2018-05-24 21:26

  Alain Bashung, Bleu pétrole. I’ll be missing his music. I remember songs for HP, I keep listening to songs for P.

2018-05-24 21:23

After fighting with Hugo design for serving standalone HTML pages, I finally got it to work. Here is the main page for the upcoming Stata tutorials (very very WIP, and #french only for the moment).

2018-05-23 09:35

So far, one of the immediate benefit of the General Data Protection Regulation is that I was able to unsuscribe from dozens of mailing lists.

2018-05-22 18:54

  Tindersticks, Tindersticks.

2018-05-22 18:46

Looks like Spacemacs got a major refactoring lately. I will probably investigate the new features although I’m quite happy with doom emacs. #emacs

2018-05-20 23:59

Is syncthing a viable alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive and the like?

2018-05-18 16:45

  Tom Waits, The Asylum Years.

2018-05-18 15:44

Great read! Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming (found via HN). #javascript #fp

2018-05-18 14:18

dataMaid allows to produce nicely formatted output report à la Hmisc::describe. #rstats

2018-05-18 12:10

  The Kills, Ash & Ice.

2018-05-18 09:31

The “Common Lisp Quick Reference is a free booklet with short descriptions of the thousand or so symbols defined in the ANSI standard.” Also nicely typesetted! #lisp

2018-05-17 22:22

A Web Designer’s Typographic Boilerplate: this is part of a series of articles on typography for the web. Very handy! #web

2018-05-16 22:35

It’s time for Season 3 of Bron | Broen.

2018-05-16 12:12

Lovely playlist feat. Keith Jarrett on Apple Music.

2018-05-16 10:41

Yet Another Org-Mode Configuration. #emacs #org

2018-05-15 21:07

Stata on R ;-) https://github.com/matthieugomez/statar #stata #rstats

2018-05-15 10:34

To learn some Vim (again): Vim and Composability by Fred Hébert. #vim

2018-05-14 20:52

I am done with The Fall (Series 2). There’s a lot more to see in my Apple TV, though.

2018-05-10 09:14

Cleaning up old stuff (again), bringing back my @aliquote.org email (see why), and listening to the album of the day on Bandcamp.

2018-05-09 21:06

Current status: I could listen to Nick Cave all the nights. Oh, and my asparagus and chestnut pie is ready.

2018-05-09 13:41

Currently reading “Les rêveurs” (Isabelle Carré • Grasset, 2018). #books #fr

2018-05-08 08:57

Useful Emacs init files, see blog post here. #emacs

2018-05-08 08:51

Several articles and teaching materials available on W. Kahan’s website. #maths

2018-05-02 14:50

Cool Python 3.x tips & tricks. #python

2018-05-01 12:49

Good intro to Python itertools. #python

2018-04-30 17:28

How to disable Google chrome updater. #apple #google

2018-04-26 12:50

Nice ressources on Epidemiology, including Clayton’s book on Statistical Models in Epidemiology. #stats #epidemiology

2018-04-25 08:24

Implementation of Random Forest in Lisp (See also the interface to Gnuplot). #stats #lisp

2018-04-24 00:22

Constructive critic of Stephen Wolfram wrt. his book “A New Kind of Science”. #mathematica

2018-04-23 18:20

I should implement this PRNG in Clojure. #clojure #stats