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2020-08-13 11:04 #

Commas in big numbers everywhere: An OpenType adventure. See also Numderline:

Unfortunately some apps that support basic ligatures don’t support the fancy shaping features I use, including Sublime Text 3 and iTerm2. Other apps like Emacs and most terminals don’t support shaping at all.

2020-08-08 20:42 #

The missing slice of pizza.

2020-08-08 20:25 #

Using Mathematica with Orgmode: It works like a charm! There’s more to see, e.g., Replacing Jupyter with Orgmode (because who likes Jupyter notebook?). #emacs

2020-08-08 20:09 #
2020-08-08 20:07 #
2020-08-08 20:02 #

If I think for 10 minutes and then start typing, I want the typing to take the shortest time possible so I can get back to thinking. Any time I spend typing is an interruption that I want to minimize so I can keep my train of thought. — Coming Home to Vim

2020-08-08 20:00 #

Ask HN: What feature did you find after years of using macOS?.

That I can rely on a terminal with Apple BSD variant and do most of my work. #apple

2020-08-08 19:56 #

38°C today. Same temperature for tomorrow. These are hot days. Hopefully I’m finally done revising all my cli-specific settings: iTerm and zsh, Git, Emacs, Vim. Once the heat wave passes it will be time to do more interesting stuff.

2020-08-06 21:31 #

I’m slowly removing all unnecessary apps on my Macbook. Just so in the end I’ll be living in the dark age of terminal mode. Last removal: Reeder. Since I needed Feedly to sync my feeds between my Macbook and my iPhone, I just find it easier to read blog posts on Feedly directly.