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2021-04-30 19:30 #
2021-04-30 19:25 #

Computer Science from the Bottom Up.

Not everyone wants to attend shop class. Most people only want to drive the car, not know how to build one from scratch. Obviously any general computing curriculum has to take this into account else it won’t be relevant to its students. So computer science is taught from the “top down”; applications, high level programming, software design and development theory, possibly data structures. Students will probably be exposed to binary, hopefully binary logic, possibly even some low level concepts such as registers, opcodes and the like at a superficial level.
This book aims to move in completely the opposite direction, working from operating systems fundamentals through to how those applications are complied and executed.

2021-04-29 14:43 #

Here’s a nice series of tutorials on using Vim effectively, from beginner to more advanced levels: Vim from the ground up. #vim

2021-04-29 13:49 #

git-bug: Distributed, offline-first bug tracker embedded in git, with bridges. (via Brett Terpstra)

2021-04-29 11:46 #

What’s the diff. Nice tip!

2021-04-29 11:31 #

Yesterday I trashed all snap-related stuff on my Ubuntu machine. Why is Ubuntu forcing us to rely on sandboxed apps if we’re only interested in CLI tools and we only use apt and dpkg from a terminal? #unix

2021-04-29 11:25 #

Knowledge or a means of learning is key to emancipate yourself from your own inadequacies. Never make excuses that hinder your potential to learn something new. Always keep an open mind. — Moral lessons from free software and GNU Emacs

2021-04-28 16:06 #

A small collection of useful CSS techniques and a quick reminder that print style sheets are still a thing.

2021-04-28 16:05 # | THE NULL POINTER – file hosting and URL shortening service.