2018-10-18 20:59

Did I say I also get rid of 15 Go of old stuff on my Dropbox account, which I no longer keep running on my MacBook anyways? If not, now you know it.

2018-10-18 20:51

  Keith Jarrett, The Carnegie Hall Concert.

2018-10-18 12:38

Deleted my Skype account as well. (I could never have thought the process would be so painful!) Backing up old stuff and cleaning afterwards on my Dropbox account. Almost close to being nothing more than a random user of the internet.

2018-10-17 21:41

  It’s been going around for a few days.

2018-10-09 19:51

It looks like tagging is more powerful than I initially thought. See, e.g., Tagging files from the macOS command line or A little tagging automation. #apple

2018-10-09 19:45

  Fred Hersch, Solo.

2018-10-08 21:12

  Cigarettes After Sex, Cigarettes After Sex.

2018-10-06 20:59

Useful one-liner to count the number of blank lines in a file: grep -c ^$ filename. #unix

2018-10-06 20:52

Some org-captured links dating back to July: Teach yourself programming in ten years, Traité de Programmation en Common Lisp.

2018-10-06 17:33

Two new pens: Sheaffer 300 fountain pen and Sheaffer Prelude pen. [Click to enlarge]

2018-10-05 21:10

Getting things done by letting things go. How true…

2018-10-04 20:40

  Gary Peacock, Keith Jarrett & Paul Motian, At the Deer Head Inn.

2018-10-04 18:53

Found this lovely picture on Twitter 5 days ago (via @ArtsPicsChannel). [Click to enlarge]

2018-10-04 18:37

Just updated my Julia binary to v1.0.1. BTW, the online manual is a valuable and very polished ressource to learn the language. I hope to find more time to dwelve into the latest iteration of the language since I stopped using Julia around v0.4 or 0.6. #julia

2018-10-04 18:36

If you are a Marked user like me, be sure to check the additional stylesheets maintained by Brett Terpstra. #apple

2018-10-03 21:10

Nice read: Readable Clojure (via @nikitonsky). #clojure #lisp

2018-10-02 20:37

  Leonard Cohen, You want it darker.

2018-10-02 08:25

Want to get some italicised comments with your preferred font (mine is Iosevska)? Add (set-face-italic 'font-lock-comment-face t) to your Emacs init file, it is better than tweaking font-lock values manually. #emacs

2018-10-02 08:22

The ESS package somewhat sucks with Stata and font-lock. I have enabled the ado-mode again and it is so much better. I wish it could be merged into ESS directly. #emacs #stata

2018-10-01 21:05

I guess I’m done with this also.

2018-10-01 20:46

  Patti Smith, Easter. Because the night…

2018-09-30 20:31

This is it! Or how to make iTerm looks like a native app on Mojave… #apple

2018-09-28 10:12

  Today’s playlist is all about Keith Jarrett.

2018-09-27 17:25

I just discovered that the trans command-line tool now supports DeepL translator, which is great news if one want to avoid the overwhelming presence of Google in our lives.

2018-09-25 21:04

  Another evening with this nice ECM playlist. Trying to get a feel of Mojave dark mode…

2018-09-25 21:01

TIL It is possible to simulate dark mode on an iPhone using one of the accesibility features. Moreover, we can define a shortcut to enable this mode by triple clicking on the main button. #apple

2018-09-22 20:12

Just ordered two TWSBI pens, after reading last BSAG’s post. I am eager to try them with the nice sets of ink that I bought from Herbin collection.

2018-09-22 20:11

Halfway through Season 4 of Prison Break with Pierre.

2018-09-21 10:37

I finally managed to get a more automated way of publishing my “bags of tweets” (which were defunct for a long time now), thanks to the rtweet package. #rstats

2018-09-20 21:36

  Glenn Gould, Bach: Goldberg Variations.