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» Common lisp on MavericksAug 4, 12:53 PM

Here are some notes I took when setting up Emacs to run SBCL on a fresh Macbook Pro powered by Homebrew.

» OS X MavericksJul 27, 10:29 AM

Here it comes... I got a new MacBook Pro 13. After my longest streak with the same laptop (about 4 years), I decided to upgrade my work environment.

» Light Table and interactive live codingApr 25, 10:53 AM

LightTable 0.6.2 has been released recently. It now supports Python and graphics can be embedded directly into the interactive console.

» Scheme and EmacsApr 18, 06:18 PM

For those who like to write Scheme without leaving Emacs, Geiser is probably the way to go.

» Using mu to manage e-mails (followup)Jun 14, 08:36 AM

Here are further thoughts on managing IMAP accounts on a Mac without any GUI.

» My setupJun 10, 01:41 PM

I always enjoy reading The Setup from time to time. Here is mine.

» Using mu to manage e-mailsMay 31, 11:35 AM

Yet another attempt at installing mu to store my Gmail account locally and get better search features than Apple Spotlight.

» Emacs auto-completion for PythonFeb 11, 09:18 PM

Here are some notes on how to enable auto-completion for Emacs.

» TextMate 2Jan 2, 01:26 PM

Things have changed since the last time I used TextMate (that was probbaly two or three years ago).

» Alternative mail reader for Mac OS XDec 17, 12:26 PM

I just gave a try to MailMate to manage my emails on my Airbook.

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