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» Data cleaning techniquesOct 14, 04:07 PM

Here are some resources to learn data cleaning techniques.

» eHealth, eTools and the like: Welcome to the 21st centuryJul 10, 09:36 AM

Some notes about electronic health records.

» ODBC drivers on Mac OS XNov 24, 12:03 AM

A brief survey of ODBC and database connectivity on Mac OS X, since I wanted to test ODBC drivers on Stata (see How do I set up an ODBC Data Source Name for Stata on Mac or Linux/Unix?).

» Visualizing results from SQL queriesNov 23, 02:39 PM

Most statistical or dedicated software can process data stored in SQL databases and plot results from specific queries. There are also custom applications that allow to display query results, like DbVisualizer.

» Next Gen database overviewJan 18, 03:41 PM

The NoSQL paradigm isn't a way to work with a database without having to connect to a server. It is merely a term coined to reflect new "non-relational" models for organizing data, through a distributed architecture (it is not mandatory, though), and it should not be confounded with the existing software NoSQL.

» Circular displays for contingency tablesJan 14, 04:37 PM

Here is an attempt at describing how circular displays, like those proposed by Circos, work and how they can be used to summarize large cross-classification Tables.