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2020-07-05 21:37 #

But there is one language that seems to inspire a peculiar universal reverence: Lisp. Keyboard crusaders that would otherwise pounce on anyone daring to suggest that some language is better than any other will concede that Lisp is on another level. Lisp transcends the utilitarian criteria used to judge other languages, because the median programmer has never used Lisp to build anything practical and probably never will, yet the reverence for Lisp runs so deep that Lisp is often ascribed mystical properties. — How Lisp Became God’s Own Programming Language

2020-07-05 21:34 #

Hack: Trial and error is the only way we learn anything. — Unix rules for life. (via Irreal)

2020-07-05 21:26 #

It looks like new fonts released by Apple are mostly reserved for 10.14+ users; sadly, the SF Symbols 2 are Catalina only.

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2020-07-03 12:52 #

Here’s a common piece of advice from people who create things: to make better things, make more things. Not only does it give you constant practice at making things, but it gives you more chances at lucking into making a good thing. — 2500

2020-07-03 12:50 #

Now we have established what I believe email is, let’s look at some of the problems with email. To me, the main problems are threefold: (1) Spam, (2) Privacy, (3) Workflow management. — Email Is Not Broken

2020-07-03 12:49 #

entr: Run arbitrary commands when files change.

2020-07-03 12:48 #

It’s kind of a people mapping/profiling system that attempts to connect the dots. Not all the data in the database is accurate, but it’s efficient. — How to Defend Yourself Against Scammers, Corporations, and Government: Hacker’s Perspective