June 27, 2024

I finally got ride of most of the (Neo)vim packages I was only using on an occasional basis, which led me to the following setup: (I barely use Rust, but I happen to read some Rust code from time to time.)

» tree -L 3 pack
└── plugins
    ├── opt
    │   ├── haskell-tools.nvim
    │   ├── molten-nvim
    │   └── rustaceanvim
    └── start
        ├── fzf-lua
        ├── nvim-treesitter
        ├── nvim-treesitter-textobjects
        └── vimtex

Also, I deleted my custom colorscheme, even if I was just using zenbones for the past few months, and I switched to the builtin quiet colorscheme, which is great (pending some minor changes which I implemented in an autocommand). Good-bye orgmode as well, especially since I don’t use the agenda and capture stuff. #vim