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2023-05-17 13:21 #

TIL about click, a package for creating beautiful command line interfaces in a composable way with as little code as necessary. #python

2023-05-17 13:18 #

Autocompletion is not an aid to make it easier to write code. It does not do that. What it does actually do is make it easier to architect code. Writing code is easy; all it involves is writing text. Any trained monkey can write code. Deciding what to write is decidedly harder. That’s the true task that programmers do. Following from that assertion, writing code and deciding what code to write (designing or architecting) are distinctly separate tasks. Therefore you should not decide what to write as you are writing code. — Why I Don’t Use Autocomplete

2023-05-15 15:32 #

img First peonies of the year.

2023-05-09 21:03 #

For example, you remove an attribute from a class definition. Your existing objects get (lazily) updated to reflect that change, following a rule you even have control upon. You don’t have to restart a process and then re-create your objects. The same is true for Lisp web development. You can create a new route, compile it and try it live without restarting the server. You didn’t have to restart a process. It’s all very interactive with instant feedback! — Why Lisp?

2023-05-09 20:59 #

img Spinach, goat cheese and chorizo.

2023-05-09 20:33 #

Today I had to rollback nvim to a previous state: one or some of the last pushes on the nightly branch broke my LSP setup, which would no longer autostart. No luck, just when I said I never encountered a single breaking change in Neovim core in months. #vim

2023-05-09 11:37 #

Config (282.0 total hours, 5.0% of all time): Time spent on actual Emacs configuration. — 916 days of Emacs

2023-05-09 11:24 #

But there’ll be winners and losers – everyone agrees. If it’s good, then the productivity gains will be unevenly distributed and those with only basic abilities - in programming, writing, music will be replaced by the machines, or by someone using a machine to produce a lot more of the product. If it’s bad, the people using the AI will benefit but those at the other end of the algorithm, those subjected to AI-powered policing, healthcare, or hiring are subject to the inaccuracy, bias, or malice built into the system. — The one about AI

2023-05-07 21:29 #

Back to Kitty, as a replacement for Alacritty which I enjoyed using the past few months. I still use Tmux, though. #unix

2023-05-07 21:23 #

I will probably watch Millenium again, and I thought I need to watch Noomi Rapace’s recent movies. Seven sisters (which is not listed on his filmography on Wikipedia) was so great after all. I watched Close two days ago; quite bad, actually. Bright was better, though.