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2021-01-19 19:13 #

I already have all my emails on my laptop since several years. I am about to transfer more than1500 MP3 files to my Music library. Next step: Get back all my hi-res photos from the cloud.

2021-01-18 09:24 #

Unix as IDE. See also the ebook version.

2021-01-18 09:17 #
2021-01-18 09:15 #

It’s hard to contest that Neovim’s achievement happened because of its approachable development process focused on maintainability and velocity, while in contrast, it could be argued that current progress in Emacs happens despite its development process. (and a bunch of other very good points in this article) — The values of Emacs, the Neovim revolution, and the VSCode gorilla

2021-01-17 20:25 #

What you need on Sunday evening when you’re looking for a specific file in your “Papers” directory:

alias bibfind="bibtex-ls ~/org/references.bib \
  | fzf --multi --ansi \
  | rg -o --color never '[a-z0-9\-]+$' \
  | xargs -I % sh -c 'fdfind % ~/Documents/papers' \
  | xargs -I % sh -c 'xdg-open %'"

Note that this requires fzf-bibtex, rg and fd, but the later two can easily be replaced with the standard ̀grep and find tools.

2021-01-15 20:24 #
2021-01-15 20:23 #
2021-01-15 20:18 #

MacOS in Virtualbox. It just works. It would sound weird to install macOS on top of Ubuntu, but I appreciate that the author stays at Mojave, which is probably the latest version of macOS in line with OS X’s original spirit.

2021-01-15 20:07 #

I gave up with calcurse to manage my TODOs and agenda. I’m probably not an agenda’s guy. However, I added cmus to my TUI toolbelt and it’s now my default music player. If only the Latitude 7310 had a better built-in sound system.

2021-01-13 20:44 #