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2024-01-16 21:11 #

TIL about Asahi Linux. Looks cool, although Ubuntu LTS already runs fine on my Mac, but it’s an old one, not one of the newest cool kids made in Silicon.

2024-01-16 21:10 #
2024-01-15 15:16 #

No, really, I’m astonished at how much software is basically useless without an internet connection. Net is no longer something additional to your daily tasks, it is essential for your daily tasks. — We’ve become overdependent on the net

2024-01-15 13:04 #

♪ Jelly Cleaver · Black Line

2024-01-15 12:48 #

Wanna get a plain text list of your Pocket bookmarks? Go to, then apply the following snippet on the HTML result file:

cat YOURFILE.html | grep -o '<a .*href=.*>' | sed -e 's/<a /\n<a /g' | sed -e 's/<a .*href=['"'"'"]//' -e 's/["'"'"'].*$//' -e '/^$/ d' > pocket.txt
2024-01-15 10:19 #

What strikes me about my personal experience with LLMs is that I have learned precisely when to use them and when their use would only slow me down. I have also learned that LLMs are a bit like Wikipedia and all the video courses scattered on YouTube: they help those with the will, ability, and discipline, but they are of marginal benefit to those who have fallen behind. I fear that at least initially, they will only benefit those who already have an advantage. — LLMs and Programming in the first days of 2024

2024-01-11 20:19 #

A simplified boxplot, with (much) fewer Stata commands than the one proposed in this old post:

sysuse auto
graph box mpg,  over(foreign) box(1, color(white)) ///
  medtype(marker) medmarker(mcolor(black) mlwidth(0)) ///
  cwhiskers alsize(0) lines(lpattern(solid) lwidth(medium)) ///
  ylabel(, nogrid) yscale(noline) ///
  title("{bf}Box Plot", pos(11) size(2.75)) ///
  subtitle("City Mileage over number of cylinders", pos(11) size(2))
graph export /home/chl/tmp/better-bxp.eps


2024-01-08 21:07 #

It looks like this site renders properly on sixel-aware terminal with w3m (w3m -sixel -o auto_image=TRUE

2024-01-08 09:07 #

I still hold 14 draft posts in my inbox, but for now let’s start this fresh new year with some good vibes.

2023-12-18 11:29 #

TIL that you can use xeyes to check if an app is running under Wayland or XWayland.