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2020-11-04 19:54 #

Genstat is really one of the only statistical package that I never tried. A few days ago, it came to my attention that there’s also the ASReml R package that I never used for mixed-effect models. #rstats

2020-11-04 19:44 #

I’m sick since 4 days now. Kinda like a flu, except that it’s not really a flu, but just because I have so many medication alongside, I’m just out of order all day long. So I’m left with music (since I can’t really read any book), and now it’s time for a lovely live.

2020-11-04 12:25 #

Lovely digital minimalism, and light TUI themes.


2020-11-04 12:24 #

Shrink PDF. Postscript forever.

2020-11-04 12:16 #

My preferred color scheme for Stata graphics remains plotplain, although there are many nice alternatives. TIL about stata-scheme-modern. #stata

2020-11-03 12:19 #
2020-11-03 12:16 #

My distro-hopping days had come to an end. I just wanted a system that would let me code, write, and browse the Web. I chose the easy way. — Emacs and Emanuele Severino

2020-10-27 09:39 #

Nice online textbook on the Design of Experiments.