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The Changelog

    % git log | tail -n 5
    commit 316adb5e3d1ddce5d3d45419b0c035483616e361
    Author: chl <xxxx@xxxx.xxxx>
    Date:   Sun Jan 21 00:57:45 2018 +0100

[2021-09-02] Remove Now page
[2021-06-29] Update base color
[2021-06-14] Update contact informations
[2020-08-20] Update the Archives page
[2020-06-15] Replace Twitter with Matrix for DM
[2019-09-22] Add a Now page
[2019-09-19] Site redesign (CSS, search engine, fonts)
[2019-09-13] Massive retagging (bis)
[2019-08-22] Massive retagging
[2019-08-09] Update a bit of CSS
[2019-04-30] Minor fix to the design of the Micro blog
[2019-01-23] Further improvements to my digital anonymization strategy
[2018-06-29] Add privacy statements
[2018-05-17] Add a Changelog (this page)
[2018-05-09] Add a micro-blog
[2018-05-04] Add Teaching materials
[2018-05-03] Remove Google Search
[2018-04-30] Remove Google Analytics
[2018-04-14] Add a FAQ
[2018-03-09] Update HTML layout and CSS
[2018-03-07] Switch to the Even theme instead of Academic
[2018-02-23] Finish migrating old posts

An even older Changelog can be found here.