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2021-10-20 12:48 #

Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing, by the author of $\TeX$ by Topic.

2021-10-20 12:41 #

Back to Bandcamp.

2021-10-14 21:02 #

I need to put that on a Post-it note as an example of how to explain a script. The best part? It would fit on a Post-it note. — More shell, less egg

2021-10-08 19:55 #

Statistics as algorithmic summarization. Reminds me of Efron’s introductory chapter on statistical machinery in Computer Age Statistical Inference.

2021-10-08 19:52 #

Type theory was developed to be an alternative to set theory as the foundation of mathematical proofs in symbolic logic due to its ability to solve some contradictions stemming from naive set theory. — Where do Type Systems Come From?