Micro posting in April

April 27, 2023

2023-04-03: Trying out J!

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Reading answer like this makes me think I should have spent more times with J when I first discovered it years ago.
2023-04-03: ♪ Avenged Sevenfold · So Far Away

The immediate future is easy to predict, because the same things that has been happening for years will continue to happen: Some of the exciting recent advances will be cancelled out by new compiler regressions due to fancy new compiler features. We users will create still deeper code stacks that racks up latency, even more so with Julia 1.9 now that latency has improved and we can “afford” to do so. — Julia’s latency: Past, present and future


If you see a count: int, what kind of guarantee do you have that the count name is actually bound to an int object at runtime? — The different uses of Python type hintsNo guarantee at all since Python’s type hints do not enforce type safety: “The Python runtime does not enforce function and variable type annotations.” However, the author makes a good point in exposing the different use cases of type hinting.

2023-04-06: TIL about ruff, for linting Python code. #python
2023-04-06: Fast reference to common SRFI. Handy bookmark. #scheme
2023-04-10: Farewell @kinkybambou. Even after I left Twitter, I have been following you irregularly to hear from you. I have no words. All of my thoughts to you, Minette, Loulou and Nono.

Writing lets me do that while also helping me avoid going around in circles. When thoughts are in my head, it’s easy for them to get jumbled up. I miss things, and I keep coming back to the same thoughts, leading to the unproductive ruminating. But writing my thoughts down stops that process. I am forced to organize my thoughts in a coherent manner and to acknowledge when they don’t make sense. Thoughts in my head are like a mixture of dirty water, while writing is like a filter. It removes the nonsense from my thinking. — Why I Blog

2023-04-11: TIL about closing a stale SSH connection.
2023-04-11: Common Lisp Tweaks. #lisp
2023-04-13: Looks nice: “I like Janet so much that I wrote an entire book about it, and put it on The Internet for free, in the hopes of attracting more Janetors to the language.” — Why Janet?
2023-04-13: Time to go back watching God’s Crooked Lines.
2023-04-13: Writing a Simple Garbage Collector in C. #clang
imgBack from the old town.
imgToday’s lunch.

In a perfect world, I imagine a little robot reading everything alongside me. He records the references and key ideas of each piece. After I write a post, he’d comb through my post sentence by sentence, linking every important phrase to its source. — Keep Stuff Linkable


You want to work with a co-worker on a piece of software? If you’re in the same room, sitting at the same table, looking at screens side-by-side, any communication between those two computers is actually happening [by sending signals] across the ocean to some data center, to some other server and then coming back to you. One: that’s crazy. But two, it’s also very slow and expensive and it doesn’t have to be that way. — Offline Is Just Online With Extreme Latency

2023-04-19: ♪ Adam Wakeman · Sunrise Over L.A.

Most of the software I write is not for sure going to become a big system. — Why Perl?

2023-04-21: TIL about another DB backend: How RocksDB works.
2023-04-21: A ChatGPT Emacs shell. Of course. What if we can’t put this right under an Emacs key chord? ;-) Nice work by the way! See also Building A ChatGPT-enhanced Python REPL.
2023-04-21: ♪ Cabaret Voltaire · Be Free
2023-04-22: At some point, I should make a chart to inspect how the tags on the main blog evolved over time. I expect that R progressively faded in after 2016, and that the rate of functional programming language-related posts increase in recent years, while readings and other technical reviews actually remain quite the same as in previous years. #this
2023-04-22: TIL about vifm. It looks like a much more improved version of lf, and I should probably give it a try some day.
2023-04-22: The Serokell and Tweag blog are really amazing if you are interested in Haskell (or Rust, or Python). Even older posts are still relevant today: Enter the matrix, Haskell style. #haskell
2023-04-22: Blade Runner 2049: +1. Although, (1) it is fair too long (163'), and (2) the end (I mean, the last hour really) leaves much to be desired. Now, I started watching The Last Kingdom, after Vikings and Vikings Valhala. I guess I will still prefer Vikings over the two other ones. #self
2023-04-25: ♪ Lady Blackbird · It’ll Never Happen Again

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