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April 29, 2021

2021-04-01: I wonder who’s behind this project: Welcome to Lisp-Stat: An environment for Statistical Computing. #lisp
2021-04-01: Causal Inference: The Mixtape: An accessible, contemporary introduction to the methods for determining cause and effect in the social sciences.
2021-04-01: Cross-validation: what does it estimate and how well does it do it? (PDF, 36 pp.)
2021-04-01: You’re probably measuring your treatment effect incorrectly.
2021-04-06: > Typography matters because it helps conserve the most valuable resource you have as a writer—reader attention. — Practical Typography
2021-04-06: Fed up with the Mac, I spent six months with a Linux laptop. The grass is not greener on the other side. #apple
2021-04-07: I just realized today that the kitty terminal emulator that I installed on Ubuntu 20.04 is kitty v15, which is missing lot of features from most recent releases (at least the one I have on my Macbook).
2021-04-07: 20 years of Mac OS X - Some of my favourite features. #apple
2021-04-08: Cooking and drinking.

2021-04-08: All The Important Features and Changes in Python 3.10. #python
2021-04-08: Easy text transmission from computer to smartphone. Lovely use of Un*x pipes and QR code.
2021-04-08: TEX Version 3.141592653.

Build systems for small programs or libraries will often spend 10+ seconds running configure and complete the actual compilation and linking in a fraction of that time. In other words, the setup to perform the build takes longer than the build itself! — Surprisingly slow

2021-04-12: Great work in Victor’s new post: Python behind the scenes #10: how Python dictionaries work. #python
2021-04-12: Just found out lovely pictures from this website, especially in the “plants” category.
2021-04-12: How to make an awesome Python package in 2021. #python
2021-04-12: SQLean: all the missing SQLite functions. #database
2021-04-12: Using PyTorch + NumPy? You’re making a mistake. #python

We are now in the 2020 year, and this is also the year that Lisp would become 62 years old! That is an impressive age for a programming language. With that said that does not mean that the concepts and ideas developed in Lisp are old. — Starting with Common Lisp in 2020

2021-04-14: Predictive performance of machine and statistical learning methods: Impact of data-generating processes on external validity in the “large N, small p” setting.
2021-04-15:   Jeanne Added, Be Sensational.

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams mentions an extremely dull planet, inhabited by a bunch of depressed humans and a certain breed of animals with sharp teeth which communicate with the humans by biting them very hard in the thighs. This is strikingly similar to UNIX, in which the kernel communicates with processes by sending paralyzing or deadly signals to them. Processes may intercept some of the signals, and try to adapt to the situation, but most of them don’t. — The TTY demystified


In the Linux community I often heard the call that surely now is the year of the Linux desktop, where Linux would be ready to be used by ordinary people. The point where finally Linux would be as good as Windows. For me, it is now nearly 20 years of Linux desktop. The call has stopped, mostly because the desktop is not as important anymore. Desktops are mostly used to display a browser and browsers are available everywhere. Also there are smartphones and most of them run Linux. — My Linux History

2021-04-15: If you are in urgent need of some good music: (press h to get some help)
2021-04-15: Entropy and Diversity: The Axiomatic Approach.
2021-04-15: Foundations of Databases (PDF, 678 pp.). #database
2021-04-15: Learn Haskell Now!. #haskell
2021-04-15: Learn Vim Progressively: Very nice hand-on material for beginner. I would add that it’s still possible to add ̀C-a and C-e keybindings for Insert mode if you are used to using the terminal with default Emacs keybindings a lot. #vim
2021-04-15: Why Rust strings seem hard. #rust
2021-04-15: cl-data-structures: Data structures (mutable and immutable) + stream algorithms (aggregations, group-by and so one). #lisp
2021-04-18:   Tindersticks, Hungry Saw.
2021-04-18: Currently reading:

The resulting outcome may not be in equilibrium and may display patterns and emergent phenomena not visible to equilibrium analysis. The economy becomes something not given and existing but constantly forming from a developing set of actions, strategies and beliefs — something not mechanistic, static, timeless and perfect but organic, always creating itself, alive and full of messy vitality. — Foundations of complexity economics

2021-04-18: Google making Recommender Systems at scale?
2021-04-18: Morning, evening.

2021-04-19: Old times, good times. PostScript® LANGUAGE REFERENCE (3rd ed.) (PDF, 912 pp.).
imgToday’s lunch


Mac OS X is Apple’s effort to create a best-of-both-breeds operating system which directly leverages the advances and experience Apple has in the user experience arena and the well-established power of BSD. Mac OS X begins with a BSD foundation called Darwin. On Darwin we build the programming toolkits from Mac OS which we call Carbon, which in turn enables us to layer on the new user interface known as Aqua. Carbon also provides a straightforward transition strategy for our existing application base. We also provide a toolkit called Cocoa, which is an object-oriented API derived from NeXT’s OpenStep. — The Challenges of Integrating the Unix and Mac OS Environments

2021-04-21: Just found out my way to long-lasting Inbox zero: Using Neomutt, macro index D "<tag-pattern>~d >1m<enter><tag-prefix-cond><delete-message>" "trash old mail".
2021-04-21: Git from the Bottom Up. #git
2021-04-23: Beej’s Guide to C Programming. #clang
2021-04-23: How to navigate directories faster with bash. #unix
2021-04-23: Impact of order of files in tar archive on compressed size. Nice post, which reminds me of an SO post that I referred to a while ago.
2021-04-23: η-conversion and tail recursion. #lisp

Go is simple to read, Rust is complicated, C++ is familiar, Zig looks promising but is too young to judge. — A “better C” benchmark


If you want a single piece of advice to reduce your bug count, it’s this: Re-read your code frequently. After writing a few lines of code (3 to 6 lines, a short block within a function), re-read them. That habit will save you more time than any other simple change you can make. — Don’t write bugs

2021-04-25: Distort Image into Isosceles Trapezoid with Canvas.
2021-04-25: Elements of C Style. #clang
2021-04-25: FFmpeg cheat sheet.
2021-04-25: JavaScript for Data Science. Great work, but still I don’t like the omnibus word “Data Science”.
2021-04-25: Rust Language Cheat Sheet. #rust
2021-04-25: Starting a TypeScript Project in 2021.
2021-04-26: Currently reading Common Lisp by Example, and I feel like it is quite a good introduction to LISP in just under 60 pages. #lisp
2021-04-26: Lovely autocorrection by Git, although 0.1s is a bit too quick for me, especially when I don’t look at the screen (I often perform incremental commits using a combination of git add . && git amend, where amend is aliased to amend = commit --amend --reuse-message=HEAD).
git amend

What’s even more surprising for Alex is the fact that his peers seem to be different. According to an extensive twitter and blog research he’s done in the past, the majority of developers find eternal happiness immediately after the perfect productivity setup is achieved. — Dev surprised his perfect vim/tmux/bash/xmonad setup doesn’t alleviate existential crisis

2021-04-27: Vim tips: nnoremap <silent> <leader>X :<C-U>windo lclose <bar> cclose<CR>. This allows to automagically close the Quickfix or Loclist window, without worrying about which kind of window we deal with. #vim
2021-04-28: A small collection of useful CSS techniques and a quick reminder that print style sheets are still a thing.
2021-04-28: | THE NULL POINTER – file hosting and URL shortening service.

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