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  Stefano di Battista, Cosa avete fatto a Solande.

2022-01-20 13:32 #

Luschny’s webpage cites, for example, recent treatments of the subject by leading mathematicians such as Terence Tao. And his most compelling argument, from my personal perspective, is the way he unveils the early publications: I learned from him that my own presentation of the story, in The Art of Computer Programming and much more extensively in Concrete Mathematics, was a violation of history! I had put words and thoughts into Bernoulli and Euler’s minds that were not theirs at all. This hurt, because I’ve always tried to present the evolution of ideas faithfully; in this case I’d fooled myself, by trying to conform what they wrote to what I’d learned. — Concrete Mathematics and Bernoulli

2022-01-19 20:42 #

  Current 93, All the Pretty Little Horses.

2022-01-17 15:15 #

The worst possible way to learn Rust is by vaguely looking at it, or trying some small stuff, in short scattered sessions at night after your demanding work. Sure you did learn a few languages like this before, so you may be confident in your abilities. But at some point in Rust, and it may come soon, you’ll encounter a higher step and if you don’t fight it with concentration and dedication, you risk not overcome it. — How not to learn Rust

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