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» Multi-Group comparison in Partial Least Squares Path ModelsMay 28, 11:22 AM

This post is about multi-group partial least squares path modeling (PLS-PM).

» Stata for structural equation modelingJun 10, 01:39 PM

Stata 12 came with a module to perform Structural Equation Modeling. Like Amos, there is a SEM diagram builder and fancy dialog boxes but as always commands are directly returned on the command-line so it is not difficult to learn how to write your SEM model directly at Stata prompt or in a do file.

» Hierarchical Omega coefficientFeb 10, 11:18 AM

While browsing questions related to psychometrics posted late in 2012 on Cross Validated, I noticed two questions dealing with hierarchical ωh.

» Cognitive diagnosis modelsDec 10, 10:41 AM

As its name suggests, a cognitive diagnosis model aims at "diagnosing" which skills examinees have or do not have. It has become very popular in recent years because it overcomes standard limitations of summated scale scores derived from classical test or item response theory.

» Notes on the ISOQOL 2012 conferenceOct 27, 10:45 AM

Here are some notes I took during the 19th annual conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Research which was held in Budapest, Hungary.

» Testlet response theoryAug 27, 11:27 AM

Here is a brief overview of Testlet Response Theory and its Applications, by Wainer, Bradlow, and Wang (Cambridge University Press, 2007).

» Factor analysis with categorical dataJul 27, 12:27 PM

I often read questions on the use of Factor Analysis (FA) with categorical data, typically binary (yes/no) indicators or ordinal responses (e.g., Likert-type items). Here is a brief list of references that justify its use in this context, and provide comparison with other measurement models (mostly from the Item Response Theory literature).

» BiplotsFeb 25, 01:03 PM

I thougth it would be funny to relate how I came from a query about 'biplot displays in lisp' to statistical computing in R, using Google.

» Mokken scale analysisFeb 23, 04:49 PM

My recent lectures focus on Mokken Scale Analysis which is based on an item response model known as the monotone homogeneity model.

» Formative vs. reflective measurementDec 12, 11:06 AM

Lastly, I attended a talk by Hervé Guyon about PLS path modeling and the debate about formative vs. reflective measurement.

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