October 20, 2020

As a rule, new users, right after introduction to a few basic commands, start indulging in Vim configuration porn. Such porn has various different flavours. There is the “exhibitionist” variety which includes dressing Vim up in status lines, colorschemes, and font decorations in order to impress others. It often leads to Vim being displayed on videos and, nomen omen, “vim-porn” screenshots. There is an “integrated” category where people plug and stretch their Vim until it resembles an IDE. Git integration, autocompletion, language servers, refactoring, and debugging are the tools of trade in this version. And then there are a few more variants, including “fuzzy”, “packaged”, “conveniently re-mapped”, and I am sure anyone could think up some of their own. — Porn, Zen, and .vimrc