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Minor update on SAS2R

June 13, 2018

I am slowly updating my latest textbook on using R in clinical trials. This is painful work but it has to be done.

When I came back to this little R companion to Dmitrienko et al's textbook on the Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS , I first checked what I did in the last commit. But, oh my! It was almost two years ago, and it is plain Sweave. Now, I am back to finish the work, hopefully. I remain admiring the productivity of some people, like Thomas Mailund who, despite life events, keep up the good work with publishing R books.

I don't plan to work on this textbook again (because of life events, precisely), so don't expect any more updates.

Still, it remains painful to read SAS code when we have such elegant alternative solutions like R or Stata, notwithstanding the fact that I am no longer that interested in medical statistics. I am not super productive these days. I never was, but I know I will never be now. Anyway, here we are: I am slowly working on it again. The project is still on GitHub.

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