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» Readings on arXivJan 10, 06:43 PM

What's going on on arXiv these days?

» Academic teachingMay 28, 11:24 AM

Yesterday was my last day of academic teaching.

» Data cleaning techniquesOct 14, 04:07 PM

Here are some resources to learn data cleaning techniques.

» Writing a bookJul 22, 09:24 PM

I spent the last month working hard to finish my book on biomedical statistics using R.

» Bad DataNov 2, 09:03 PM

I just finished reading the Bad Data Handbook, edited by Q. Ethan McCallum (O'Reilly, 2013). This is a nice book with interesting chapters on data munging and data verification.

» Twenty canonical questions in machine learningNov 7, 11:52 AM

Here are twenty canonical questions when using 'learning machines,' according to Malley and co-authors.

» Do a large amount of consultingJul 2, 09:39 PM

A nice quote from one of the latest AMSTAT News columns.

» Audit trails in statistical projectMar 1, 08:03 PM

In the context of a statistical project, sanity checking refers to the verification of raw data: whether they make sense, if there are any coding errors that are apparent from the range of data values, or if some data should be recoded or set as missing (Baum, CF, An introduction to Stata programming,(a) Stata Press, 2009, p. 79).

» Dose finding studies and cross-over trialsFeb 24, 09:00 AM

Here are some notes on cross-over trials and within-patient titration in indirect assays.

» Evidence-based medicine and clinical diagnosisFeb 23, 10:07 AM

I just started reading The evidence base of clinical diagnosis, edited by J. André Knottnerus and Frank Buntinx (Wiley, 2009, 2nd ed.).

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