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♪ Antony & The Johnsons · You Are My Sister

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The historical justification for a /bin, /sbin and /lib separate from /usr no longer applies today. They were split off to have selected tools on a faster hard disk (which was small, because it was more expensive) and to contain all the tools necessary to mount the slower /usr partition. Today, a separate /usr partition already must be mounted by the initramfs during early boot, thus making the justification for a split-off moot. In addition a lot of tools in /bin and /sbin in the status quo already lost the ability to run without a pre-mounted /usr. There is no valid reason anymore to have the operating system spread over multiple hierarchies, it lost its purpose. — The Case for the /usr Merge

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Tip of the day: If you want to get ride of Ubuntu putting screenshots with arbitrary filenames in arbitrary folder, without resorting on the good old gnome-screenshot tool, just use:

% xdg-user-dirs-update --set PICTURES ~/Media/Pictures
% cd ~/Media/Pictures/Captu*  ## NOTE: update according to your settings
% rename 's/Capture\ d’écran\ d[eu]\ //g;s/\s/-/g' *

Don’t forget to update the last instruction to reflect basename on your system, use a Makefile or shell script to automate the process. Usually, Ubuntu will create a subfolder (“Screenshots” or “Captures d’écran” or whatever) in the default PICTURES folder. What’s funny is that instead of a straight single quote, Ubuntu decided for whatever reason to use a curly quote!

I used to use the following Bash script on X11, but it no longer works under Wayland:

scrot '%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S.png' --thumb 300x200 -e 'mv $m $f ~/Media/Pictures/screenshots'

Here, screenhots is a soft link to the default subfolder where screenshots are saved.

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♪ Apoptygma Berzerk · Until The End Of The World

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