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2024-07-15 13:50 #

Lot of useful tips and tricks for Zsh users. I particularly like the hash -d approach for directory bookmarks. #unix

2024-07-15 13:34 #

♪ Editors · Formaldehyde

2024-07-07 10:57 #

♪ Archive · Sleep

2024-06-27 18:01 #

I finally got ride of most of the (Neo)vim packages I was only using on an occasional basis, which led me to the following setup: (I barely use Rust, but I happen to read some Rust code from time to time.)

» tree -L 3 pack
└── plugins
    ├── opt
    │   ├── haskell-tools.nvim
    │   ├── molten-nvim
    │   └── rustaceanvim
    └── start
        ├── fzf-lua
        ├── nvim-treesitter
        ├── nvim-treesitter-textobjects
        └── vimtex

Also, I deleted my custom colorscheme, even if I was just using zenbones for the past few months, and I switched to the builtin quiet colorscheme, which is great (pending some minor changes which I implemented in an autocommand). Good-bye orgmode as well, especially since I don’t use the agenda and capture stuff. #vim

2024-06-27 18:00 #

♪ Northside · Tour de World

2024-06-25 11:27 #

After 4 years I think fzf-lua remains one of my favorite Neovim plugin. That being said, it is also one of the most astonishing GitHub project where the author is so active that all issues are resolved in due time while he is also providing useful tips all time. Last find is how live grep could potentially handle current word (C-r C-w doesn’t work when using Fzf terminal). #vim

2024-06-21 12:47 #

“Vim experts” don’t prefer buffers over tabs: they use buffers as the file proxies they are and tab pages as the workspaces they are. Buffers and tab pages have different purposes so preferring one to the other makes no sense whatsoever. — Why do Vim experts prefer buffers over tabs?

2024-06-20 20:47 #


2024-06-20 20:19 #

A good understanding of Vim’s various lists is a massive productivity boost — it’s taken me many years of Vim use to truly appreciate this. — Vim’s useful lists.

2024-06-20 13:21 #

♪ New Order · Truth