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2019-12-13 11:08 #

This new thing, Dash, by the Plotly team looks so nice! First time I see a serious contender to Shiny for visual analytics dashboards.

2019-12-13 10:24 #
2019-12-12 20:27 #

I know a lot of people dislike semantic versioning. They hate how requires incrementing the major version number every time a breaking change is made.
I consider it to be a good thing.
You should pause and carefully consider making a change that will break people’s current code.
You should be ashamed if your project is at version 43.0.0 because you’ve made 42 breaking changes. That’s 43 times you’ve disregarded your users’ time! That’s a bad thing! — Volatile Software

2019-12-12 20:23 #

Python VS Common Lisp, workflow and ecosystem. Really nice review, and I was happy to find a reference to one of Steve Losh's very nice post: A Road to Common Lisp. #lisp

As you learn Common Lisp and look for libraries, try to suppress the voice in the back of your head that says “This project was last updated six years ago? That’s probably abandoned and broken.” The stability of Common Lisp means that sometimes libraries can just be done, not abandoned, so don’t dismiss them out of hand.

2019-12-12 20:21 #

Writing Isn’t Magic; It’s Hard Work
I used to struggle to get my thoughts onto the page because the first time I put them down, they were complete crap. The second time I put them down, they were also crap. And the third time. And the fourth time. And the fifth time. But each time, what I was writing got a little bit better, and eventually I realized that by approximately the fiftieth time I revised something, I’d have something really good; therefore, if I wanted to write something worth reading, all I had to do was put in the time and effort to revise it enough times. — My Year In Review: 2019

So nothing unusual about what I write sometimes looks like shit: I never reread more than one and a half times.

2019-12-12 20:12 #

Racket and Geiser — still working after all those years! This is mostly like R REPL, but with inline graphics like in iPython using Qt console. #emacs

2019-12-12 10:56 #

TIL there's something like a new TeX compiler available on the market of typesetting: The Tectonic Typesetting System.

2019-12-11 20:59 #

The terms “blockchain” and “distributed ledger technology (DLT)” are very often used as synonyms. Guess what: they are not! — Blockchain vs. DLT: What's The Difference?

2019-12-11 20:51 #

It's not about hoarding the riches for Twitter: it's about baking an ever-increasing pie that everyone can have a slice of. — Twitter's Project Bluesky

On a related note (re. Twitter, not decentralized social networks), I recently reduced the number of people I was tracking (1200+) to less than 390 and my timeline has become much more readable. I believe the noise was mostly coming from too much RTs from folks I followed once for some interesting threads but whose own tweets flow did not last over time. My own centers interest have surely evolved as well. Apologies for those I've unfollowed and still follow me on Twitter. I can't promise I'll come back someday, but you have this micro-blog in the meantime.

2019-12-11 20:45 #

I just plugged this good old fci-mode into my Emacs config. Indent guides were already a really nice add-on, but the 80-char ruler is really useful if you're versed into PEP8 and the like. #emacs