Here is a list of things I like to work on when time allows. As you will guess pretty quickly, I can leave those things hanging out for years, but there is always a chance that this stuff will be finished someday. Note that these pages are a resurrection of my previous website, and I left a lot of materials behind.

If you are looking for my old teaching ressources, almost everything should be on the Teaching page.

Current work in progress

  • Stata Starter Kit  www  github
    A series of standalone modules to learn a bit of Stata, for those who might be interested. [in French]

  • R Starter Kit  www  github
    Same as above, just for R. [in French]

  • Statistics for Clinical Trials: Applications Using R  PDF  github
    A short tutorial on using R to perform common statistical analysis à la SAS.

Past work mostly defunct

  • A Visual Guide to R Graphics and Data Mungling  PDF  github
    A small cookbook for lattice and ggplot2 graphics.

  • R Companion to Montgomery’s Design and Analysis of Experiments  PDF  github
    A handbook of statistical analysis specific to design of experiments using R.