2019-01-11 11:11

  Tord Gustavsen Trio, The Ground.

2019-01-11 11:09

Here is how I tweak my `doom-modeline` to enhance simplicity and functionality: (This assumes that the minions package is installed.)

2019-01-11 10:54

Centaur Emacs - A Fancy and Fast Emacs Configuration. Not interested in switching from Spacemacs, but in case someone like fancy modeline. (Note that doom-modeline is now part of Spacemacs default settings, at least the develop branch.) #emacs

2019-01-11 10:30

Interesting find of the day: Data Science Tooling For Racket. #scheme

2019-01-10 20:32

Hot off the kitchen:

2019-01-10 13:12

  Louis Ville, Cinémas. In memory of an evening of shared solitude.

2019-01-10 10:12

  The Veils, Nux Vomica.

2019-01-09 19:41

How to visualize decision trees. A nice tutorial and overview of existing solutions for visualizing decision trees. The illustrations are really of great quality, as well as the other articles. For other related projects, see, e.g., A visual introduction to machine learning, Seeing theory, or even articles published on Distill.

2019-01-09 19:31

A few days ago, while reading RSS feed for the irreal blog I found the following nice post: Emacs in 2018: My Year in Review. Although my first thought was that the author was using Spacemacs, it is indeed vanilla Emacs with a specific modeline, which is actually built using minions and moody. See also Beauty lies in the segments of the mode line. #emacs

2019-01-09 19:21

It looks like it is still “free to use, forever”, but there’s now pricing option for TablePlus.

2019-01-09 19:15

  The Veils, The Runaway Found.

2019-01-09 19:12

📖 Anaïs Nin, Auletris (Finitude, 2018)

2019-01-08 21:08

Twitter is broken, but I still enjoy it a little bit. This is the only online account I haven’t deleted last year, but I miss the old good web.

2019-01-08 14:30

  Hootie & The Blowfish, Cracked Rear View.

2019-01-08 14:04

📖 Raphaël Rupert, Anatomie de l’amant de ma femme (L’arbre vengeur, 2018)

2019-01-08 13:21

  The Unthanks, Mount the Air.

2019-01-07 21:26

Just trying out Netflix (again!) with Black Mirror, season 1.

2019-01-07 21:23

  Nigel Kennedy, The Kennedy Experience.

2019-01-06 20:09

  The Unthanks, Last.

2019-01-04 20:19

Two interesting ressources for econometrics-related stuff: Introduction to Econometrics with R, and Time Series Analysis.

2019-01-02 21:04

We are done with Vikings 4. Starting The 100.

2019-01-02 15:13

Algorithms by Jeff Erickson. A PDF (448 pp.) and online material. Nice.

2019-01-01 11:30

  Florence + The Machine, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

2019-01-01 11:16

Ryan Tibshirani has nice course on Convex Optimization. If you are interested in Machine Learning or Convex Optimization, you should really take a look at this course.


2018-12-31 21:07

Yet another pix of my living room.

2018-12-31 15:17

Crafting interpreters. A handbook for making programming languages.

2018-12-19 21:16

  Joy Division, Preston 28 February 1980.

2018-12-19 21:07

I just finished The Killing, season 3. I don’t know if the next version is available on the Apple TV. Will check.