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2020-01-20 14:30 #

pdoc is a library and a command line program to discover the public interface of a Python module or package. #python

2020-01-20 14:28 #

xsv is a command line program for indexing, slicing, analyzing, splitting and joining CSV files. #rust

2020-01-20 13:44 #

On lui donne 8000 euros en tout, et avec interdiction de l'utiliser pour payer des salaires, et obligation d'utiliser la totalité avant la fin de l'année fiscale, parce que sinon les gestionnaires du ministère n'arriveront pas à reporter les sommes sur l'année suivante… (…) D'ailleurs il paraît que les lauréats américain et japonais n'ont pas encore compris que les 8 000 € qu'on leur avait envoyés constituaient la totalité de leur financement, et ils les ont utilisés pour acheter leurs billets d'avion et réserver leur hôtel à Paris. — Make our galaxy great again, Les dessous de paillasse.

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2020-01-17 10:02 #

I will give mathematician's credit for thinking about edge cases perhaps more than a computer scientist would. It can be easy to be a bit complacent with edge cases because the computer will likely do something even if you don't think too hard about what it ought to do. But a good computer scientist tries to reduce the number of edge cases or at least make them coherent with the non-edge cases. — Math is hard, let's go shopping

2020-01-17 09:49 #

A guide to Minimalist Web Design: I really like the vertical progress bar. Also,

you don’t need more space. you need less stuff.

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2020-01-16 09:58 #

In the LATEX world, we must acknowledge the fact that endosymbiosis is not as widespread as it should be. What we usually observe is the opposite phenomenon: the proliferation of a multitude of dif- ferent packages that are meant to work together, or do more or less the same thing, instead of becoming one single and bigger animal. — Classes, styles, conflicts: The biological realm of LATEX (PDF)