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» Contemporary or modern psychometricsDec 11, 09:08 PM

That is certainly a minor issue of terminology, but what is best to say: contemporary or modern psychometrics?

» Random notesDec 11, 12:48 PM

Some (old) random notes found by chance on my iPhone.

» Dimensions or categories?Aug 24, 10:44 AM

Some further reading notes on the dimensional vs. categorical approaches to mental disorders.

» Cronbach's alpha yet againJun 25, 02:06 PM

As a complement to the references I gave in an earlier post on Cronbach's alpha, here are some further thoughts.

» Computing intraclass correlation with RApr 29, 04:04 PM

I always found Dave Garson's tutorial on Reliability Analysis very interesting. However, all illustrations are with SPSS. Here is a friendly R version of some of these notes, especially for computing intraclass correlation.

» Fitting Rasch model with R lme4Mar 12, 05:17 PM

The last issue of the Journal of Statistical Software features an article on The Estimation of Item Response Models with the lmer Function from the lme4 Package in R, by De Boeck and coll. As the title suggests, this article is about fitting IRT models with a mixed-effects model approach.

» Psychoco 2011Feb 24, 08:53 PM

I shamelessly realized I will be missing the Psychoco 2011 workshop. Here are some notes from the program about current research in psychometrics with R.

» The 6th CARME conferenceFeb 12, 10:21 AM

Just a few words about the 6th CARME conference, on Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods. I only attended a few sessions, but it was a great opportunity to see what's actually going on with data analysis of tabular data.

» A bunch of paper on Multivariate Data AnalysisJan 28, 01:03 PM

Here is a stack of papers about multivariate data analysis (grabbed from a course by Gilbert Saporta, helded in 2010, CNAM Paris) that I should (have) read.

» Psychometrics, measurement, and diagnostic medicineNov 26, 09:44 PM

I just finished reading some recent articles from Denny Borsboom. Two of them deal with diagnostic and the international classification of diseases from a measurement and conceptual perspectives. These are actually really excellent papers as they bring psychometrics in the field of health measurement and diagnostic.

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