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TV shows

Here is a list of TV shows I watched over the past few years, along with personal ratings.

I haven’t watched TV in about ten years, probably even before I removed the TV from my room. I didn’t really like series until I avidly watched 24 every week for many weeks. Since then I occasionally watch TV series, alone or with my son, on Apple Tv or Netflix. I prefer to wait for whole seasons to be available, and watch them at a safe pace (one or two episodes a day). Anyway, it all looks like a lot of screen time today.

Title Date Seasons (Ep.) Rating
Mindhunter20222 (19)★★★★☆
3% (S1)20221 (10)★★☆☆☆
Secret City20222 (12)★★★★☆
Sense820222 (24)★★★★☆
Kiss Me First20221 (6)★★☆☆☆
Altered Carbon20222 (18)★★★☆☆
Severance20221 (9)★★☆☆☆
Teen Wolf20226 (100)★★☆☆☆
The Witcher2021+2 (16)★★★★☆
Homeland20218 (96)★★★☆☆
Biohackers20212 (12)★★☆☆☆
The 1002020+7 (100)★★★★☆
Black Mirror2020+5 (22)★★★★★
Fargo20204 (41)★★★☆☆
The Leftovers (S1)20201 (10)★★★☆☆
Battlestar Galactica20204 (76)★★★☆☆
American Gods20203 (26)★★☆☆☆
Killing Eve20204 (32)★★★★☆
The Rook20201 (8)★★★☆☆
Euphoria (S1)20191 (9)★★★★☆
12 Monkeys20194 (47)★★★★★
Westworld20194 (33)★★★★☆
Chernobyl20191 (5)★★☆☆☆
The Expanse20196 (62)★★★★☆
Occupied20193 (24)★★★★☆
24*20199 (192)★★★★☆
The Wire (S1)20181 (13)★★☆☆☆
Vikings2018+6 (89)★★★★☆
The Killing20183 (40)★★★★☆
Game of Thrones20188 (73)★★★★★
Prison Break20185 (90)★★★★☆
The Walking Dead2018+11 (169)★★★★☆
The Bridge20184 (38)★★★★★
Norskov (S1)20181 (10)★★☆☆☆
Jordskott20182 (18)★★★☆☆
The Fall20183 (17)★★★☆☆
Top of the Lake20172 (12)★★★★★
2420179 (192)★★★★☆
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