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2023-01-27 11:08 #

Listening to the last album from Tindersticks, Stars at Noon. Great artwork, as always. Now I need to buy their Past Imperfect compilation, which featured a limited edition box set comes with a double LP of Live at Glasgow City Halls, 5th October 2008.

2023-01-24 21:30 #

Users who want to block all such external mediaanalysisd look-ups can do so using a software firewall to block outgoing connections to Apple’s servers by that process through port 443. That may well disable other macOS features. — Is Apple checking images we view in the Finder?

2023-01-24 21:27 #

Twenty years-old stuff that are still lying around, even though I wear the ring most of the time.


2023-01-24 21:21 #

Secure Ubuntu 18.04 server setup: Never tried to use an encrypted LVM volume unlockable via SSH. It looks like an interesting approach:

Applying encryption is fast when it is done upon creation: since the initial contents of the partition are ignored, they are not encrypted; only new data will be encrypted as it is written. — Ubuntu LVM Encryption

2023-01-24 21:18 #

♪ Massive Attack · Inertia Creeps

2023-01-23 14:24 #

Algorithms for Modern Hardware is a gold mine in the field of high performance computing.

2023-01-23 09:50 #

Elements of Data Science is “an introduction to data science for people with no programming experience. My goal is to present a small, powerful subset of Python that allows you to do real work in data science as quickly as possible.” Great work by Allen Downey as always.

2023-01-23 09:40 #

In fact, the vast majority of my editing tasks – probably as much as 98% – are performed exactly as if I was in Vim. (For the other 2% I’ve invented my own Vim-style keybinds.) Normally, I don’t notice that I’m actually not in Vim. The fact that I happen to be running the Emacs process is a mere technicality. — On Escape Meta Alt Control Shift

2023-01-21 19:13 #

RIP Tweetbot. Ironically, I started my review of this app by saying that Twitter retracted their own client for OS X long ago; now they simply suspended access to 3rd party clients.

2023-01-20 11:28 #

♪ Carpenter Brut · Maniac (feat. Yann Ligner)