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2021-06-17 09:57 #

Not only in a professional context, but also for private purposes it does make sense to actively read your books/articles. Try to apply some analytical reading, a concept I’ve read about for the first time in How to read a book (book). The idea is to interact with the content you’re reading about: Ask questions, try to link ideas in your mind, make notes, lookup complex definitions. The worst thing you can do is to just passively read something, finish it and then you move on to your next reading. — Note taking in 2021

2021-06-16 21:22 #

The problem with most of these comments is that they convey very little information. Often it is just a repetition of the method name and parameter names in a few more words. These comments may be useful for API:s exposed externally, but in an application where you have access to all the source code, they are mostly useless. If you wonder what the method does, or what the valid input range for a parameter is, you are better off just reading the code to see what it does. These types of comment take up a lot of space without providing much value. — On Comments in Code

2021-06-16 21:18 #
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2021-06-15 13:05 #

R tip of the day (thanks to Pr. Brian Ripley): the equivalent of %paste (or paste) in IPython appears to be source("clipboard") (or equivalently, source(pipe("pbpaste")) for Mac users). #rstats

2021-06-15 10:51 #

R packages that make ggplot2 more beautiful: Vol. I and II. #rstats

2021-06-15 10:48 #

If we think about privacy and the future, I don’t want to be the next KFC Girl[7], so I clean up my drivel. Many of the posts I create on social media have very little thought go into them, so once they’ve served their purpose, they can be deleted. — Why I Delete Old Content