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2021-09-22 19:06 #

For RSS users: Starting now, my RSS entries should include full-length content, and not only the summary of each entry. Enjoy your RSS reader!

2021-09-22 18:55 #

gitui looks like a serious contender to Tig. #git

2021-09-22 14:49 #
2021-09-21 16:37 #

We’ve always had to wait for our code to compile. Now we need to wait for the Docker container to be built, pushed to a registry, pulled down by Kubernetes, and everything else too. — Frustrations of Modern Development.

2021-09-21 15:30 #

The way of Emancs (via Irreal). #emacs

2021-09-21 15:02 #
2021-09-16 09:05 # Color palette generator. (via Brett Terpstra)