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2023-05-30 09:14 #

img Shoot at night

2023-05-30 09:13 #

Everyone knows that debugging is twice as hard as writing a program in the first place. So if you’re as clever as you can be when you write it, how will you ever debug it? (Brian Kernighan) — Clever Code Considered Harmful

2023-05-30 09:11 #

it also confirmed another sad aspect of being on the spectrum: you can have a very large tolerance for people having bad expectations of you because you learn at an early age that you must accommodate others in order to survive. — Autism is everywhere and in everything

2023-05-27 13:55 #

img Pretty little music player. See this review for more details.

2023-05-27 13:47 #

♪ P!nk · Bad Influence

2023-05-27 13:42 #

Or maybe I’m just an old guy looking back and romanticizing the early days. I’m back to coding in C again, writing little inconsequential games to amuse myself. Or maybe there was something a little magical then. Simpler times? — Same Stop

2023-05-25 12:48 #

The people who insist that the manpages are all you need will sometimes dismiss guide-type documentation as tedious to work through; they’d rather learn things from a reference, they say, because that way they can jump around in it and look for the specific bits that are relevant to them right now. And that’s fine—if they’re right that the stuff they’re skipping over isn’t relevant to them. But it also has negative practical consequences. — I Didn’t Learn Unix By Reading All The Manpages

2023-05-24 12:33 #

Nice stuff. The evolution of a Scheme programmer. You may also like The Evolution of a Haskell Programmer. #scheme #haskell

2023-05-23 13:02 #

At the time, however, Linux didn’t seem to have a word processor (I’m sure it actually did). What did people use to write documents? When I asked someone at the local Linux Users’ Group about this, they told me about LaTeX. And that began a very long love affair with typesetting in general and TeX in particular. I have used some variation of TeX/LaTeX to write pretty much every paper, every article, every talk, every letter, every slide, and every lecture I’ve written for the last twenty-five years. — Beautiful Documents with Groff

2023-05-23 12:48 #

It basically boils down to two things - using type hints as much as possible, and upholding the good ol’ making illegal states unrepresentable principle. — Writing Python like it’s Rust