August 31, 2023

Among many of the text-based UIs advantages, I found that the ability to copy-paste almost anything using Vim shortcuts via tmux or the shift+ctrl combo of my terminal emulator is one of my preferred. Here is an excerpt from my long-running (server side) Irssi session, as a tribute to Vim’s creator:

23:57 -A_Dragon(A_D@libera/staff/dragon)- [Global Notice] The Matrix bridge is experiencing continued stability and privacy issues; we have requested it be shut down until they are resolved. Matrix have agreed
          to shut down the bridge no later than 1400UTC on Saturday. Feel free to ask further questions in #libera-matrix
---- Day changed to 05 août 2023
17:35 WALLOP kline:  Bram Moolenaar finally :wq after many years contributing to free software, his relentless hard work making vim arguably the #1 editor in the world. RIP Bram, and thank you for your work.

---- Day changed to 06 août 2023