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2023-11-22 14:34 #

A Very Subtle Bug, or how to re-enable SIGPIPE in the subprocess child. #python

2023-11-22 14:31 #

My general advice for maximizing the battery is only use your battery as much as you need, i.e. charge it as often as possible, and as little as possible. If you need a rule of thumb, stay within 30%-80%. Wouldn’t charging a lithium battery to 80% only defeat the purpose of putting the battery into longer use in the first place?

2023-11-22 14:29 #

Poor man “fd(find)” command:

find . -iname "*$1*" 2>/dev/null
2023-11-21 13:53 #

The qeML package: “Quick and easy” wrappers for machine learning. Norm Matloff also published a new book. #rstats

2023-11-21 13:53 #

♪ New Order · Sub-Culture

2023-11-21 12:44 #

TIL that Spotify originally relied on Fisher-Yates algorithm to shuffle their playlists.

2023-11-16 12:45 #

A computer game taking the shape of instant messaging software. The inherently paradoxical goal of the game requires no small amount of strategy, wit and cunning: The main objective is gaining as large a following of people as possible while simultaneously getting as many people as possible banned from the game. — Explaining the Internet in 2020

2023-11-16 10:11 #

Environment variables for Wayland hackers.

Note to myself:


Enables Wayland for Mozilla products (notably Firefox) if set to 1. Firefox uses GTK so setting GTK_BACKEND=wayland will force it to run on Wayland regardless of if MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND. However, it will default to X on GDK_BACKEND=wayland,x11 unless MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 is set.
2023-11-16 10:11 #

There are a lot of small websites on the Internet: Interesting websites, beautiful websites, unique websites. Unfortunately they are incredibly hard to find. You cannot find them on Google or Reddit, and while you can stumble onto them with my search engine, it is not in a very directed fashion. — The Small Website Discoverability Crisis

2023-11-15 12:10 #

Human optimism leads us to believe that we can easily know where a program spends most of its time. — Four Kinds of Optimisation