Micro posting in January

January 26, 2023


In the beginning, there were blogs, and they were the original social web. We built community. We found our people. We wrote personally. We wrote frequently. We self-policed, and we linked to each other so that newbies could discover new and good blogs. I want to go back there. — Bring back personal blogging (h/t Jack Baty)

2023-01-04: TIL that TeXlive now includes pdfxup as a replacement for the good old pdfnup. Time to update my oldie shell alias alias p2x1="pdfnup --nup 2x1 --landscape --suffix '2x1' --batch ".
2023-01-04: The faker’s guide to reading (x86) assembly language.
2023-01-04: Understanding N + 1 queries problem 01 Jan 2023.
2023-01-04: ♪ Kaiser Chiefs · Ruby
2023-01-17: ♪ John Scofield · Danny Boy

The family therapist Salvador Minuchin declared, “The human experience of identity has two elements: a sense of belonging and a sense of being separate.” This is as good a description of digital identity as it is of our psychological identity. A digital identity contains data that uniquely describes a person or thing but also contains information about the subject’s relationships to other entities. — Defining Digital Identity

2023-01-20: As a sequel of this old post of mine, here is the complete archive of the 467 answers I provided on Cross Validated during ten years or so. Note that this a raw (unedited) HTML, with many tiny bugs along the way, mostly related to Unicode encoding and missing images from imgur. I can probably with the UTF-8 issue by using a different processor than htmldoc. As for the latter, I believe the issue comes from Pandoc, since I retrieved a larger number of images manually using curl (tarball archive).
2023-01-20: ♪ Carpenter Brut · Maniac (feat. Yann Ligner)
2023-01-21: RIP Tweetbot. Ironically, I started my review of this app by saying that Twitter retracted their own client for OS X long ago; now they simply suspended access to 3rd party clients.

In fact, the vast majority of my editing tasks – probably as much as 98% – are performed exactly as if I was in Vim. (For the other 2% I’ve invented my own Vim-style keybinds.) Normally, I don’t notice that I’m actually not in Vim. The fact that I happen to be running the Emacs process is a mere technicality. — On Escape Meta Alt Control Shift

2023-01-23: Algorithms for Modern Hardware is a gold mine in the field of high performance computing.
2023-01-23: Elements of Data Science is “an introduction to data science for people with no programming experience. My goal is to present a small, powerful subset of Python that allows you to do real work in data science as quickly as possible.” Great work by Allen Downey as always.

Users who want to block all such external mediaanalysisd look-ups can do so using a software firewall to block outgoing connections to Apple’s servers by that process through port 443. That may well disable other macOS features. — Is Apple checking images we view in the Finder?

2023-01-24: Twenty years-old stuff that are still lying around, even though I wear the ring most of the time.
2023-01-24: Secure Ubuntu 18.04 server setup: Never tried to use an encrypted LVM volume unlockable via SSH. It looks like an interesting approach:

Applying encryption is fast when it is done upon creation: since the initial contents of the partition are ignored, they are not encrypted; only new data will be encrypted as it is written. — Ubuntu LVM Encryption

2023-01-24: ♪ Massive Attack · Inertia Creeps
2023-01-27: Listening to the last album from Tindersticks, Stars at Noon. Great artwork, as always. Now I need to buy their Past Imperfect compilation, which featured a limited edition box set comes with a double LP of Live at Glasgow City Halls, 5th October 2008.

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