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Random notes

December 11, 2011

Some (old) random notes found by chance on my iPhone.

The use of IRT modeling has also been discussed in the context of gene-environment intercation, see Waller, N.G. and Reise, S.P. (1989). Genetic and environmental influences on item response pattern scalability, Behavior Genetics, 22(2): 135-152.

Cronbach, L. J., & Gleser, G. C. (1965). Psychological tests and personnel decisions. Urbana: University of Illinois Press; Gulliksen, H. (1950). Theory of mental tests. New York: Wiley; Lord, F. M., & Novick, M. R. (1968). Statistical theories of mental test scores. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

(See here to know how abstracts looked like in plain typewriter font.)

But see Lisrel MG-CFA procedure. More papers:

  - Hernández, A. and González-Romá, V. (2003). [Evaluating the multiple-group mean and covariance structure analysis model for the detection of differential item functioning in polytomous ordered items]( Psicothema, 15(2): 315-321.
  - Wu, A.D., Li, Z., and Zumbo, B.D. (2007). [Decoding the Meaning of Factorial Invariance and Updating the Practice of Multi-group Confirmatory Factor Analysis: A Demonstration With TIMSS Data]( PARE Online, 12(3).
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