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2023-09-21 08:41 #

Thanks to I can now update the mail notification from Neomutt in Ubuntu notification center since it allows to replace an existing notification. This should be available in more recent versions of notify-send (Ubuntu ≥ 22.10).

set new_mail_command=" --replace-file=/tmp/muttnotification -a neomutt -u low -i neomutt 'New Email' '%n new messages, %u unread.' &"

Beforehand I tried which didn’t quite work.

2023-09-20 09:39 #

The idea is to take a train somewhere (unspecified) for four hours, have lunch, then take another train home. The train would be my 90mph office with scenery for those four hours in each direction, and I’d get to enjoy lunch somewhere new. I’d do a full days work with the view out the window constantly changing. — The 90mph office

2023-09-20 09:36 #

(Python) types are very broad hints and they are sometimes lies. — Compiling typed Python

2023-09-20 09:31 #

Trying out texlab since yesterday. So far it has been working smoothly alongside vimtex and null-ls (to format bibtex files). Last year I played with Tectonic, which looks great, especially if you don’t want to manage a full installation of the $\TeX$ system. Both seem to play well together. #vim #tex

2023-09-20 08:23 #

Exploring the Top Neovim Distributions: LazyVim, LunarVim, AstroVim, and NVChad — Which One Reigns Supreme?: either you get limited capabilities or you are blowing your RAM, right? #vim

2023-09-19 14:52 #

Lovely: pastel.


2023-09-18 15:25 #

Another nice article by Brian Hayes, on AI and the end of programming.

2023-09-18 11:35 #

It appears that Neomutt can be quite slow when filtering/searching emails using body keyword or patterns and the “limit” (l) command. It seems that Neomutt needs to open all emails beforehand, which makes sense but slow down any search operation. Now, as suggested in #3273, we can speed up things a lot by disabling the auto_view text/html feature. My benchmarks confirm those of the poster, with around 13K messages in my Archives. I don’t know how to disable auto_view temporarily, but since I can use mu-find to search my email database, with almost the same syntax, I do’nt have to worry much: results are almost instantaneous!

macro index \Cf "<shell-escape>mutt-mu " "mu find"
macro index gf  "<change-folder-readonly>~/.mu/results<enter>" "mu find results"

Here, mutt-mu is a short shell script for mu find --clearlinks --format=links --linksdir=~/.mu/results "$1".

2023-09-15 16:42 #

Category Theory Illustrated “is a primer in category theory and other mathematical theories that is made to be really accessible to people with no prior exposure to the subject, without being dumbed down, by utilizing visual explanations.”

2023-09-13 21:57 #

OMG, now they call it Drive… #apple