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» Exploratory data mining and data cleaningFeb 17, 11:49 AM

I just got my copy of Exploratory Data Mining and Data Cleaning, by Dasu and Johnson (Wiley, 2003).

» Dicing with death -- Chance, risk and healthDec 9, 11:40 AM

I just finished reading a very nice book from Stephen Senn: Dicing with death. Chance, Risk and Health (Cambridge University Press, 2003). It is very nicely written; I am no expert in English but I found that the quality of the writing gives a special sense to statistical issues discussed in this book.

» User-friendly statistical packagesSep 27, 09:03 AM

Here is a newcomer in the world of "user-friendly" statistical packages: Wizard (Mac only).

» Methods for handling treatment switchesJul 5, 05:56 PM

In a recent statistical seminar I attended, there was a discussion on statistical strategies to cope with treatment switching and the estimation of survival.

» Mendelian randomizationJun 15, 06:52 PM

Some time ago, I proposed a paper on Mendelian randomisation for the Journal Club on Cross Validated. Apparently, it fell to the water, but here are the main ideas from that paper.

» Workflow for statistical data analysisApr 26, 08:32 PM

Few days ago, I came across Oliver Kirchkamp's Workflow of statistical data analysis which provides essential tips and guidelines for managing not only data but the whole analysis flow (from getting raw data to publishing papers).

» Latest reading list on medical statisticsApr 15, 10:45 AM

A bunch of papersin early view from Statistics in Medicine suddenly came out in my Google feed reader. Way too many to tweet them all, so here is a brief list of papers I should read during my forthcoming week off.

» GSL ShellMar 19, 10:41 PM

There has been some buzz around a new language for numerical, and potentially statistical, computation: Julia. Another interesting project is gsl-shell which offers interactive data analysis and visualization with GNU Scientific Library.

» Kiefer's Introduction to statistical inferenceDec 5, 04:13 PM

I just received my copy of Introduction to statistical inference, by Jack C. Kiefer (Springer, 1987).(a) After having read the first two chapters I wonder: How come I didn't start with that book when I was studying elementary statistics!

» Ensemble methods in data miningAug 22, 11:18 AM

This is a short review of Ensemble Methods in Data Mining, by G. Seni and J. Elder (Morgan & Claypool, 2010).

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