2018-06-10 09:13

TIL Guide d’autodéfense numérique (via @phnk). #fr

2018-06-10 09:12

Just came across the Book of Proofs which looks like a nice project.

2018-06-08 10:20

Just happy that flycheck allows us to enable syntax checking of CSS and Markdown files so easily. #emacs

2018-06-05 22:32

The more I use http://rdrr.io, the more I like it (compared to RDocumentation). #rstats

2018-06-05 06:51

Waking up way too early… I thought I would add handy org-todos to my current projects because… why not?!

2018-06-04 22:32

  Låpsley, Long Way Home

2018-06-04 09:30

In case we want to go to the dark side with Forklift. #apple

2018-06-01 20:09

  Ones and Sixes, Low. Also spent some good time reading various entries from but she’s a girl.

2018-05-31 09:05

Fixing long overdue issue on GitHub. Ok, that was an easy one! #github #writings

2018-05-31 08:17

  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Boatman’s Call.

2018-05-30 22:05

  Now listening to The Frames, while I am just about to go watching the 5th episode of Bron | Broen.

2018-05-30 20:08

I just discovered the Base16 for shell, thanks to this blog post (don’t know the name of that girl, but her posts are awesome!).

2018-05-29 18:35

I just gave a try to Jupyter Lab, and it looks really great (compared to traditional notebooks). BTW, there is an easy way to install a kernel for Racket Scheme.

2018-05-29 07:27

In case I need to write a Gitbook using RMarkdown, here is how to start a bookdown book. #rstats

2018-05-28 22:34

The Trouble with Psychology. Interesting read.

2018-05-24 21:26

  Alain Bashung, Bleu pétrole. I’ll be missing his music. I remember songs for HP, I keep listening to songs for P.

2018-05-24 21:23

After fighting with Hugo design for serving standalone HTML pages, I finally got it to work. Here is the main page for the upcoming Stata tutorials (very very WIP, and #fr only for the moment).

2018-05-24 15:20

Other than proselint, there is the write-good plugin to help in detecting writing typos and the like. #emacs

2018-05-23 09:35

So far, one of the immediate benefit of the General Data Protection Regulation is that I was able to unsuscribe from dozens of mailing lists.

2018-05-22 18:54

  Tindersticks, Tindersticks.

2018-05-22 18:46

Looks like Spacemacs got a major refactoring lately. I will probably investigate the new features although I’m quite happy with doom emacs. #emacs

2018-05-20 23:59

Is syncthing a viable alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive and the like?

2018-05-18 16:45

  Tom Waits, The Asylum Years.

2018-05-18 15:44

Great read! Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming (found via HN). #javascript #fp

2018-05-18 14:18

dataMaid allows to produce nicely formatted output report à la Hmisc::describe. #rstats

2018-05-18 12:10

  The Kills, Ash & Ice.

2018-05-18 09:31

The “Common Lisp Quick Reference is a free booklet with short descriptions of the thousand or so symbols defined in the ANSI standard.” Also nicely typesetted! #lisp

2018-05-17 22:22

A Web Designer’s Typographic Boilerplate: this is part of a series of articles on typography for the web. Very handy! #web

2018-05-16 22:35

It’s time for Season 3 of Bron | Broen.

2018-05-16 12:12

Lovely playlist feat. Keith Jarrett on Apple Music.