A bag of tweets / November 2013


Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers November 2013.

(*) These are interesting news that I found on Twitter and that I archive periodically.

  • edwinbrady: Idris 0.9.10 released, now with interactive editing, OSX packaging, and lots of other fun stuff: http://t.co/USwJ1txNPU (28 Nov)
  • adolfoalvarez: Is #python eating #rstats for scientific computing ? http://t.co/ej3o9THcPi (25 Nov)
  • siah: The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing http://t.co/3KjYCsxBmN (25 Nov)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: GNU Make for Reproducible Data Analysis http://t.co/uGM6WP00Ey via @Prismatic (24 Nov)
  • conikeec: Basic Data Structures and Algorithms in the Linux Kernel http://t.co/CIBQR3aICE (24 Nov)
  • ChrisDiehl: Slides from @teoliphant’s recent PyData talk on packaging and deployment https://t.co/C4bCI9WBjA (23 Nov)
  • karpathy: New MOOC analysis paper from uPenn analyzed 35k students in 24 courses: > 80% had 2-4year degree, 44% grad edu http://t.co/S27HAyVNuY (22 Nov)
  • ronert_obst: Bokeh Workshop http://t.co/NqBRlhPy98 (21 Nov)
  • Diane_McKenna_: “@AndreaNiloc: #photo http://t.co/1PTfI9U3oN” Lovely picture on a rainy day. (20 Nov)
  • openscience: "GitHub for #DataScience = @DominoDataLab" - @KirkDBorne ... runs #Python, #Rstats, #Matlab http://t.co/ZrTex8tOsn #openscience (20 Nov)
  • randal_olson: Seaborn - a new #Python library to maximize aesthetics of matplotlib plots. #dataviz http://t.co/UGjqp0PKB6 (20 Nov)
  • Symcat: Check out our new heart disease risk calculator based on the ACC/AHA guidelines for assessing cardiovascular risk http://t.co/pa3PUyCR3c (18 Nov)
  • roidrage: If you’re using PostgreSQL, @craigkerstiens’ blog is a gold mine: http://t.co/pHpRYBwqfb (17 Nov)
  • moritz_stefaner: The definite guide to data vis freelancing brought to you by @arnicas http://t.co/cMmmnJ9bnq (great, long post - book forthcoming? :) (17 Nov)
  • SeanTAllen: . @technomancy on revisiting #ocaml => http://t.co/u3xApIa41d (16 Nov)
  • chrisbhoffman: Great article. -- Why I've all but given up on Windows http://t.co/oWJQRn6qLa (16 Nov)
  • HNTweets: My tmux setup: http://t.co/nz2de92Tm8 Comments: https://t.co/ZE7MKABD3j (15 Nov)
  • grossbart: A fantastic introduction to functional data structures for Javascript. http://t.co/EmnW616VdM (15 Nov)
  • quandl: Updated: 30+ free tools for #data visualization & #analysis by @sharon000 http://t.co/G6ebY6pFSn #dataviz (15 Nov)
  • treycausey: Previous RT features first ever (to my knowledge) reference to #rstats as a "legacy tool" http://t.co/HLrs9uFvaq (15 Nov)
  • Swizec: [ blogpost] LICEcap – best screen capture tool I’ve ever used http://t.co/oSXg8ERUAR (15 Nov)
  • teoliphant: Streaming plots in the browser with Bokeh: http://t.co/ezBH62o8Oi (15 Nov) $ klmr: Answering my own question: “I want hue” is a great tool to generate colour palettes for data scientists. #Rstats http://t.co/ujX2each8u (14 Nov)
  • wolever: Here’s a colourful version of my version control workflow: http://t.co/h2VcsmP1DU (based heavily on @b0rk’s awesome notebook) (14 Nov)
  • derekgreene: Movie Tweetings - a dataset of movie ratings extracted from tweets: https://t.co/hSptW3q45B @mvtweetings #recsys (14 Nov)
  • raphg: Looks interesting. “@rstudioapp: Announcing Packrat, a dependency management tool for R http://t.co/fAcEYUCZxu #rstats” (14 Nov)
  • johnmyleswhite: Well worth rereading this: http://t.co/5O438apDy7 And then reread the recent Hofstadter piece with Cosma in mind: http://t.co/Kr22ITE906 (14 Nov)
  • HarlanH: Code review for science: What we learned | Mozilla Science Lab http://t.co/S0XNGPbqUd (14 Nov)
  • PythonDaily: Great #Python #Packaging tutorial courtesy of @hynek: https://t.co/OZycpVBiFE (14 Nov)
  • romunov: HT to @geospacedman for a quick intro into devtools #rstats . http://t.co/0i4wM5RPnP (14 Nov)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: Hidden decision trees revisited: http://t.co/5PWZ2605js (14 Nov)
  • timelyportfolio: A spreadsheet in fewer than 30 lines of JavaScript, no library used http://t.co/EDPpuyTfRK via @feedly (14 Nov)
  • HNTweets: Stephen Wolfram: Something Very Big Is Coming: http://t.co/B5hIGCWssJ Comments: https://t.co/jmFdlVOgDP (14 Nov)
  • pwang: @b0rk It's not online per se, but it's in the repo and you can run it. https://t.co/LiDlE1oU7Z, look in demo/spectrogram and run demo.sh (13 Nov)
  • msgbi: RT @jedisct1: RT @gamboviol: New release mrec #python recommender systems library, now includes a ranking loss model http://t.co/Fbge8avbpj (13 Nov)
  • trished: Inferences on Rx effects from real world data: propensity scores, confounding by indication, & other perils #TheBMJ http://t.co/xI3OdbQi7Q (12 Nov)
  • Atabey_Kaygun: New post: search with fewest possible keystrokes on a dataset. http://t.co/qv2HSvtvf3 (12 Nov)
  • siah: Unix: Chopping up CSV files http://t.co/pvNj4y1i6H (11 Nov)
  • YhatHQ: Querying an SQLite database from R by Will Lowe | http://t.co/OnBSY8ThBw @conjugateprior (11 Nov)
  • seanjtaylor: Hy: A dialect of Lisp that can be transformed into Python. http://t.co/fnEuXfWlLn (11 Nov)
  • SeanTAllen: #Pyret looks like a pretty cool language... http://t.co/XXryK34aAb (10 Nov)
  • paulblaser: Four Essential Lessons for Adopting Predictive Analytics in Healthcare - http://t.co/k2ou7I4Glf (10 Nov)
  • romain_francois: Recipe to upload data to your dropbox account when using travis. https://t.co/HfTK4782iS (10 Nov)
  • MongoDB: Creating a Single Page Todo App with the MEAN stack http://t.co/7aAa47c7hW #MongoDB #ExpressJS #AngularJS #Nodejs (10 Nov)
  • enjalot: data scientists are being lured into becoming data alchemists: http://t.co/AMQktaBJpP via @jakevdp (9 Nov)
  • jakevdp: Interesting demo by @Dan_S_Blanchard of SKLL, a high-level wrapper around @scikit_learn functionality http://t.co/Ccd7wn399B #PyData (9 Nov)
  • HNTweets: Data Science workflow: An overview [Phil Guo]: http://t.co/rVDBcrWA97 Comments: https://t.co/XMdoe5imJL (9 Nov)
  • SublimeTxtTips: RT @flexlingie RT @pdehaan: A new user's guide to #SublimeText 2. https://t.co/FwLj82j1B5 by @davatron5000 (9 Nov)
  • statisticsblog: Some visualization techniques in R using ggplot2 and rCharts. http://t.co/ftxB4fIeZu (8 Nov)
  • james_hicks: statistical testing for similarity instead of difference http://t.co/l8MtHDqChi (8 Nov)
  • Horganism: Best explanation of Fourier transforms I've ever read: http://t.co/aR8eWk3dh2 via @NautilusMag (8 Nov)
  • planetclojure: Why the term 'literate programming' is leading us astray http://t.co/OoGszhibGY (8 Nov)
  • jakevdp: My two #PyData NYC talks today draw from the UW graduate scientific computing course I teach: https://t.co/aQDkg3JeOj (notebooks #11 & #18) (8 Nov)
  • mxlearn: Scikit-learn based Ensemble Selection http://t.co/E4Alxqc35G (8 Nov)
  • freakonometrics: "Generating functions" http://t.co/xIjENicNmO (8 Nov)
  • phunt: "New Search feature: Graphical facets" http://t.co/UbIP7m4OEo the @gethue team continues to rock on @cloudera search! #solr (8 Nov)
  • rockymadden: Interesting stuff: http://t.co/VvUxZV31Ec (8 Nov)
  • SeanTAllen: "Pluggable metrics reporting in #Cassandra 2.0.2" => http://t.co/nDrag9XlYO (8 Nov)
  • vandy_biostat: the perils of genetic risk prediction in autism http://t.co/oibcyebF3c (8 Nov)
  • siah: Very cool machine learning exercise "Authorship Attribution with Python" http://t.co/A7fQE3FNfH (8 Nov)
  • ramnath_vaidya: @recology_ Here you go http://t.co/SQPxGgVGza (7 Nov)
  • MongoDB: Learn the MongoDB Basics with @Talentbuddy: Build a simple Medical App http://t.co/LVb6rJ22tc (7 Nov)
  • ibdknox: Light Table as the new Emacs - “@EduanLavaque: @ibdknox I wrote a blog post about Light Table http://t.co/shfOdWgBMq” (7 Nov)
  • mbostock: Thinking with joins is establishing a relationship between data and elements in terms of enter, update & exit. http://t.co/TxNla92egU (7 Nov)
  • JustGlowing: Book review: Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization http://t.co/EcqmuDMh9t (7 Nov)
  • climagic: date -d 2013-02-20 +%A # In GNU date, find out the day of the week that Feb. 20th, 2013 fell on. (7 Nov)
  • genetics_blog: Mitochondrial Manhattan Plot in #Rstats using #ggplot2 http://t.co/e5zno3nCjd (7 Nov)
  • zentree: "Interaction: ‘real’ and statistical" by @tslumley http://t.co/J62Qjw8YKx (6 Nov)
  • YhatHQ: Copper - Bootstrap and Bagging | Daniel Rodriguez | http://t.co/mRoP3AWcNj (5 Nov)
  • JanWillemTulp: This sounds like an interesting challenge: http://t.co/9ZhVMH3j3c #dataviz (5 Nov)
  • wesmckinn: Slides from my #strataconf talk last week in NYC on analytics workflows http://t.co/iOeUgaWON0 (5 Nov)
  • revodavid: Recap of some of my fave talks at #strataconf - eHarmony, Monsanto, @wesmckinn and @rogerm http://t.co/J7hNXehT59 #rstats (5 Nov)
  • strengejacke: Preview of my sjPlotting-package: http://t.co/JliVC6RwC7 It bundles all single scripts from http://t.co/LBg12puFA6 (and some more) #rstats (5 Nov)
  • rockymadden: @ptaoussanis you might have more luck coming at the keys from the back: http://t.co/KlKgxOvs9X (5 Nov)
  • kaythaney: New post by @gvwilson on steps forward for @swcarpentry. Do have a look: http://t.co/9xq2emZMIc (cc @MozillaScience) (4 Nov)
  • LettersOfNote: Richard Feynman declining an honorary degree: http://t.co/P04pTS94vj (4 Nov)
  • yoeight: Should be a fun read #haskell http://t.co/c6dgsqRCOV (4 Nov)
  • siah: Great talk by professor John Hopcroft "New Directions in Computer Science" http://t.co/UoCmqVQVv4 (4 Nov)
  • Bill_Gardner: Tutorial on creating R packages. https://t.co/svr3r74I4l (4 Nov)
  • michaelwaskom: @michaelwaskom Answer: I have! http://t.co/9MagJN2fUS That was super easy; IPython is too cool. (4 Nov)
  • avibryant: "dsl — A domain specific language, where code is written in one language and errors are given in another." http://t.co/48CfcjuPIc (3 Nov)
  • paulblaser: Announcing Statistics with Interactive R Learning Software Environment | Simply Statistics http://t.co/1p2VRNkGlf (2 Nov)
  • xlfe: Use multiple CPU Cores with your Linux commands — awk, sed, bzip2, grep, wc, etc. http://t.co/wPnIA2kl2z Looks very useful #pydata #rstats (2 Nov)
  • vasantmarur: @hmason have you looked at http://t.co/THx0t3bBdA @peteskomoroch @cwensel (2 Nov)
  • YhatHQ: Sentiment Analysis in Online Retail | slides by Natasha Khan + Kate Zimmerman | http://t.co/O2sYFLfY4t (pdf) @NatashaKhan @katealamode (2 Nov)
  • blebeau11: New post highlighting my #rstats package that formats markdown tables: http://t.co/4VvG6MwlGb #markdown (2 Nov)
  • ulsa: Did you know GitHub has tentacles made out of Clojure? http://t.co/NpzW1WzW5c (2 Nov)
  • sharon000: Latest RStudio preview release has more debugging, easy HTML 5 output with Markdown & more http://t.co/RVjGl9efYr #rstats @rstudioapp (1 Nov)
  • abmathewks: How to join data frames in R (inner, outer, left, right)? http://t.co/6SM0Ql5P95 (1 Nov)

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