Micro posting in March

March 29, 2023

2023-03-08: Testing my new mapping of the month:

nnoremap <expr> <tab> tabpagenr('$') ==? 1 ? "<C-^>" : ":tabnext<cr>"

Basically, use TAB to switch to the alternate buffer when there’s no other tab, otherwise go to next tab (and cycle). #vim
2023-03-17: Peonia is waiting for its time…

If you type something that looks like a filename, you probably want to prioritize filename matches. When your search query looks like a filepath, you probably want to use an algorithm designed for filepath matching. This makes zf a “do what I mean” program. — A different approach to fuzzy finding

2023-03-20: Together with Vinfo, dpans2texi makes it easy to navigate through CL help files. Be sure to apply the following patch as well. #vim #lisp

2023-03-20: ♪ Plain White T’s · Hey There Delilah
2023-03-23: Multiple Linear Regression in SQL with Only SUM() and AVG(). For those interested in multiple regression and residualized regressors as well! #statistics

Deforming programs so they are ‘iterative’ in order that they do not run out of the stack we imagine to be so costly is ridiculous: if you have a program which is inherently recursive, let it be recursive. — The absurdity of stacks

2023-03-27: The LAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage) online document browser is really nice. TIL there’s even a routine to perform QR factorization without pivoting to a real or complex matrix (related R package: QR).
2023-03-27: The Many Faces of an Undying Programming Language. An entertaining discussion of Lisp, Scheme(s), and other dialects. #lisp #scheme
2023-03-27: littler 0.3.18 on CRAN. It’s been a faithful and reliable alternative to Rscript for a long time now (17 years and counting). #rstats

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