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2020-03-30 18:17 #

Travis Hinkelman is again hacking with Chez, this time on “data frame” objects. #scheme

2020-03-30 18:12 #

Writing an OS in Rust, by Philipp Oppermann. #rust

2020-03-30 12:25 #

Writing a Ph.D. thesis with Org Mode (via Irreal). Screenshots look like some king of magic!

2020-03-30 12:19 #

For 35 years, Apple’s been telling me this thing should called a pointer, and I’ve been following along, mainly because I thought the distinction between a pointer and a cursor was useful. Are there no standards anymore? Is nothing sacred? — Foiled again?

2020-03-30 12:15 #

Grab your crayons, it’s coloring time!. When I saw this on HN, I immediately thought of one of Bill Huber’s wonderful answer on Cross Validated. Hope you’re doing fine, btw!

Sometimes we can “augment knowledge” with an unusual or different approach. I would like this reply to be accessible to kindergartners and also have some fun, so everybody get out your crayons! — whuber on Cross Validated

2020-03-30 09:54 #

Nice weather today (cold, though), day #14 in the middle of nowhere.

2020-03-29 09:06 #

Since many people have discovered a passion for epidemiology these days, and are in the process of becoming apprentice statisticians, this should keep them busy for the weekend: Epidemiology for the uninitiated..

2020-03-29 09:05 #

I now have plenty of time, why not reading GAM in R, which I bookmarked so long ago? #rstats

2020-03-27 21:03 #

Log only impure actions. (…) You may still have some code that occasionally executes impure actions, but largely, most of the code is pure. If you know the inputs to all the pure code, you can reproduce that part of the code. This means that you only need to log the non-deterministic parts: the impure actions. Particularly, you need to log the outputs from the impure actions, because these impure output values become the inputs to the next pure block of code. — Repeatable execution