2019-03-10 11:43 #

📖 Rezvani, Le magicien (Actes Sud, 2006)

2019-03-09 20:37 #

  Factory Records.

2019-03-07 20:24 #

Clearly, I’m not that active in the early afternoon. Either because of the lunch break or the half-life of my medication… Anyway, Timing is the best time tracking app I’ve seen in a while.

2019-03-07 20:21 #

I’m in my third year with the 12-inch Macbook (generously offered by SB). It is certainly the best laptop I got in 13 years. Sometimes I feel like I miss the tiny pulsing light (aka sleep indicator) that we used to have on older metallic aluminum body ones. Well, we have backlit keyboard now, even if it is like a butterfly keyboard ;-)

2019-03-07 18:13 #

7 Unix Commands Every Data Scientist Should Know. I lost track of the number of blog posts I read where the title includes “un*x commands that (data) scientists should know.” I expect that soon or later mastering deep learning techniques will be a mandatory skill as well. Anyway, this gentle tutorial is well tied up, so go read it if you want to refresh your memory.

2019-03-07 18:09 #

So it seems that we will be done with The Expanse, Season 1, tonight.

2019-03-07 18:07 #

Nice. I spent some time checking Dimitri Fontaine’s Github repo, in particular his advent of code in Common Lisp. I am currently reading his book on PostgreSQL, but I couldn’t resist reading some Lisp code after lunch.

2019-03-07 09:39 #

Exterminate Magit buffers: Quite useful tip if like me you happen to kill your Magit buffers by hand. #emacs

2019-03-07 07:57 #

Viewing Matrices & Probability as Graphs. With great illustrations. For those interested in catgeory theory, the other posts are worth a look too. See, e.g. this booklet on arXiv (PDF, 50 pp.). #maths

2019-03-07 07:54 #

Rash - The Reckless Racket Shell. (via @NlightNFotis) #scheme

2019-03-06 19:24 #

Natural Gradient Descent. Be sure to check the rest of the site. I just added it to my RSS reader.

2019-03-06 14:21 #

Vim within Emacs: A very good read even if you’re not versed into Spacemacs. #emacs

2019-03-06 10:06 #

Better than time? gnomon is a command line utility to prepend timestamp information to the standard output of another command.

2019-03-06 07:19 #

Doing work as it shows up.

2019-03-05 21:09 #

  Beirut, No No No.

2019-03-05 14:40 #

As I am using Postgresql a lot these days, I thought I would import a large CSV file (1 Go) to see if I can play with in-database tools from dplyr & Co. I will probably need this for work so it’s worth the effort. I started with a Stata file that I read using haven, and I converted it to a CSV using data.table::fwrite. This already eated up all my RAM. Now, I’m using csvkit to import the CSV file into a Postgresql local database. Well, it says a lot about the process:

2019-03-05 13:01 #

I guess I just found another org-powered user! #emacs

2019-03-05 12:36 #

Just added to my Papers list: Mean and median bias reduction in generalized linear models. See also the brglm2 R package. #rstats

2019-03-05 11:54 #

I haven’t written a single line of Latex in a long time, but it looks like we now get Font Awesome for free in our TeX distribution. (via @kaz_yos)

2019-03-05 11:51 #

It’s astonishing how much work has been done regarding working with database using R. We now have dbplot and modeldb (not to be confused with this one). (via @theotheredgar) #rstats

2019-03-05 07:37 #

syn uses OS X’s natural language processing tools to tokenize and highlight text. Nice utility to add to my writing stack. It is used by Emacs wordsmith-mode. #emacs

2019-03-04 20:57 #


2019-02-28 20:33 #

Okay, so it looks like we started with season 2 of The Expanse instead of season 1. Great! That may well explain why we didn’t understand anything during the first episodes.

2019-02-28 19:56 #

Prompted by a recent Twitter question, I was about to benchmark some R packages to process large files. However, there already seems to be a very nice post about this: Working with pretty big data in R. #rstats

2019-02-28 18:31 #

Today was my first attempt at building a Flask site, using a boilerplate Bootstrap theme, and a Postgresql backend. Done. On reflection, I wonder why I continue to maintain PHP websites.

2019-02-28 09:25 #

Principles and Techniques of Data Science. Nice ressource to have! It’s been written using Jupyter book, btw. #python

2019-02-28 08:03 #

This Elisp cheatsheet (PDF) is really great. #emacs

2019-02-28 07:46 #

Anatomy of a logistic growth curve, by Tristan Mahr. Nice looking visualization and clearly a non mathy but well put explanation of the logistic curve. I wish I read this earlier, when I started teaching psychometrics. #rstats

2019-02-28 07:33 #

Immersive Linear Algebra. #maths

2019-02-27 18:15 #

Trying out Travis CI for a Bookdown project. I’m already at the third failure and it starts to be painful. #rstats