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» The setup (2018 edition)Jan 12, 11:16 AM

It is time to give a brief overview of my setup although things have not really changed.

» El CapitanOct 14, 03:57 PM

I am always reluctant to download pre-release version when OS X get updated. So I waited for the final version of El Capitan in App Store.

» Why I am still using EmacsAug 15, 10:25 AM

Some months ago I noticed the release of a new text editor which was supposed to bring the best of both world, Emacs and Vim, but see Spacemacs - First Impressions From an Emacs Driven Developer for a recent review.

» Tmux and OS XNov 15, 09:25 AM

I am sometimes using tmux as my default terminal multiplexer. Here are some notes on my current configuration.

» OS X YosemiteNov 4, 01:41 PM

I installed Yosemite last week on my fresh MacBook Pro, and I must say this is just whooo...

» Some useful Mac Apps for data scientistsNov 2, 07:42 PM

Here are some Mac Apps that I found using more and more often.

» Collecting email usage statistics from muOct 26, 10:44 PM

Since I am using mu to manage my email locally, I decided to check some basic information about my email activity during the recent years.

» From Beamer to DecksetAug 17, 11:40 AM

Now that I upgraded to Mavericks (OS X 10.9), I decided to give a try to Deckset which I mentioned in a previous post on Markdown and slideshow.

» Fixing some critical keyboard shortcuts in OS X terminalAug 13, 08:24 AM

Here are some minor tweaks to default keyboard shortcuts in Apple and iTerm.

» A modular configuration for EmacsAug 4, 07:26 PM

In this post I describe how I decided to organize by Emacs configuration files after having used for more than 10 years a monolithic .emacs file.

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