @23andMe's @nkeriks: http://t.co/QXFmTCvS1l (20 Jun)
  • drago_carlo: Recomendation System in R http://t.co/S6IdYD5sU0 @feedly #MachineLearning #DataMining #Rstats (20 Jun)
  • planetclojure: Web Application Architecture in Clojure – Getting Started http://t.co/i6kW94Haet (20 Jun)
  • codinghorror: Good news: current PC does 14.7 million chess positions / sec. Bad news: Deep Blue was 14x faster in 1997. http://t.co/35JW3JdRJq (20 Jun)
  • mdallastella: "Productivity in Gmail" http://t.co/H6pfCc04Np - recommended via @Prismatic (20 Jun)
  • shiffman: Day 2. Quick and dirty Processing library for face recognition with @Orbeus_inc <http://t.co/5jBoZsUBu0 API http://t.co/Kk6PHspEq6 (19 Jun)
  • vsbuffalo: "Genome-Wide Association Studies and Genomic Prediction" RT @rjcmarkelz: worth a look. http://t.co/s7FAZguRTP (19 Jun)
  • devillesylvain: why I retracted a Nature paper. lots of room for improvement http://t.co/URAi8rWDS7 (19 Jun)
  • cemerick: Flag analysis with Mathematica http://t.co/JHuCmZ5Kkp (18 Jun)
  • cboettig: From @mfenner: Citations in scholarly markdown http://t.co/eSkjXe3X6q #scholmd some great points, curious what @_inundata thinks (18 Jun)
  • kjhealy: If you just want to see the Philosophy Co-Citation nodes swim around, here is a direct link to the visualization: http://t.co/P5O73lpNNl (18 Jun)
  • fperez_org: @ChrisDiehl we know, it's harder and less documented than it should, sorry. Useful links: http://t.co/HYigLMYkDL, http://t.co/5pU7dRHWCH (18 Jun)
  • enzondio: Really good article on the development of data science http://t.co/b1WoC7qvQG (18 Jun)
  • RDataMining: CLAVIN: an open source software package for document geotagging and geoparsing http://t.co/gTGbTanKCI (18 Jun)
  • RDataMining: An online book on Natural Language Processing (with Python) http://t.co/5j31FhtrA6 (18 Jun)
  • FGRibreau: tmate - Instant terminal sharing http://t.co/COJ3wfnLuX (18 Jun)
  • brendan642: Brief note on confusion matrix metrics: Precision, Recall, F, Sensitivity, Specificity, AUC, etc. http://t.co/q5hyiBx4d1 (18 Jun)
  • quadricode: Public beta of Quickutil, a new utility platform for Common #Lisp written by me and @nitro_idiot. Check out http://t.co/ptoha4cDg3 (17 Jun)
  • JustGlowing: Stop complaining about how slow is Python and start using Numba! MT @SciPyTip @jakevdp 1400x speedup of Python code http://t.co/Zj2nk5EIL6 (16 Jun)
  • j2bryson: As they explain, dropbox is NOT for sharing RT @conjugateprior: Why use version control for papers? http://t.co/mULtPVRnsa (16 Jun)
  • emacs_knight: emacs-dbi https://t.co/lGY1qqWlG3 turns #Emacs into a full-featured RDBMs client (16 Jun)
  • GeneticsUpdate: Genetics of Dyslexia and Language Impairment Unraveled http://t.co/1rjNv4Yt2R (14 Jun)
  • ogrisel: Here is the notebook of the scikit-learn demo I will present at the Paris.py meetup tonight: http://t.co/Sv0ONZYHHE http://t.co/1aliHVeR4l (13 Jun)
  • DiffusePrioR: Missing data? Presentation on Matrix Completion and Large-scale SVD Computations #rstats http://t.co/sE0djPMgR9 (13 Jun)
  • jochmann: Looks good. http://t.co/oAPjPyWSkT a minimalist drag & drop markdown blogging engine. (13 Jun)
  • siah: Bootstrap: A Statistical Method http://t.co/Kno9fojvKH (12 Jun)
  • DrBunsen: Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere: http://t.co/9fig5czsEw (12 Jun)
  • simonmcs: Apple's Phil Schiller @WWDC: developers should be using OpenCL, new Mac Pro will deliver 7 TFLOPS of GPU compute http://t.co/nHVgfKikyi (11 Jun)
  • chrishouser: A rare analysis of Fibonacci function performance that is interesting: http://t.co/4KyaU3WFYO (11 Jun)
  • treycausey: @siah They're proprietary, but someone basically reconstructed them in iPython here; http://t.co/d3BDFclwPN (11 Jun)
  • genetics_blog: Good commentary on @HackerNews: using Bitbucket for private, Github for public repos https://t.co/WySps7ANBU (10 Jun)
  • conjugateprior: A useful guide to whether/what you are ‘allowed’ to make available in repositories before publication, by journal: http://t.co/XJVW8nJjXo (10 Jun)
  • CompSciFact: Sample code for common tasks in many programming languages http://t.co/IFtsRB36Z9 (9 Jun)
  • jliyi: Start with engineering features for linear model, and use less data when debugging. http://t.co/IjIDajKBxp (9 Jun)
  • nathanmarz: Chapter 7 of Big Data is available! http://t.co/iGpsUnAgnq (8 Jun)
  • Econo_Stats: “Statisticians are the modern explorers.” An interview with Professor David J. Hand http://t.co/ntPtxeJz5L (8 Jun)
  • jedisct1: markov.sql: Higher Order Markov Chains http://t.co/YCevFSXK4x #sql (6 Jun)
  • reid_jf: Promising news on sharing genetic data http://t.co/oAgr18zkvY (6 Jun)
  • drago_carlo: Random Forests in Python http://t.co/IyXBF2CfMb via @prismatic #MachineLearning #Python (6 Jun)
  • mark_l_watson: Interesting talk by David Booth on semantic web and medical records http://t.co/3kj2UGMpRH (6 Jun)
  • recology_: @thiagotoyoyo @rOpenSci @polesasunder @tpoi i would start with @hadleywickham in progress book http://t.co/wGxuiSp6O7 (6 Jun)
  • BrianTRice: Amazing #Lisp books living again in #Clojure: http://t.co/vElHKzlmNI (6 Jun)
  • folone: This is pretty awesome: visualizing #haskell data structures in #ghci: http://t.co/PfiRbr6baU (6 Jun)
  • flash_us: #Lisp reference sheet side-by-side: Common Lisp, #Racket, #Clojure, Emacs Lisp http://t.co/oc4Smq1TzU (3 Jun)
  • genetics_blog: Using Extended Genealogy (Iceland) to Estimate Heritability http://t.co/1eKuo91dcq ..common SNPs explain more h2 than prv thought. #genetics (2 Jun)
  • siah: Predictive Learning via Rule Ensembles http://t.co/dtVWSgl5DR (2 Jun)
  • gd047: #edxcert MITx: 6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming http://t.co/qZB0953HKv (2 Jun)
  • zentree: "How to peer review scientific work" by @mattmight http://t.co/ovvNsrlsTZ (2 Jun)
  • arokem: New paper out in PLoS Computational Biology: detailed model of brain responses to visual stimuli. http://t.co/HtyhJJmzAj (2 Jun)
  • trebor74hr: http://t.co/vv7FVi4ag5 The Fundamentals of #Bash Scripting (1 Jun)
  • siah: Numerical Optimization in Julia (Miles Lubin, Iain Dunning) http://t.co/ZIUnjXZXrD (1 Jun)
  • revodavid: You can see the arteries of the world in geotagged Tweets. Stunning #rstats #DataViz by @miguelrios http://t.co/E1a15GXo8c (1 Jun)
  • drewconway: Central Limit Theorem visualized in d3.js http://t.co/feYj4OtC2O (1 Jun)
  • genetics_blog: Two beautiful examples of Google #WebFont combinations <http://t.co/DTdmBxy0km and http://t.co/AgXSWaVXDD #typography (1 Jun)
  • PetersonGIS: Almost 400 pages on projections! Snyder's Map Projections--A Working Manual: http://t.co/W0zGAoYKKt (1 Jun)

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