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2021-02-15 09:58 #
2021-02-14 20:08 #

Probably one of the last pie I’ll be cooking in this appartment.

2021-02-14 20:07 #
2021-02-14 20:02 #

My impression now is that they feel like it has too many cool new things; and that a few things didn’t quite make it in even with the extended release cycle. So it’s looking likely to me that 1.7 will actually be the LTS; but that it might also be a feature release – possibly this time a much shorter release period than usual. In practice I think for a lot of package maintainers 1.6 will be a LTS, in that that is the oldest version they will make sure to continue to support. There have been too many cool new things (as this post will detail) to stay back to only 1.0 features. Already a lot of packages have dropped support for Julia versions older than 1.3. — Julia 1.6: what has changed since Julia 1.0?

2021-02-14 20:01 #

Racket v8.0 is out. #racket

2021-02-11 13:19 #

Neovim and Rust. #vim #rust

2021-02-11 13:18 #