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» Stata for health researchersMay 29, 11:33 AM

Here is a quick review of the fourth edition of An introduction to Stata for Health Researchers, by Svend Juul and Morten Frydenberg.

» Weaving StataNov 15, 12:38 PM

Here are some possibilities for weaving Stata commands without much effort.

» Stata for structural equation modelingJun 10, 01:39 PM

Stata 12 came with a module to perform Structural Equation Modeling. Like Amos, there is a SEM diagram builder and fancy dialog boxes but as always commands are directly returned on the command-line so it is not difficult to learn how to write your SEM model directly at Stata prompt or in a do file.

» Bar charts of counts or frequencies in StataApr 13, 08:39 PM

The second part of my course on R and Stata has just started (four weeks to go). This is about Stata this time. First part of the course is about data management, descriptive statistics and basic test of association.

» Weaving Stata documentsApr 22, 12:53 AM

StatWeave has been recently updated and it has become a powerful engine for weaving Stata documents.