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2019-08-16 16:50 #

See also Children of my Hometown.

2019-08-16 16:42 #

And now you can have config files for VS Code as well, thanks to Bodil Stokke: vscode-use-package and vscode-init-script.

2019-08-16 16:38 #

Ok, Fish shell is great: fewer config files–all in a centralized location, btw–, clean syntax. And it works right out of the box without any plugin! Once I figured out how to setup the $PATH variable, I knew I will probably not look back.

2019-08-15 20:30 #

Trying the Fish shell right now. Looks good so far.

2019-08-15 08:35 #

The talk that wasn’t: Lisp is not based on the Lambda Calculus. #lisp

2019-08-15 08:33 #

There is now a JS api for Vega-Lite, and it looks quite awesome (i.e., compared to writing raw JSON specs). #javascript #dataviz

2019-08-15 08:29 #

TIL about Yack!: The Unified Community Browser.

2019-08-15 08:27 #

Season 1 of 12 Monkeys, done.

2019-08-14 09:05 #

Racket 7.4 is out! #racket

2019-08-14 08:55 #

How many of you are still using or even knowing the APL language? I remember that Jan de Leeuw played a bit with R to resurrect it at the REPL several years ago, and that Nick Cox used to use J in addition to Stata. Never used any of those two languages, but the APL book contains a lot of useful information on designing PL.

2019-08-14 08:53 #

TIL about a lot if useful Lisp stuff on Paul Khuong’s old website: contents listed here. #lisp

2019-08-12 21:39 #

Reading another of the excellent blog post by Alex Harsányi, More Timezone Lookup (loading and saving data), I thought it would be good if there were something like a “data.table” module available in Racket. #racket

2019-08-12 21:37 #

If you’re interested in design of experiments and analysis of variance, this textbook is the latest available online I am aware of.

2019-08-12 21:34 #

Doom Emacs tweaks: Org Journal and Super Agenda. Nice post on BSAG website, as always. I personally don’t use Org agenda, although I keep a list of TODO items and web links in separate org files. I once started to keep a daily workbook, but I stopped after a few months. Maybe I should try again. #emacs

2019-08-12 21:32 #

Doing Basic Ass Shit in Haskell: Nice resources on Haskell and functional programming. Each time I promise I will learn more Haskell than one-liner at the ghci prompt, but each time I find myself too lazy, as always. #haskell

2019-08-12 21:29 #

Compared to when I first restarted this site using Hugo, the number of static files has quite significantly increased:

                   |  EN
  Pages            | 1548
  Paginator pages  |  190
  Non-page files   |    0
  Static files     |  689
  Processed images |    0
  Aliases          |   38
  Sitemaps         |    1
  Cleaned          |    0
2019-08-12 21:24 #

Hot off the kitchen (yesterady’s evening and today’s lunch):

I don’t know any borders, and in each case two or three products from different continents were mixed.

2019-08-12 21:23 #

  Jane’s Addiction, Jane’s Addiction (Live).

2019-08-11 21:08 #

Happy meal, from some days ago.

2019-08-11 21:03 #

Tonight I’ll probably end up watching the last episode of Morden i Sandhamn (Season 7). I’m not sure what I’m going to put on the list of things to look at next, but I’ll try to find something as entertaining as Swedish or Danish TV shows.

2019-08-11 21:00 #

Since common-lisp-stat has been very quite the last years or so, I was very happy to find Gary Hollis’s CL data analysis library. Lisp still has a bright future ahead. #lisp

2019-08-11 20:59 #

  Magnus Öström, Parachute.

2019-08-11 20:47 #

Ease of learning vs relearning, by John Cook. Nice points, as always. I have just some minor concerns with the last paragraphs where the author says that the tidyverse is great beacuse of its consistency. First, pending some minor annoyances with the naming convention of formal arguments in base R functions–and recommended packages–, which I always called R’s language idiosyncrasies, I do not find base R that much inconsistent. Second, I disagree with the idea that the tidyverse comes with that much conceptual integrity, for what I used to see. Most importantly, there are so many dedicated functions in, e.g., dplyr, that it goes against the principle of compositionality that we use to like in functional and scripting languages. Finally, what used to be available in a short number of packages, but especially base, is now scattered throughout several packages (forcats, glue, etc.), so that I have a hard time believing that newcomers could find their way as easily as they would with base R only. Anyway, that’s my 2¢, and it is nowhere a critic of Hadley Wickham’s account to the R ecosystem. #rstats

2019-08-11 20:45 #

Some interesting resources on Scheme by Philip Bewig, who you may know if you happen to spend some time on Programming Praxis. There are also nice Awk scripts lurking around on his site. #scheme

2019-08-10 20:35 #

I love the design of Thomas Honeyman’s website. I yet have to find some more time to read (and grasp) his blog posts.

2019-08-10 20:33 #

Nice resource: Functional programming in Clojure. #clojure

2019-08-10 20:31 #

Functional and scripting languages are more concise than procedural and object- oriented languages; C is hard to beat when it comes to raw speed on large inputs, but performance differences over inputs of moderate size are less pronounced and allow even interpreted languages to be competitive; compiled strongly-typed languages, where more defects can be caught at compile time, are less prone to runtime failures than interpreted or weakly-typed languages. — A Comparative Study of Programming Languages in Rosetta Code

2019-08-10 20:30 #

Basic Text Processing in Functional Style. #haskell

2019-08-10 20:28 #

Lisp Flavoured Erlang, or the best of both worlds for s-expr-based distributed systems?