Markdown everywhere

August 9, 2012

The Markdown language has become the de facto lightweight markup language for text editing, and more.

What’s more?

There are certainly lots of other applications I am not aware of.

I like plain text files: these are files that do not weigh heavy on a HD, they can be visualized with any text editor or pager, they are easy to send by email, etc. I used to use Emacs for writing almost everything, and of course there is good support for Markdown and Pandoc. For rendering purpose, I found a nice application (Mac-only): Marked. It’s worth its price! For a free alternative, take a look at Mou. My basic setup at the moment consists in typing my text in Emacs while I have an open Marked preview next to it, as shown below. Simplicity matters.

Markdown and

  1. Aditya Mahajan’s blog, Random Determinism, contains a wealth of information for those interested in Context and vim↩︎

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