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2024-01-25 09:15 #

♪ Passenger · Summer Rain

2024-01-24 12:07 #

TIL about Faircamp which looks amazing.

2024-01-24 11:28 #

I recently switch from MC 1.19.4 with Forge and Optifine to MC 1.20.4 with Iris and Sodium. Now I got a lot more mods available with less frictions overall. And it looks like we can now play MC on a laptop with texture packs and shaders all time long.

It’s probably time to stop building on 1.19.4 I guess, and just start a new survival journey.


2024-01-24 09:01 #

This difficulty is often not due to math - because of the aforementioned frameworks machine learning implementations do not require intense mathematics. An aspect of this difficulty involves building an intuition for what tool should be leveraged to solve a problem. This requires being aware of available algorithms and models and the trade-offs and constraints of each one. — Why is machine learning ‘hard’?

2024-01-22 21:07 #

♪ Kendra Morris · Dry

2024-01-16 21:17 #

Lots of tips and tricks for Mathematica aficionados.

2024-01-16 21:15 #

When optimising code, never guess, always measure. — When Optimising Code Measure

2024-01-16 21:11 #

TIL about Asahi Linux. Looks cool, although Ubuntu LTS already runs fine on my Mac, but it’s an old one, not one of the newest cool kids made in Silicon.

2024-01-16 21:10 #