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2023-05-03 20:48 #

Interesting blog post if you want to learn more about Chicken Scheme’s internals: CHICKEN internals: data representation . #scheme

2023-05-03 20:44 #

Functors and monads are powerful design patterns used in Haskell. They give us two cool tricks for analyzing data. First, we can “preprocess” data after we’ve already trained a model. The model will be automatically updated to reflect the changes. Second, this whole process happens asymptotically faster than the standard method of preprocessing. In some cases, you can do it in constant time no matter how many data points you have! — Functors and monads for analyzing data

2023-04-25 12:38 #

♪ Lady Blackbird · It’ll Never Happen Again

2023-04-22 21:35 #

Blade Runner 2049: +1. Although, (1) it is way too long (163'), and (2) the end (I mean, the last hour really) leaves much to be desired. Now, I started watching The Last Kingdom, after Vikings and Vikings Valhala. I guess I will still prefer Vikings over the two other ones. #self

2023-04-22 21:33 #

TIL about vifm. It looks like a much more improved version of lf, and I should probably give it a try some day.

2023-04-22 21:29 #

The Serokell and Tweag blog are really amazing if you are interested in Haskell (or Rust, or Python). Even older posts are still relevant today: Enter the matrix, Haskell style. #haskell

2023-04-22 21:26 #

At some point, I should make a chart to inspect how the tags on the main blog evolved over time. I expect that R progressively faded in after 2016, and that the rate of functional programming language-related posts increase in recent years, while readings and other technical reviews actually remain quite the same as in previous years. #this

2023-04-21 21:56 #

A ChatGPT Emacs shell. Of course. What if we can’t put this right under an Emacs key chord? ;-) Nice work by the way! See also Building A ChatGPT-enhanced Python REPL.

2023-04-21 21:55 #

TIL about another DB backend: How RocksDB works.

2023-04-21 21:54 #

Most of the software I write is not for sure going to become a big system. — Why Perl?