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2023-04-11 10:43 #

Writing lets me do that while also helping me avoid going around in circles. When thoughts are in my head, it’s easy for them to get jumbled up. I miss things, and I keep coming back to the same thoughts, leading to the unproductive ruminating. But writing my thoughts down stops that process. I am forced to organize my thoughts in a coherent manner and to acknowledge when they don’t make sense. Thoughts in my head are like a mixture of dirty water, while writing is like a filter. It removes the nonsense from my thinking. — Why I Blog

2023-04-11 10:41 #
2023-04-10 15:09 #

Farewell @kinkybambou. Even after I left Twitter, I have been following you irregularly to hear from you. I have no words. All of my thoughts to you, Minette, Loulou and Nono.


2023-04-06 11:13 #

Fast reference to common SRFI. Handy bookmark. #scheme

2023-04-06 10:24 #

TIL about ruff, for linting Python code. #python

2023-04-06 10:10 #

If you see a count: int, what kind of guarantee do you have that the count name is actually bound to an int object at runtime? — The different uses of Python type hints

No guarantee at all since Python’s type hints do not enforce type safety: “The Python runtime does not enforce function and variable type annotations.” However, the author makes a good point in exposing the different use cases of type hinting.

2023-04-04 11:36 #

The immediate future is easy to predict, because the same things that has been happening for years will continue to happen: Some of the exciting recent advances will be cancelled out by new compiler regressions due to fancy new compiler features. We users will create still deeper code stacks that racks up latency, even more so with Julia 1.9 now that latency has improved and we can “afford” to do so. — Julia’s latency: Past, present and future

2023-04-03 20:56 #

Trying out J!

» jconsole
   comb=: [:;(,.&.><@:>:@;\.)^:(i.@>:@-~`[`(1:<@i.@{.~<:@-,2:))
   2 comb 3
0 1
0 2
1 2

Reading answer like this makes me think I should have spent more times with J when I first discovered it years ago.

2023-04-03 10:24 #

♪ Avenged Sevenfold · So Far Away

2023-03-27 13:01 #

The Many Faces of an Undying Programming Language. An entertaining discussion of Lisp, Scheme(s), and other dialects. #lisp #scheme