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2024-06-20 09:27 #

TIL that Racket comes with a migration utility for packages installed using a preceding release: raco pkg migrate.

2024-05-08 19:45 #

♪ Tindersticks · What Is A Man

2024-05-05 20:28 #

Grabbing some new tracks from, mostly good old post-punk. Together with music I bought and music I found here and there, I’m nearing 18,000 tracks on my HD. Time to get a NAS I guess.

2024-05-05 18:22 #

I had noticed that many of our live shows were ending really early: a couple times recently, the last band was done and we were closed by 10pm. That seems weird and wrong to me. Especially in the summer: who wants to show up at a night club while the sun is still up? “Why are we doing that?”, I asked. Well, Devon did some research, and the answer seems to be, “Because everyone else is doing that too.” — Wherein this is just a sleepy seaside town now

2024-05-05 18:21 #

♪ Good Lovelies · Blurry Days

2024-04-29 20:47 #

I just tried musikcube as an alternative to cmus. The UI is really great, but I fear I will miss some cmus features, like having different views for albums and playlists, filters, and so on.

2024-04-29 09:35 #

The history of the ROC curve: Interesting read which highlights how it is worth double checking Wikipedia with historical records.

2024-03-26 21:20 #

Lasagna were tasty last week!


2024-03-26 09:20 #

“When the underlying measurements are normally distributed, you can “convert” a range measurement into an estimate for the standard deviation” using the D2 constant. As always, Rick Wicklin wrote a very interesting article for those involved in QC or dealing with small samples. See also On using flexible distributions to fit data for another interesting story.