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» Twitviz #1Jan 5, 08:30 PM

Some nice interactive or dynamic #dataviz found on Twitter.

» Yet another gray theme for R base graphicsJul 25, 11:04 AM

Among things I like with R is that if you are not happy with default settings, e.g. for graphics, then you can usually update some parameters or make your own plotting function.

» Python for interactive scientific data visualizationMay 15, 10:41 AM

Some random notes on recent 'pythonic peregrinations' on my Airbook.

» Bar charts of counts or frequencies in StataApr 13, 08:39 PM

The second part of my course on R and Stata has just started (four weeks to go). This is about Stata this time. First part of the course is about data management, descriptive statistics and basic test of association.

» Interactive data visualization with cranvasOct 27, 08:35 PM

One of the advantage of R over other popular statistical packages is that it now has "natural" support for interactive and dynamic data visualization. This is, for instance, something that is lacking with the Python ecosystem for scientific computing (Mayavi or Enthought Chaco are just too complex for what I have in mind).

» Easy creation of videos with RApr 15, 09:00 AM

While preparing a talk due in three days or so, I thought it would be good to show some live demonstration of regularization techniques in regression with ggplot2.

» BiplotsFeb 25, 01:03 PM

I thougth it would be funny to relate how I came from a query about 'biplot displays in lisp' to statistical computing in R, using Google.

» Visualizing what Random Forests really doFeb 25, 09:18 PM

Apart from summarizing some notes I took when reading articles and book chapters about RFs, I would like to show some simple way to graphically summarize how RFs work and what results they give.

» Asymptote and MetapostJan 18, 11:27 AM

I am planning to make a lot of illustrations for basic mathematical and statistical concepts, but I am still hesitating about the drawing program to choose. I know a bit of Metapost and Asymptote, but I am not clear about the pros and cons of each of the vector drawing language. Especially, I've heard that Asymptote is somewhat "superior" to Metapost.

» Playing with BackupMyTweetsJan 17, 12:47 PM

Lastly, I gave a try to backupmytweets to get an archive of my Twitter account (@chlalanne).

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