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2020-07-26 18:37 #

R packages can be just a way to organise code, nothing more. By following a certain structure and a few rules we get to benefit from a whole bunch of tools designed just for packages. — Data Science Workflows.

2020-07-24 21:07 #

Draw Lindenmayer Systems with Common LISP. #lisp

2020-07-24 20:49 #

  Nick Cave & The bad Seeds, The Abattoir Blues Tour.

2020-07-23 13:50 #

Slowly going back to my unread feeds in Today is After WWDC 2020: bittersweet Mac. #apple

2020-07-23 13:45 #

Logistic regression is not fundamentally a classification algorithm.

The problem arises from logistic regression often being taught as a “classification” algorithm in the machine learning world. I was personally not taught this way– I learned from econometricians that you can use either probit or “logit” as general linear models in the event you want to estimate on a binary target variable, and that these models calculate probabilities. Thinking about logistic regression as a probability model easily translates to the classification case, but the reverse simply does not seem to be true. — Why Do So Many Practicing Data Scientists Not Understand Logistic Regression?

2020-07-22 21:12 #