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Is coffee soluble in a Macbook?

July 1, 2018

Last week, I spilled a cup of coffee (sweet, of course) on the keyboard of my Macbook 12″ and I had to spend the rest of the week with an external keyboard. It was a first, in both cases!

I already spilled some beer on the function keys a year ago. Apart from a few and less responsive sticky touches it had no other consequences. This time, however, the keyboard simply stopped working, except the power button and the track pad. Hopefully, I had no difficulty to connect a bluetooth Magick Keyboard. The magick keyboard is really great. I love the particular feel of the keys and its size is almost identical to the Macbook in-built keyboard so I don’t really need to readjust the position of my hands. I will keep this option for the case I am working at home.

I finally managed to get my keyboard working again after after disassembling a dozen key. I spent an hour cleaning the keys, their support and the top case. Then I put the Macbook outside. After three hours under the sun, guess what: The keyboard was working again! The usual suspect was probably one of the arrow keys and two of them are apparently dead. Needless to say, with Emacs or Vim keybindings it is not really a problem. Finally, I had another good time putting them back together.

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